Ascension Hour

Information & Discussion for your Awakening Process


Are you experiencing some odd things happening to you? Is your life suddenly changing in a big way? Are you feeling excited, anxious or fearful about these things? Do you have a sense that something really big is happening? You are not alone…

This entire planet and all who inhabit earth are moving through a state of great change. An evolution has been taking place, bringing amazing realizations and awakenings through what has been termed, the Ascension.

The format of each class will reflect the Flowing nature of which our reality is evolving into.  This new reality is based upon the embodiment of the Soul. We will have a topic of focus which we will discuss, then an opportunity to share experiences and issues involved with the changes you are experiencing.  There will also be an offering of solutions that will help alleviate the fears and symptoms of these changes.

Subjects will include:

  • Understanding the Ascension and it’s process
  • Ascension symptoms, problems & how to alleviate them
  • Straddling the 2 worlds – the old reality and the new that is opening
  • Characteristics & challenges of Lightworkers, Indigos, Crystals, Rainbow Children & incarnated Angels
  • Soul Families – understanding and reconnection
  • Higher Dimensional Realms & Worlds information
  • Dimensions – what are they?
  • Laws of Creation
  • New Reality – what is it?
  • Gifts – empathic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, Clairsentience, telepathy, etc
  • Much more…

As a Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor, Shamanic and Energetic Healer, Carolyn provides the appropriate guidance for each student as issues surface for resolution.