August 2014 Greenleaf Happenings ~ Opening the Door to Your Abundance

8-2014 Mom & Dad's 004

By Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Each year, the month of August presents us with another opportunity to experience the abundance that is our inheritance. The number 8 symbolizes a balance of two aspects of our own energy – one is our Divine Truth within the creative & powerful possibilities of our Soul/Spirit; the other is our earthly reality where physical manifestations take place. The joining of these two elements of self brings the abundance we seek into our physical lives.

This year, the 8th month is joined by our 7 year. In numerology, when you have more than 1 number within a sequence, you add all the numbers together in order to have a single number – this year it is 7. When we add the 8th month to the 7 year, the result is (8 + 7 = 15/6). Normally you would be directed to focus only upon the end resulting number, 6. However, I believe the numbers within our calculations express how the resulting number is to be applied. My automatic response naturally leads to Cabala’s interpretation; from the Oneness and unity of Self (1), the divine feminine (5) must be honored so that the child/creation/desire (6) is brought into physical reality.

This month, tune into your receptive, intuitive and creative power of your feminine capabilities. Be like the lioness of Leo, who uses her innate instincts and is prepared to jump on the opportunities that present themselves. Also, respect and nurture the connection you have with your family and your environment. Recognize your relationship with all elements of life and be grateful for each of them. The more you recognize the gifts you already have; they will increase your happiness and shift your energy towards the abundance you seek.

Meditation Classes

My meditation program has been an exciting project; I am feeling it morph into a beneficial tool for whoever wishes to join. For more information, click this link: Meditation Program.

The next class meets at Evolve on Wednesday 8/20 @7-8pm. Evolve is located at 54 N. Williams St., Crystal Lake IL.

Online Classes

I’m working to bring my classes online. This is another project that’s been in the works for some time, but now coming closer to actualization. The first of these classes will be “Facing Your Fears.”

As we evolve, the unhealed wounds of the past must be resolved.

I’ve recognized more individuals who are dealing with increased anxiety in their life. An important thing to remember is when you decide to make positive changes in your life, every unresolved issue and fear you have held within yourself will surface. This must happen because your fears block your path forward, so they must be resolved. You release your fears them by facing them and allowing the past to heal through you. Once you understand the process, your resistance and anxiety is replaced with joy. It is an amazing transformation when you stop running and look deeper within. Stay tuned!

“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”

The story behind the featured picture…

This past weekend, I took several close-up pictures of my parent’s flowers around their home. When I showed them to my father he asked me where these flowers were and where these pictures were taken. My dad couldn’t believe they came from his own garden. He planted these flowers, fed and tended them, yet he failed to recognize their full beauty until he saw the pictures. This is the story of our lives; we plan and toil, but get caught up in the labor process and forget to notice our works fruition.

Enjoy the last half of summer and take this opportunity to tune into the child within. Your life is enhanced when you remember to appreciate your precious moments with family, friends and the things you love to do. Your inner child can also help you reconnect to your powerful feminine aspects as well; this means opening yourself to feel the exciting and exquisite pulse of life that flows all around you. All that you want is within your grasp; you only need to recognize it.

*To learn more about the Inner Child and Feminine aspects, read my book “Re-Entering Eden; Reclaiming our Wholeness & Divine Truth.” For more information, click this link.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf
Transformational Coach, Teacher, Author & Speaker