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Carolyn Greenleaf’s classes not only inform, they also heal…

Each class includes different levels of teaching and healing through various exercises and Spirit lead shamanic journeys, meditations and/or energetic healings. Notes are also included for each class.


Soul & Ego – Awareness of Self

During times of change, we often feel a battle raging within the self. These difficult feelings and the experiences that accompany them
can actually reveal much more than once realize – they offer us a way towards freedom.

We will discuss these aspects of the “false” ego self and the “true” Soul Self and how they affect our lives. It is important to understand the situations and confusion that the ego tends to create and why they are valuable. More Information

light3Accessing our Innocence

This class is about reconnecting to our magic, the seat of our creative power, our Spirit…our Innocence.

The Child within is the missing piece we have been looking for. The child is the unifying agent that draws our fragmented selves together; this includes our masculine and feminine aspects.

Without this aspect, we cannot fully experience our Divinity. It is the inner child who holds the keys to the kingdom within, our divine connection to All that Is. In this class, we will explore this important aspect of self, and begin to reestablish a healthy and loving relationship that will make us whole. More Information

603944_208651755941730_1450255992_nAscension – What’s Going On???

This class will be an introduction and overview of the ascension process. We will also discuss why the ascension is happening, how it affects us all and how we can lessen the difficulties within our awakening process.  We will also discuss ascension symptoms, what influences our progression and how we are supported. More Information


007Clearing Your Way

This class is about clearing the way so you may begin to experience your opening new reality on a deeper level. We will deal with your personal blocks and your family’s karmic residuals that need realignment. More information



Enhanciwoman-570883_640pixabayng your Connection

In this class, we will deepen your awakened state by expanding your connection with your Soul. We will work on the Bridge that leads you into your future…your Heart. More Information



Changing Your Reality Class Series 

This is a class series that includes the Universal Laws of Energy/Creation. Each class explains the various Laws that mold your life and create your reality. These classes also include exercises to enhance your understanding as well as application of class material in your life.

Understanding and awareness is the key to changing your reality. Each of us is being pushed to “evolve” into our greatness. No one can escape this fact; our world, our life, and our individual identity is changing. We can understand and grow, or remain blind and experience unnecessary pain. More Information 


inspiration 2 blog hop child's bear (google images) (2) - CopyFacing Your Fears

This class is about the fears that prevent your forward movement and the consequences of these fears. You will learn how you developed most of your fears, where they come from, what happens when you give into these fears and how you can resolve them while you reclaim the lost pieces of yourself. These lost pieces are the denied facets of you that became shrouded within your confusion, anger and fear. More Information


Rising From the Ashes

Why do we have so much trouble letting go of what was? As you find yourselves at the end of a very long experience within a dualistic reality, known as an illusion, parts of the past keep popping up, telling you, you are still forgetting something. . . without it, we are all trapped.

This class is about seeing your life through the perspective of your Soul, so you can finally rise into the life your heart yearns for. More Information


sunlight-264768_640PixabayReleasing Unhealthy Connections

When we live through the ego, we feel a need to reach outside of the self to connect to others through unhealthy attachments. In most cases, this is an unconscious habit formed since birth. More Information



Class - Pulling ourselves togetherEvolving Cycles: Transforming the Past & Birthing the New

Each time we choose a different reality, whether it is a new job, relationship or way of life, many things begin to happen as we release the old while forming the new. We will discuss how this takes place on the different levels of Creation. You will also learn how to move through the transformational stages more quickly and with grace. More Information


Class -Who are YouWho are You?

During these times of change and turmoil, many are questioning the direction of their lives. This class is designed to help you on your Soul-searching quest. Carolyn will teach you how to start looking at the clues your Soul has placed in your life, beginning with your entrance here…your name. The energy within your name gives you clues as to who you are; not just as a physical being, but also…your Souls identity and your main purpose in this physical life. More Information

Class - What's in a NameWhat’s in a Name?

This class is about the connection between our last name, Family karma and our Soul families, and why it’s important to heal the past as well as ourselves. More information



Class - Symbols from the SoulSymbols from the Soul

In this class, you will learn how to tap into the knowledge within the symbolism’s your Soul uses to communicate through.

More Information



Class - Ego & SoulListen to your Body Wisdom

Get in touch with whom you are. Focused attention to what your body is conveying, brings conscious awareness to who you are and the knowledge you hold within. You will be guided through a variety of exercises that will help you access the knowledge your body holds. More Information



Empowered SoulsCreating an Abundant Life

In this class, you will learn how your thoughts and beliefs either undermine or energize your goals. We will discuss ways in which we can form new habits and change our unconscious sense of lack into generating abundance in every area of our life. More Information



article-page-main_ehow_images_a07_ql_8c_artistic-client-gifts-800x800Opening Your Gifts

At this moment, all we have worked for and dreamed of is ours. The work of the past is done and it is now time to understand the new world that awaits our recognition. Even though our eyes and mind perceives an old reality, we in fact are not there. Our mind is not able to grasp our new reality…yet. More Information

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