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Demolitions & Pixy Dust

fireworks-102971_640 pixabayHow many of you are experiencing a “shake-down” in your lives? Take a look at the uncomfortable situations you are finding yourselves – they are your clues. As your Soul anchors firmly into your life there will be clashes & resistance from the familiar and rigid beliefs your mind and ego have thrived on for many, many years. You can relate this to the discomfort you feel when you change an ingrained habit or addiction. In fact any “change” is uncomfortable, because it’s unfamiliar and let’s admit . . . kinda scary too.

For example, areas of your life on “shake-down” are situations where you’ve played “small,” or allowed others to take advantage of you. Realizations for deserved & fair treatment, a need to stand up for yourself, such as pay rises or claiming your worth. Increasing discomfort in all that no longer “fits” your physical life’s potential and growing possibilities are increasing the pressure and regurgitating these old concepts that are foreign to your Soul. A demolition is taking place in messy yet wondrous ways! The wonderful part about this is that you are in a position of accumulated growth. Connecting to your inner child will help you understand that when you look beyond the debris and witness the transformation of your past into magical pixy dust, you will feel the exciting momentum of your expanded and prosperous futures arrival.

When you keep your eyes on your prize and allow the excitement in your heart to propel you forward, your transformation process becomes a joyous event. Choose to dance in the infinite possibilities that are birthing new ways and doorways to usher in the dreams you’ve been working toward.  The transformation process is a powerful, exciting & sacred transition when viewed through the eyes of your Soul. However, your ego selves fear this unknown progression into a future it can’t quite comprehend. It’s OK. Fear means you’re onto something. In regards to forward movement, uneasy feelings inform you that you’ve reached a wall that is ready to come down. Each brick that falls creates an opening for you to move forward. Every new step contains the wisdom cultivated by this transformation process – brick by brick. The future you’ve felt and envisioned is beckoning you to manifest what you’ve held in your heart. It is you who must create your physical reality. It is calling, will you answer?

You are meant for great things. You are the only one who can step forward and say “Yes!” It is time to say “this is who I really am and I have much to offer.” Don’t waste your precious moments dwelling in the past – it’s time to step forward, realize your worth & let your brilliance shine through.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M Greenleaf

Shifting Forward ~ September 2013

sun_shining_through_trees_lighting_a_river-1024x768As you may have noticed, I’ve not been very visible this summer. This was due in large part to “letting the dust settle.” Many of you will relate to this; in some way, we are experiencing a very deep and physical transformation. As our worlds continue to unite, we have to reassess . . .  everything.

Personally, I’ve always been more connected to the spiritual world, as is the nature of my soul. Even though this is a treasured gift, I understand the need to surrender the turmoil I have felt within myself to allow my physical life to transform. I’ve taken a step back and enjoyed time with my family as the construction work within myself commenced. However, I’ve had moments of clarity through the dust & debris to witness the forming results of this massive internal renovation.

It feels as through all the programs of Greenleaf Healing I’ve been working on for the past 10 plus years have been tossed in the air, shuffled around like pieces of a puzzle and now finding their rightful place. The result is a forward moving, integrated program with a greater connectivity and expression of the wholeness we are evolving into. To put it mildly . . . I am really excited!!!!

Now I am in the process of physically reorganizing all the pieces of Greenleaf Healing into a comprehensive system that both your spiritual & physical selves can easily utilize and harmonize within your unfolding lives.

Besides the ongoing coaching, I will offer an educational system which includes:

  • Intensive weekend workshops (Friday through Sunday)
  • Downloadable classes – accessible in the convenience of your home, your time.
  • Mini Ebooks
  • Mentorship program

I will keep you up to date with these changes and new offerings as they happen through “Inspirations” and upcoming Newsletters/Happenings.

I would love to hear about your own transformative experiences during these past summer months.  The article below may spark some “aha” moments of what has been circling around you. . .

Demolitions & Pixy Dust

How many of you are experiencing a “shake-down” in your lives? Take a look at the uncomfortable situations you are finding yourselves – they are your clues. As your Soul anchors firmly into your life there will be clashes & resistance from the familiar and rigid beliefs your mind and ego have thrived on for many, many years. You can relate this to the discomfort you feel when you change an ingrained habit or addiction. In fact any “change” is uncomfortable, because it’s unfamiliar and let’s admit . . . kinda scary too.  Continue reading…

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M Greenleaf

Embrace your Turmoil

1295719681_160114387_1-Pictures-of--SMARANSHAKTI-KI-PATHSHALADo you ever feel . . . stuck? Do you experience negative situations that never seem to end?

Each of us has dealt with challenging experiences in our lives that reoccur with varying levels of intensity. Specific issues seem to follow us throughout our lives, continuing to haunt us until we resolve and transform each one of them.

Most of the Souls that incarnated into this physical reality have chosen to experience various cycles of turmoil in order to increase levels of mastery and expand future possibilities.  Cycles of lack are very popular. This is because lack produces deepening levels of strength, compassion, creativity and appreciation. Diverse forms of lack include financial poverty, loveless relationships, unfriendly surroundings or people, even an impoverish society or land, just to name a few.

We are meant for great things. But to reach this pinnacle we must move forward by converting the blockades set upon our path into the stepping stones of our future. These difficult situations are part of our evolutionary and transformational process, designed to push us – to heal, grow and prepare us to expand into our latent capabilities. When we step into our ability to move mountains, we begin to experience the new world we’ve been waiting for. The arrival of our desired goals and dazzling futures is dependent upon our courage to be who we came here to be. We must own our power.

“What you fight strengthens.” Eckhart Tolle

When we dwell within the fears that rise as a result of our negative situations, we solidify our position. If we hold onto anger toward what we believe is an injustice against us, our pain will increase and lengthen its duration.

As we buy into the fear at the root of our major issues, we tend to fight the resolution waiting on the other side. These negative issues continue because we refuse to see past our fear, creating a resistance that prevents our freedom. An example of this would be, focusing on physical pain we may be experiencing – when we tense up, our entire body is focused upon this terrible feeling – essentially we cling to the pain, increasing its intensity, thereby preventing its release.

Have you ever gone to bed with a painful injury and experienced a deep restful sleep; then while waking, you notice the pain is gone . . . until you are fully wake? When your mind and body fully relaxes into a peaceful sleep, you allow a natural healing process to take place. However, if you remember you have a painful injury upon waking fully, the pain returns; because you recreate the pain when you believe you are suppose to feel it and focus on it. In other words, you pick up your old script again.

All forms of negativity will continue to follow us like a hunter stalking their prey, until we chose a peaceful resolution or simply let it go. We cannot get away from the reflection in the mirror.  In actuality, the negativities or injustices we experience are an external manifestation created from an internal negativity and injustice toward ourselves.

 “What you resist persists” Carl Jung

The difficult cycles within our lives are connected to our Shadow Selves. These are aspects of self we’ve denied or tried to separate from ourselves. I interpret these Shadows as distorted beliefs of self who have taken on a life of their own, experiencing an illusion based upon separation from our Divine & Whole Truth. In order for our Shadow to have a role to play, a reality is created through the expression of this Shadow. Hence, we create a reality that exists within a painful cycle while this aspect of ourselves feels unworthy in some way. The solution is simple, yet difficult for most – love this part of self we have yet to fully understand by embracing this hidden and valuable aspect of who we are.

When we give ourselves the compassion we seek from others, our heart begins to open. When we give ourselves the unconditional love and acceptance we seek, we discover another piece of our hidden value, allowing our life to transform and change our Shadows reality.

The moment we release our anger, fear and frustration, we release the resistance that holds us in place. That sense of being “stuck” is our resistance that is preventing us from moving forward. Our resistance stops time. However, our acceptance releases time’s hold on us and our impending dreams.

Evolving our Reality

Ultimately, we are responsible for our own realities. In one way or another, we have orchestrated the events in our lives through our unconscious process to evolve and heal some very old wounds. These seemingly negative cycles, ignited by our Shadow’s limitations will usually last several years. However, if we learn to embrace and see these cycles as temporary situations designed to benefit us – we would reap more of the rewards within our situation. As we claim our ability to perceive our situations with an open mind, we open the door to our solutions. Some helpful suggestions:

  • Choose to identify the nuggets of golden wisdom formed through the cycle of negativity you are experiencing.
  • Step into the persona of your Soul to elicit an objective observation and witness brilliant resolutions toward positive evolution.

As you take command of a negative situation and embrace its wisdom, a transformation begins as the hidden treasure emerges; allowing peace & joy to take its place.

Shadows Resolve

Remember the shooting physical pain I mentioned above? When you fully relax and allow your body to go limp – the pain releases and moves out of your body. The same thing happens when you are ready to move through your emotions.

  • Release your resistance and allow your negative emotions and feelings to surface and inform you. This would be a time of resolution and compassion toward the parts of self that lost their voice.
  • Allow the transformational process of your Soul to naturally lift & release the painful residuals of the old negative cycles.
  • Unite yourself with the excitement and unlimited possibilities within Creations Flow now available to you.

If you look at your life as an adventure with boundless potential, you lift yourself out of the hole of despair long enough to taste the sweetness that’s available to you.

Everything in your life has been designed to prepare you for the evolving journey seeded within your heart. Your future is intended to bring you to a place of joy and abundance far beyond your greatest vision – a vision beyond your comprehension, yet so near to realization.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M Greenleaf


Open to the Magic Within! ~ July 2013


Greenleaf Happenings ~ July 2013

Can you feel it? Growing excitement coming from….within? Wonderful things are unfolding for all of us on many levels…

This month will begin to usher more manifestations that are related to the building excitement many of us experienced in June. Astrologically, we are moving into a grand trine which will help us overcome the adversities we may experience this month. The planet Jupiter known for abundant blessings is in a very special & exalted place in nurturing Cancer. This watery trine also connects with Neptune’s beautiful dreaming world along with the cosmic & physical manifester Saturn. This cultivates a harmonizing & powerful water grand trine made for materialization!

While Mercury is also retrograding until the 20th in Cancer we are given the opportunity to clear our internal barriers that stand in the way of actualizing our dreams. Mercury retrogrades will always triggers our unconscious blocks to surface for resolution and/or release. During Mercury’s visit in Cancer/Jupiter combo, issues regarding our relationship with the feminine energies within our lives will ask for freedom, recognition, equality, healing and acceptance. Also, recognizing & respecting our own as well as others sensitivities, nourishment & need for positive support are at the forefront during our time in emotional Cancer. Family connections will also need attention, sensitivity, understanding and appreciation.

This will be a time when we will experience the warm sensation of Oneness awaken inside our bodies as we innately sense our deeper connections with those who share our lives. Family, friends, acquaintances and strangers begin to deepen our recognition of something we may not have noticed before; something our minds have yet to grasp. Be prepared for surprising insights as the doorway to our expanding realities reveals more of who we are ~ to each other.

Just as the Universal Energy increases Its & our vibration, the speed of our joining fragmented aspects (denied parts of self) and the polarities of our descending past call for healing and acceptance. As the intensity of this reassembly increases, we will feel the fireworks created from both clashes & joyous reunions, both within ourselves and our world. This is an opportunity to heal the wounds held so deeply within ourselves and those that have survived eons by feeding on our fear, rejection and anger. Those who have come before us live within our DNA as they trigger the unconscious ills of our world and self. It is time for us to stop running, suppressing or ignoring what haunts us. It is time to reclaim our FREEDOM!

This is a time of recognition, gratitude, acceptance, respect and authenticity of our whole & divine truth. We must lie to rest the distortions created in our past. We have grown so much and now it is time to accept, let go and bless the education of our past. By embracing our wholeness and expanded growth we earned from our past, we will float along the magical currents that will align us with what our Souls have prepared for us.

Embrace this time as you liberate yourself from the limitations of your past and open to the possibilities that are waiting for you ~ now.

*To celebrate this special month, I’m having a sale on my Heart Wisdoms EBook! Instead of $7.77 this book of inspirations is now $4.77. This sale will end 8/1/13.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M Greenleaf


The Time is Now! ~ June 2013


Greenleaf Happenings

Looks like we made it! May’s lineup of eclipses really shook things up – from our inward security, faith and doubts to the turbulent cosmic rumblings which created the openings for what is to come. Unity, new life, revived faith and the arrival of long awaited manifestations is finally here!

The need for reconnection and reconciliation will surface within our hearts as family becomes a priority once more and the desire to unite with friends and community are felt.  This will add to the energizing of our Soul’s purpose as we connect to a deeper level of our growing hearts (see my new article “Purposeful You”).

Renewal of hope and excitement is seeping under the edges of our protected dreams through the openings created from our resent eclipses. The result was a tremendous release from the bottle neck of residuals that resulted from old transmutations as we took a gigantic leap forward. Our timelines have also been changing as the gaps cease to exist – uniting as we feel our sense of wholeness emerging. This is the reason for much of our memory loss and confusion – the container of time is transforming into a closer version of our Soul’s reality, which exists within a space of “no time.” It is best felt through connecting to the “Now Moment,” where you feel yourself in the center of all happenings and possibilities; not in a linear sense of progression, but in a sense of completion and mastery, plus mystery & excitement within the evolution we find ourselves in.

The second half of this year will bring more evidence of the future we have envisioned for so long. More of what we need is arriving due to the increase of vibrational frequency anchored into this earth plane through the acceptance and reconnection to our Divine nature.

This is an exciting time as our long awaited wishes and dreams are coming back to life through new connections and revitalization’s of what we thought was broke or lost. Let’s unite in gratitude for the growth we accomplished and the future we share.

Abundant blessings ~

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Purposeful You


By Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Who are you? What are the values you hold most precious in your heart? What is your greatest hope for your life and for others?

As we age the answers to these questions becomes more important. The children who depended upon us grow up and begin lives of their own; many move far away. Also, family deaths, job losses or retirement add to the growing sense that we may not be needed.  When it seems like the people in our lives no longer depend upon us and we’ve reached our goals, we feel like we have nothing left to do or fix. However, this time is actually very special – it is an opportunity to embrace our Soul’s purpose. There are more reasons for our life than we thought; we are not just a partner, spouse, parent, caregiver, mentor, career or business person; we have something else to give to this world.

During our lifetime many of us don’t think about the deeper meaning or impact our choices have made or what they may reveal about our ultimate destiny. Our Soul has been orchestrating events and opportunities to prepare us for our purpose. Our life’s joys, challenges and sorrows cultivated our growing wisdom and mastery as we have grown and matured through the ups and downs along the road of our expanding lives’.  The most important accomplishments are the ones that build us – they’ve created a resilient, wise, compassionate and knowledgeable person.  

Our purpose goes beyond our individual goals; it is our contribution to the world. Our Souls purpose is connected to the Oneness of which we are part. The expression of our purpose within this physical life gives us the ultimate fulfillment as we make this world a better place for everyone.  

What’s your Purpose?

Your purpose will be something that is at the center of your heart. It will involve a form of creativity and expansion because it is your Souls imprint and abilities you are sharing with others.

This is something that comes naturally for you, but may not be obvious. Your purpose utilities the best of self – your best attributes and what you have learned in your lifespan. Your purpose contributes to something that is being changed, created or expanded. The times have changed and humanity is in need of compassion and reconnection with their authentic selves – as well as expanded or new ideas and innovative ways of solving the issues of the world and our personal lives.  

Here are some questions to ponder as you search within yourself: 

  • What things/work have you already done?
  • What is your educational background?
  • What are your gifts & talents?
  • How do you inspire others?
  • What inspires you?
  • What are your qualities?
  • What do you value?
  • What are your dreams?
  • What do you love?
  • What is your passion?
  • What motivates you?
  • What are your families’ challenges & how have you assisted them?
  • How do you help your employer’s or employee’s with unexpected problems?
  • How do you assist your friends?
  • What personal obstacles have you overcome & how did you do it?
  • Who are you?

The answers to these questions are elements to the path you’ve been creating toward your revealing purpose. You will experience a deep satisfaction as you embrace the evolving quality of your purpose as it grows with you.

For some, your purpose maybe something that others view as insignificant and unimportant; they would be wrong. Our mere existence in this challenging world adds to the experience, wisdom and knowledge of the whole. If you are here to comfort and inspire others – you are assisting the creation of a new foundation that will elevate our evolving world. No matter what your contribution, rest assured the world will be a better place when you claim your purpose.

This is a time to be bold and brave. Discover who you really are and what makes you happy, and then you will be well on your way to revealing your Purpose.

Blessings on your Journey ~


Dreams are Created from the Inside Out

20100805-woman-opening-door-300x205 How many of you daydream about a better future? Do you feel incomplete or out of place? Is there a yearning for fulfillment that stirs excitement then triggers sadness because of unrequited dreams?

Far too many have ignored or given up on the dreams that are meant to inspire the changes and growth each Soul seeks.  The reality we wish to change begins and ends with us. Those who chose to climb the mountain of change are rewarded with the manifestation of their dreams. Is this an easy path? No, but it is the most rewarding.

Dreams are worth fighting for because they represent the freedom and the transformation of your doubts and internal fears. They represent the evolution of yourself and your impending reality. Dreams have nothing to do with the stagnant outside world, but they have everything to do with the reality your Soul is calling you towards. The only thing needed is unrelenting strength in the face of judgment, doubt and discrimination.  In fact, the outside world is doing you a favor by showing you what you do not recognize within yourself – your unconscious blocks. These blocks mask themselves as self hatred, shame, self pity and weakness; illusions of your real truth that are part of a world you are here to change. Your dreams are the new reality you are capable of achieving – if not, they would not exist.

Dreams are manifestations waiting for realization. You are the driving force and source of your reality and the doorway you open for others. Without your unwavering commitment to yourself and your dreams, Creation could not grow and expand into the better world we know is possible. Creation believes in you – if not, you would not have been given the dreams that live within your heart.

Commitment to Self

Commitment to yourself and commitment to your dreams are interchangeable. Your dreams are your destiny and your Soul’s reality waiting for you to bring them into manifestation. This means, what you feel within your heart are your Soul’s guidance toward something that already exists within your pool of infinite possibilities – all that is needed is your unwavering belief and commitment.

During moments of struggle, when you question the attainment of your dreams becoming a reality – ask yourself if you are committed to the one who holds the vision – YOU. Your dreams require you to be fully committed to yourself. Dreams are an inside job – everything that stands in your way must be dealt with, which is why many do not achieve their ultimate goal.

The only one who threatens your dreams is YOU

When you listen to those who doubt you or your dreams, you are allowing the reality you wish to change, influence your future goals. Your future lies within the dreams your heart yearns to achieve. Individuals who attempt to thwart or sway you from your achievements do not have the confidence and fortitude needed to overcome their own obstacles. However, they are mirrors of the fears and internal issues you have failed to notice within yourself. Be thankful for opposing people and situations because they bring to your attention what it is that stands in your way. 

It is not the outside world or the people that surround you that prevent your success, but they do become a mirror for what you are doing right and reflect the internal struggles that block your way. Do not wait for others to carry you across the finish line. The support you are waiting for begins with you. The financial backing you are looking for is waiting for you to get your envisioned plan together.

Every dream requires unabashed faithfulness

No matter how difficult some days may be, keep your dreams vision in front of you. Your difficulties are cues that you are blazing through the blocks of the reality you are here to change. The greatest dreams are earned and created through nurturing and acceptance of the labor pains that always show up at the threshold of actualization. The bigger the dream, the higher your mountain of challenges may be, but the reward will be outstanding.

It is your unflinching commitment to your own happiness and sense of fulfillment that is the driving force calling your dreams into reality. The manifestation of your envisioned goals requires you to transform your doubts and fears into the confidence, grace and the fiery passion that drives your Soul. The greater the Soul, the bigger your dream will be.

If it were not for the individuals who moved mountains to capture their dreams, we would still live in caves and repairing loin clothes. Our evolution is dependent upon those who commit to the dreams within their cherished hearts and restless Souls. When we turn into the Trailblazer we are meant to be, we also become a point of Light that beacons others to believe in the fulfillment of their own dreams.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M Greenleaf


Emerging Blossoms ~ May 2013

blossoming tree

Greenleaf Happenings ~ May 2013

As we move along my favorite time of year, much has been shaken, illuminated, released and gained by recent and unnerving events in both our inner and outer worlds. Terrorists, explosions, earthquakes and eclipses – need I say more? Trying times always bring us opportunities to question what we value and grow appreciation for what is important to each one of us.

Our lives are meant to be celebrated as is symbolized by May Day, otherwise known as Beltane. The celebrated fires kick off a time of new birth and growth as the elements of nature shower their blessings for abundance in every quadrant of our lives. The greatest among our gifts are knowledge, wisdom and compassion; they are what our Soul strives for.  However, in order to experience these priceless treasures of growth, we must move through several transformational stages. For something new to blossom, chaos must shake our foundations.

The terror our world has experienced of late has produced yet another opportunity to increase our resilience, strength, wisdom and compassion. As the old barriers of our past are broken, they are replaced with evolved possibilities. Resolve has a way of propelling us to reach deeper and grab hold of another level of our Soul’s power, love, wisdom and creative ideas. The silver lining of terrorist attacks – they backfire. Attacks make us stronger – they provide an opportunity to rise above, to evolve into the compassionate individuals we have the capacity to be, as we grow our strength, uniting ourselves as a nation and a people. 

Anger, tyranny, obsession, terror, war mongering and a need for absolute power all stem from fearful individuals – failing as they cling to a dying world they once knew. The old patterns of our fearful and angry past will continue to dissolve and transform as the natural process of our own evolution draws these old frequencies from their hiding places.

While we move through these transitional moments, it is to our benefit to look for Creations Seeds of change within them. Our precarious situations, literally and figuratively speak a deeper truth.

The previous eclipse (4/25) involved an opposition between Taurus (our security and material wealth) and Scorpio (Transformation). As these energies create clashes within each one of us, keep in mind the gifts that are also surfacing. Did you know that diamonds are formed approximately 90 miles beneath the earth’s surface? It’s only during volcanic eruptions that these diamonds make their way to the surface.

The volatile situations we encounter allow something new to finally break through, illuminating our vision and altering our reality’s future. This is a time when new and better ideas surface out of the chaos we experience.  Now is the time to let our genius break the barriers of old thought patterns that have kept us hostage far too long.

Those able to quickly release surfacing anxieties and remain in Creations Flow are feeling their impending dreams come ever so close to experience more glimpses of what lies beyond their worries.

Class ~ Symbols from the Soul

May 22, 2013 @6:30 – 8:30 pm CST

262803_10151046087386426_608891233_nIn this class you will learn how the Soul communicates through symbolism, and how to tap into this knowledge.

We will discuss what is within your everyday life that is trying to get your attention, and why your Soul placed them around you. I will then teach you how to look at these things from the view of your Soul, which then leads you to their intended insights.

Our world is filled with valuable information; it is up to us to decipher their hidden meanings.

New! Guided Charms

Guided Charm

I recently created a charm for a friend in which I assembled through their Soul’s guidance. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this, but my friend encouraged me to offer these unique charms to others.Well guess what? I said good idea!

These charms are priced at $30.00 each. A charm will be created for a specified individual through my connection with their Soul’s instruction.

For more information or to purchase one of these charms, click this link.


In closing ~ Coping with transitional energies and situations requires faith in a positive outcome, conscious awareness that this too shall pass and increasing your ability to surrender within the Flow and path your Soul has provided.

If you need assistance to move beyond old patterns, obtain clarity or heal past traumas my services are available. For more information, click this link.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

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Magical Imagination – The Center of our Changing Reality

200282642-002“And that’s my home where dreams are born,

and time is never planned.

Just think of lovely things,

and your heart will fly on wings,

forever in Never Never Land.”

~Lyfe Jennings

 As life continues to move forward and we experience moments of deep peace between our transformative stages, we are indeed moving toward our Soul’s dreams. Higher and higher we glide as we embrace the bouts of excitement during moments of integration with our Soul’s manifested desires. These desires we feel deep within are the blueprints that have been seeded, now ready to spring into our lives.  

As we sail along these changing currents we must maintain a firm grip on our ship of dreams in order to stay afloat during our shifting path’s tides.

Let’s Go To Never Neverland!

We must surrender our fears and learn how to fly again…

When we cling to the ego’s rising fear, our journey becomes difficult and painful to deal. Yet there is one who knows how to navigate these waters. We can see the unseen, and feel the delights of our hidden and exhilarating dreams… The child we were waits by the door ready to leap into mid air as we spread our wings. This excited child is the captain within us, ready to guide our ship and show us the approaching new day.

This changing space turns out to be the perfect place to claim our inward brilliance, our wise guise. This is the ideal time to dance and sing, and do joyous things, as we allow our imagination to fly. Our imagination is our canvas, our play ground to create and experience new and wondrous things. When we remember the fearless moments we knew as a child, we release the tethers that bind us to the old outworn spaces and places we have finally out grown.

This playful attitude helps us release our resistance to the changes taking place on every level of our existence. We must let go of our controlling ways and learn how to Flow with Creations Love and Kisses.

Our imagination is also the doorway to our incoming plans, ready to seed themselves into our lives. These creations are available to us because our Soul has already put the foundation in place; the only thing left to do is . . . believe. Our desires and dreams of a changing reality filled with wonderful things and people cannot enter our physical lives until we believe it is possible. And what is possible already exists within our Soul’s vault of dreams for our changing realities. All we need to do is say YES! We must embrace these dreams by using our imagination in order to see and feel them. As we consciously connect to these forming manifestations, we will see them replace our passing reality of lack and duality.

We will soon realize nothing real has been lost, as our loved ones join us and our paths will become clear in the new space that is oh so near…

 “All I ask is that you leave me my imagination
so I can pretend I’m flying away.
I’m flying away.
And this is where I’ll stay,
Right here in Never Neverland.
I’d be flying, I’d be dying, for love and appreciation.
Where Mermaids would sing and Fairies would ring.
Right down here in Never Neverland
and it’s second to the left and straight on ’till morning.
Yes it’s second to the left and straight on till morning.
In Never Neverland.
In my Never Neverland.”

~J. M. Barrie

I’ll meet you in there…

To help you heal and unite with your Inner child and understand the Soul and ego, my book Re-Entering Eden can guide you there.

Blessings on your Journey,

Carolyn M Greenleaf



Transforming our Past

Nature-FantasyTree1 (2)12,000 years ago, humanity embarked upon their last cycle within the final stage of this dualistic reality. This has been the last curtain call before the coming Dawn…

Whether conscious of it or not – you are the bearers of Light who are uniting what has been separated. Each one of you has had an internal drive to facilitate healing within any number of situations. Whether as a peace maker within your family, city or nation; or simply recognizing a higher truth hidden within the turmoil you’ve witnessed. Many have dedicated their lives to living, teaching or providing holistic practices that nourish rather than diminish, unite rather than separate and seek the Divine truth through the Light hidden within the shadows of fear.

Each challenge you have faced and overcome has united a fragmented aspect of the past and built a bridge into our future. Even the trials where you thought you failed received enormous healing, because you brought your attention to them; because the Light within you touches all in your path. You did not need to be conscious of the work your Soul chose to do, yet somehow you felt it. Your Soul’s Light has reached the roots of the ignorance and separation that caused a history of pain and turmoil. In addition, your Light has summoned the Divine Truth that lay hidden beneath the ego’s illusion of separation.  

For those who chose to be conscious of your Soul’s mighty work, you’ve been awed instead of dismayed, encouraged rather than hurt, and moved by the powerful transitions taking place. You may also see the turmoil of our Earth as the magnificent power of the Goddess awakening and transforming humanities past. You also feel the uniting of heaven and earth, past, present and future as the God/Goddess within yourselves fuses and ignites your remembrance.  We are surrounded by Creations embrace and loving Flow.

Ride the Wave

One of the difficulties many of us deal with is staying on the wave within the Flow. The only way to feel Creations joyous Flow is to surrender our fears…completely. As we move closer and closer to our Soul’s embodiment, all that is not our Divine Truth surfaces for release. We must recognize this process of transformation so we can release our ego’s automatic response of gripping and attaching itself to the surfacing past. The Universe fully supports us. The embrace of our Soul Families is felt when we let go of what we fear. The path has been laid, the reunification assured and peace is guaranteed.

While we are in the mist of transformation, we experience various stages of disconnecting from what was, yet not connected to what IS…

Some of you may be experiencing false starts. What felt absolutely right one day, may feel completely off the next, with fleeting moments of “what did I do?” in between these shifts. Many endings are also experienced, such as friendships leaving as your paths begin to veer in different directions. You may also encounter an array of partnerships that no longer fit, as well a variety of other losses or sense of disconnection.

This is to be expected. We are unplugging from an old reality, yet not quite ready to connect to our new. The energy that has supported this dualistic sojourn is in the final stages of disbanding. As this happens, fear surfaces. Deep longings and sorrow rise from our bodies, triggering more uncertainty, which the ego battles. The ego aspect of ourselves does not understand what’s happening, nor can it.  Our ego’s only sense of reality is based upon what has already happened…the past. However, as time is changing, the past is transforming, along with everything created through our egos misinforms. This is the moment when we take a leap of faith. It is time to jump into a space we can’t quite see with our eyes, yet can only be eased by connecting to our Innocence and knowing of our Soul.

This is a time of transformation through death of the old in order to birth a new, expanded and conscious version of what has past and what is now possible. However, what the ego defines as death, our Soul identifies as restructuring or conversion. As we witness more of what appears as loss in our lives, we must prepare for the new that is about to enter. 

If you are not able to feel the birthing process behind what you perceive as losses, bring your attention into your heart space. Your heart is the doorway to your Soul, where you can access and feel the joy of what is and what will be.

Transformation Exercise:

This exercise can assist you when fears or doubts persist, preventing the transformation process from moving through you in a smoother manner…

Take 3 deep breaths; in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Close your eyes and open the door to your imagination.

See a path lined with beautiful flowers that grow in brilliance as you walk closer and closer into the magical space of your heart.

Begin to see a gate opening upon your arrival as a warm Light surrounds you. Allow your senses to embrace the sparkling, joyous Light that continues to grow, embracing you and all who now stand with you.

Release all walls, doubts and fears within yourself as they fall away and turn into more Light.

Feel your heart open and expand so you may feel the fullness of this experience.

Next, begin to feel golden extensions of your Soul’s essence and Light that are connected to your Soul Family who now surrounds you. Each member of your Family is now in their Divine Truth as they witness your Soul’s earthly work with enormous gratitude, love and appreciation. All you have encountered and endured has benefited not only your Soul Family, but all of Creation.

You are the Gift of Creation, you are the Way, and you are Heaven and Earths DeLight. Remember this truth as you walk through your day and enter your night. You have never been alone, but surrounded by your Divine Family who rejoice in the transformations taking place and the bridge you have created, uniting all that was once separated.

From this position, you are able to feel the benefits from the transformations you have encountered and the victorious rebirth from the successful reunification’s and healing.  You may also begin to sense the new world your Soul has chosen and how your life’s path contributed to the evolution of this New World and your Soul Family who reside with you there.

When you are ready take 3 deep breaths, as you bring your attention back into your entire body and into the room. Open your eyes.

Remember the truths you have felt during this inward journey so you may continue to expand upon them as you move forward in your physical life.

I wish for each of you to feel the abundant blessings that are upon you.

~Carolyn M Greenleaf