Affirmational Charms

Affirmations are powerful tools that can help create the change you are seeking. An affirmation is a statement that proclaims your choice in a way that directs every aspect of Creation to bring your wish into your current reality. To help you focus upon 3 primary issues we all face, Carolyn Greenleaf has created charms and affirmations for; Family Healing, Transformation and Wholeness.

These Charms are handcrafted, energetically cleansed, blessed and infused with Creations unconditional love and intended for the highest good of each recipient.

*Each of these charms has an affirmation, printed on stock card for lasting effect.

Family Healing

Family Healing1a

This charm is designed help you heal your family’s ancestral lineage. Past events contribute to current issues, inherited from your family’s karmic lineage. You can heal, forgive and release the unhealthy attachments and misalignments from the past – today.

*In addition to receiving a printed Affirmation, this charm also comes with a Family Prayer, printed on a full sheet of letterhead. Charm length 2 ½” (6.5mm)

*Crystals and gems included; Red Garnets, Howlite, Amber, Mother of Pearl & Moonstone affixed to a beautiful silver veined leaf, symbolic of a family’s shared lineage.

Family Healing $19.99


Charms 3-25-13 003 - Copy

This creation naturally elicits a sense of joy, warmth, peace and amplifies an inner truth, which is unity.  This charm is a reminder of your most Divine truths, helping you to embody your Spirits Wisdom. If you feel scattered, disconnected or unfulfilled, this charm can help you find the peace and wholeness you desire.

You will also receive a Wholeness affirmation.  Charm length 2” (5 mm)

*Crystal and gems included; Peridot, Crystal quarts, Azurite-Malachite’s & Glass beads.

Wholeness $17.89


Charms 3-25-13 022

Attune yourself to the calming and balancing effects of this special charm. Clarifies the mind and gives you a heightened feeling as you release the old and prepare yourself to accept your brilliant manifestations. This charm can be used for anything in your life that is in need of change or rejuvenation.

You will also receive a Transformation affirmation. Charm length 1 ¾” (4 mm).

*Crystals and gems include; Olivine, Selenite, Hematite’s & a Crystal Quartz Butterfly.

Transformation $18.89

Guided Charms

Guided CharmThese charms are created for specified individuals through my connection with their Soul’s instruction.The crystals and array of elements used to construct the finished product is not known until the moment of creation.  Each of these charms are as unique as the person for whom it is intended.

These charms are between 1 3/4 to 2 1/4 inches long.

A note will be provided informing of which crystals were used.

Guided Charm $30.00


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