About Us

To live an Empowered life is to release your fears, claim your voice, and your power to choose your own destiny…

The goal at Greenleaf Healing is to assist individuals in healing the internal relationship they have toward themselves. This creates a pathway towards freedom, personal fulfillment and wholeness of being. We provide a safe, accepting and nourishment environment for our students and clients while educating and facilitating healing on various levels. We believe the way to true healing is though empowering individuals with techniques that will enhance their life while reclaiming their dreams and authenticity.

Our approach is based on Spiritual and Energetic Principles. We believe that each person is here to unite and heal what has been separated, creating a union of body and Soul. We call this Soul embodiment. Doing this transforms the mind’s erroneous fears and beliefs. When we consciously connect to the true wisdom of our Soul, we are able to ground this powerful essence and reality into our physical being, and therefore our physical lives. This places individuals at the helm of their lives, opening the door for conscious direction and formation of their lives.

Wholeness Program

Carolyn Greenleaf’s Wholeness Program focuses upon discovering, reconnecting and healing all aspects of self. This program includes classes, workshops and books tailored to educate and liberate each client and/or student in search of wholeness. All participants will learn how to reconnect to their innermost truths and incorporate them into their life.

The Wholeness Program involves:

  • Inner Child
  • Shadow self
  • Masculine & Feminine aspects
  • Ego
  • Soul/Spirit

You will experience:

  • Reconnection with Inner/Soul Self
  • Reignite innermost truths
  • Internal Spiritual Guidance, knowledge & wisdom
  • Union of inner/spirit & outer/physical worlds
  • Increased awareness on all levels (spiritual, physical, emotional, mental)
  • Transformed relationship with self

Conscious Change Program

This program helps individuals consciously align their Soul’s power, knowledge and wisdom and perspective with their heart and mind.

We utilize the Laws of Creation or Energy to understand our current reality and create change where needed or chosen.

This is a systematic process of understanding the nature of Energy and intuitively knowing your place within it. Everything is connected and we all create our lives every moment of every day by either agreeing or opposing the status quo. What we have the power to create, we also have the power to change its form.


Coaching – Life coaching and spiritual guidance to help bring individuals come back into alignment with their authentic truth. This means redirecting our clients towards what is happening within themselves rather than their outer world. The power to change is within the self. Coaching information

Energetic & Shamanic Healing is also available to assist with healing mental, emotional or physical wounds suffered in your life. More information

Education – we provide perspectives that help individuals rethink some of the choices they’ve unconsciously or automatically made through the course of their life. We do this through Classes, Workshops, books, blogs and articles written by Carolyn Greenleaf.

Readings – Carolyn Greenleaf has developed a variety of readings to help individuals discover the unseen qualities of who they really are and the lessons their Soul has placed in their path, as well as the stages or cycles of development designed before ones birth. More information

Join Us…

To know what genuine power is, we must understand its essence, from within ourselves. This is how we can truly change our lives and our world. The changes we have been waiting for actually begins with us.

We are not here to give you the answers. We are here to help you open the doorway and step into what you have within yourselves to be and experience. Each of you has your own brilliance and wisdom about your Souls expertise and experience – it is time to be and transform your life and your world through this treasure that waits within you.

Carolyn M. Greenleaf is the founder and CEO of Greenleaf Healing. She is continually providing classes, readings, coaching and healing sessions for individuals. More Information about Carolyn

Linda Epstein is a teacher of the healing arts currently providing classes at Greenleaf Healing. Linda’s private business is Energetic Therapy for All God’s Creatures where she facilities healing and education for various individuals and businesses. More Information about Linda