2016 ~ Year of Transformation


This promises to be a year of great joy, love and celebration. However, for those who have resisted the need for change and to heal their past, this year will be increasingly difficult. Each year, the Ascension has brought increasingly higher frequencies of Creations Presence. The Emissaries with physical form cannot hide from their mighty Soul awakening within. The Call is becoming stronger as the Beacon within every Master pulses in unity with their Spirit and that of our transforming Earth. The unseen presence of Angels and High Masters is increasing as they gently embrace our planet and our people with the Divine Song of sweet Remembrance.

Some individuals will not make it through the Ascension process; yet will still join us in our opening Reality. This has been a difficult task, much more arduous than predicted. We must honor the choices and the paths taken – for that is the way forward. This Way is one of Unity, through understanding, respect, wisdom, compassion and tremendous love.

The Way of Creation is of growth; as One Unit, One Body. True expansion is through cooperation. This Way opens the doors to our Destiny, a New Reality where together we create amazing things and expand Creations breadth in exciting new ways.

Our Ascension is our return to Eden, our sojourn to our space of Grace, wholeness and Divine Truth. This Eden begins within, which then expands and infiltrates our physical world as our inner reflection changes what our eyes have the ability to see.

However, our return is also upon the same path that took us away from our Divine Truth. As we reverse our direction, the journey  that took us away from our Authentic Selves, created many “misalignments,” through transgressions, manipulation, greed and abuse. As our Souls have nudged us to return to our Truth, we had to re-experience everything and everyone that was involved with these misalignments.

There will be an increased release of humanities history this year. As we are presented with a choice – allow the final healing to take place by resolve, forgiveness and surrender or remain in the container of pain that holds the past grievances, trauma, drama and power struggles, greed and separation.

This is why many wars erupt; it is the old memories that are rising for release as we ascend into our Truth. Instead of allowing the transformation to take place, many have grabbed hold of these old negative energies that enslaved them in the first place. Our transformation involves new choices that hold our Soul’s integrity and compassion. These better choices heal the past and become our stepping stones forward.

Before this is over, there will be death, yet there will also be relief. There will be confusion, but there will also be great clarity for many.  When we no longer fear the transformation that is upon us, the Fire no longer burns, but cleanses and releases. When we stop running from what we fear, have faith and surrender to the wisdom of our Soul, we experience peace, joy and freedom.

Do not waste another moment of your precious time running. Embrace the sacredness of this year’s mighty transformation process and keep your focus forward. There is so much joy that is waiting for your notice. Amazing opportunities are here for the taking. It is a time like no other and the gifts that have been prepared are enormous.

Abundant Blessings on your New Year,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf