The power to change is within you . . .

The answers you seek are within. The realization of these answers is what we are here to help you find…

Carolyn Greenleaf will help you see beyond the limitations of the past and teach you how to reconnect to your Soul’s gifts, wisdom, joy, unlimited power and potential.

All things are the result of our relationship with self. When we learn to accept all aspects of which we are as important and precious gems, we become the masterpiece Creation intended us to be.

It is our mission to heal the mind, body, spirit connection so you may experience the wholeness of which you truly are.

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Creating Conscious Communities

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By Carolyn M. Greenleaf

I’ve written about the concept, process and evolutionary nature of consciousness (see article links below), now I’d like to answer the question; what does a conscious reality look like? As we know, consciousness isn’t solely the awareness of one’s physical reality; it is also the recognition of our internal or spiritual aspect of self and life. Our goal now is to bring these realities together. Let’s explore some possibilities, as we unite these two seemingly separate worlds to create conscious communities…Continue Reading

The Changing Cycles of Our Lives 

By Carolyn M. Greenleaf

As the end of each year approaches, we find ourselves reassessing our paths, and often, the totality of our lives. During this review, a natural transformation takes place; one that is both painful and beautiful. This transformation is instigated by many things—both seen and unseen. I speak of a constant cycle—an ebb and flow that is our true nature, although forgotten, will always exist… Continue Reading

Why you do the things you do & what can set you free….

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