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Greenleaf Happenings November 2017 ~ Higher Connections

November is a month of many opportunities – to make new connections and mend old ones. These connections pertain to both, self and others, who you are connected. This is a time to look for the inspiration within these connections you have yet to notice. This month also serves as a gateway to a deepening of intent, clarity and possibilities.

Sacred Unity

If we look at the Universal number for this month and year (11+2017/10) we get the sum 21. Typically, you would add the 2 and 1 together to focus on their sum of 3, which I will do. However, there is a revelation within the 21. I believe this pair of numbers to be sacred and significant, as they indicate unity. 2 parts join to become 1. Within this unity, something else is born; resembled within the 3. This is a happy union – the number 3 indicates BEing in the United and Pure Presence of Divine Self and all that has made it possible; including unlimited possibilities with All. Yes, a lot for the mind to take in.

This makes the number 3 an expression of one’s creativity, authenticity and joy. This is an appropriate number to focus upon this month as we celebrate Thanksgiving. A day of gratitude and joining together provides an opportunity for internal and external growth. Take time to embrace what this day of Thanks has to offer both spiritually and physically.

Going Deep

With Jupiter in Scorpio for the next 12 months, we will be forced into the deep abyss of our psyche, where forgotten wounds will be unearthed in an effort to be healed.   This is a good thing! Intense yes, difficult yes, rewarding defiantly! This is preparing us for the dreams looking for expression within our hearts. The next 12 months will help us move into a higher frequency/energy, as we clear the way to experience our expanded future that Jupiter in Sagittarius (October 2018-November 2019) will usher in. Jupiter is returning home, as it is the ruling planet of Sagittarius – the zodiac of higher truth, ideals and freedom to express our dreams.  However, we don’t have to wait until next year to experience the ideals Sagittarius and Jupiter represent. Time is continuing to shift as the timelines of our past present and future converge. We are able to experience the hopes and dreams we believe to be in our future, now. Miracles are upon us.

Big Changes

I’m anticipating some very big changes for many. We are about to enter the 11:11 doorway of new beginnings and elevated frequencies.  This year, it will be 11:11:1 = 5. The 5 indicates changes – evolutionary changes! The 11:11 asks us to consciously claim our Mastery by utilizing and creating the opportunities to do so on the physical plane. We are being asked to step into our Divine Truth as the Magical Beings of Creation we truly are.  The 1 is a number of leadership, moving forward, new beginnings and unity. 11 is a Master number symbolizing consciousness, bearer of Divine Light, inspiration and new vision. The 5 is also Gevurah; the Divine Feminine and the Birther of Creation.

When we look at the significance of this, along with the unifying energy of this month, many will advance into the dreams & desires they have aligned themselves with.   There is great potential here! Prepare yourselves for 11/11 by focusing on the joy of having what your heart has been guiding you towards. If you don’t know what that is, then just focus on gratitude, love, joy. The important thing is to tap into your passion, and heighten your energetic frequency. Then, be conscious of what begins to happen, while remaining in the high vibration you’ve been playing in. The more you are able to remain in the heightened frequency, the greater your gifts will be.

Doorway of Blessings

This is an offering, a blessing you may wish to repeat as often as you wish, to help you embrace the opportunities upon you…

“I choose to align with the loving and abundant frequency of my Soul. I also accept the abundance of gifts ready for me as I step forward into the destiny my heart has beckoned. I am grateful for all that has transpired, all that is and all that can be. So Be It”


November 20, 2017 Creating Your Reality Class Series continues with Class II. The video and notes for Class I is ready and on the website. If you would like to take this class, but couldn’t make it or prefer to view it in the comfort of your home, please click this link : CLASS I to purchase. This way, anyone who would like to join this class series can catch up before we move onto the next class.

Creating Your Reality – Class II 

November 20, 2017

The first step in changing your life is to understand the nature of energy. Everything is energy, manifested by you. Everything within your world is a reflection of the energetic vibrations you hold within yourself – your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, physical condition, memories, karmic lineage are producing your reality.

This class will focus upon:

  • The Nature of Energy
  • Law of Vibration
  • Law of Correspondence
  • Awareness of the energetic vibrations within the self
  • Changing the frequency of your body & minds vibrational blueprint

If you would like to join this series, each class will be available via video & notes for classes you may have missed. You must sign up to attend at:


Weekly Thursday evenings 7 – 9 pm, we gather to discuss a variety of issues that surround birthing our best reality into our lives. This is a  supportive and informative group. For more information, click: SHIFT  All are welcome to join us at anytime! You must sign up to attend at:

In Closing…

This month promises to be what you make of it. The responsibility is all yours….to embody joy, gratitude and love, or focus on the pains of the past. The past is done; don’t let it haunt you needlessly. It is time to responsibly resolve the past and let it go. Those who fail to do so are involved in the horrific events we still see today. Yes, humanity is still healing, but we must focus upon rising, not dwelling.

I have a very special Gift in my life. I have a beautiful granddaughter who reminds me of how precious each and every moment really is. Let’s all take time to notice the beauty, love and abundance that surrounds us and stay in the energy of gratitude….Always.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Greenleaf Happenings October 2017 ~ A New Horizon


This month kicks off another level of intensity as we experience great opportunities to heal and advance.  New openings or doorways are moving into our reality at an exceedingly faster pace. But remember, endings will always precede beginnings.  Much is taking place to facilitate what must and can be.


The theme of new beginnings continues to roll out! Not only are we in the first Chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster, a 10 Universal year, we’re still under the influence of the total Solar Eclipse in Leo – the courageous leader and way shower. In addition, our Universal North Node is in also in Leo and we are now under the influence of the Aries Full Harvest moon; in the first western zodiac sign. Jeepers! Now we are in the tenth day of the tenth month of the tenth year; beaming us up! Make time to tune into these wonderful, elated and evolved vibrations – they will bring us closer to our destinies, if we allow.


Jupiter is also moving into the zodiac sign Scorpio where we will be taken deep into the waters of our unconscious and conscious realms. Triggers for your unresolved issues will be relentless, as will your saving Grace – your Soul awakenings. This is taking place in the constellation of Centaurus within the Shapley Super Cluster 8. This Cluster actually unites galaxies; a connector of sorts. This assists us greatly as we move into our new united reality of Oneness. This also means, we have to make peace with all things we thought were against us. All are moving together.

Don’t forget our wounded warrior Chiron – the Centaur; half horse (nature), half human who wears his mortal wounds through the zodiac. Chiron is from the constellation Centaurus -he pokes our wounds so that we may see them and heal them. This healing unites our fragmented selves.

Walking with the Lion

What began with the Solar Eclipse in August has been moving us into a new playing field. What precedes this field is a great deal of chaos triggered by negative ego forms that have been released due to the higher frequencies of Consciousness that continue to rise. For those who have resisted their forward movement toward an evolved sense of self, belief or creating – they will be fearful and confused by the chaos that surrounds them. Others who trust the Flow and are doing their inner work will advance easily into the new and empowered reality that resides within their hearts and manifesting in their physical reality.

At times you may have a sensation of being “squeezed” as the blocks or wounds that prevent forward movement are expelled. What does not align with a positive, united and empowered life is transforming. However, it is important to not focus on what you believe you are losing, but rather the goals that are beaconing from within your heart. A great deal of surrendering what was is at hand.

When we allow our internal healing and reconnection to our authentic Self or Soul Embodiment to continue, we move closer to the beautiful manifestations we have asked for.  It is up to us to claim our desired manifestations by keeping our focus on them and upon the magic of the Now Moment.

I was recently remained of how much gratitude can play a big role in aligning with the true abundance that we have called for and is waiting to connect to us. Gratitude brings us into the Moment in recognition that we are and have always been abundant in many ways. Our abundant sense opens our hearts to a higher frequency that brings us toward an expanded version of the natural abundance that is our Souls inheritance.

We are not Dead!

There is a whole lot of transformation going on! When we experience a new cycle or beginning energies, we will also see more individuals leaving their physical body. Many have finished their time on the physical plane – they are ready to move on, but not into the new physical cycle which is part of our earthly manifestation.

Many have chosen to move forward without their physical body as they released them during our weather related events, shootings, etc. As a medium friend of mine Glenn Klausner says, “those who have passed over don’t like to be called dead.” He says dead indicates the end, but it is not. In fact, many Souls are busier than they were when they had a body on the physical plane. The shedding of one’s physical body is just a way of moving into another part of their existence, destiny or goals.

Keeping this in mind, may be easier to forgive those who seemed to have left us behind. It also allows us to forgive those we think caused their “death.” There is a reason for everything, and nothing is allowed that would change a Souls chosen destiny.


Weekly Thursdays in Cary, IL 7-9 pm

This group has been created to help individuals move through the massive changes experienced on both the collective and individual levels. This entire planet and all who inhabit earth are moving through a state of great transformation. An evolution has been taking place, through realizations and awakenings termed, the Ascension. Information link.

You must sign up at: to attend.

Creating your Reality – Class Series

This is a class series that includes the Universal Laws of Energy/Creation. Each class explains the various Laws that mold your life and create your reality. These classes also include exercises to enhance your understanding as well as application of class material in your life.

Understanding and awareness is the key to changing your reality. Each of us is being pushed to “evolve” into our greatness. No one can escape this fact; our world, our life, and our individual identity is changing. We can understand and grow, or remain blind and experience unnecessary pain. Information Link

Part I – Oneness

Monday October 23 at Cary, IL at 7-9:30 pm

This class about how we are transforming into our new reality, which is based upon Oneness.  We will discuss Creations Law of Divine Oneness as well as the structure of this Connected Reality.

This class will also help you understand the process humanity is moving through in order to accomplish this enhanced reality of Being. All polarities are also uniting, creating temporary “sparks” or discomfort within the self and the outer world. Information link

You must sign up at: to attend.

In Closing

Keep in mind, we are all moving through major changes that are bringing us closer to a reality of authenticity in all we are and do. This can be a joyous experience and it is, when we see and experience this through our Soul’s knowing.

I am available for anyone needing assistance. Energetic Healing & Transformational Coaching brings much clarity, relief and peace of mind to many.   For information on these services, please visit my website pages or contact me.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Greenleaf Happenings September 2017 – A New Bridge


Up and down and around, around…. Yes, we are still moving through intense and wondrous changes. For some, the highs get higher and the lows get lower. This is the way of transformation. The past is always disintegrating to make way for what is possible. The further we go, the clearer our sight as we experience the blessings coming through the new pathways that continue to open. A new Bridge is forming in September that will take us deeper and further than we have ever been; into a reality our hearts know and our mind is preparing to grasp.

Past & Future

We have entered a 19 Universal month. This is a karmic number that reflects the need to transform the ego’s ideas surrounding power and its abuses. When this number shows up, it is saying “it is time to stand in your True Power…within You.”

The 19 is then reduced to a 10 in numerology, by adding the 1 and 9 together. 10 means you are beginning a new cycle (1=beginning, 0= a cycle). Interestingly, the 9th month of September represents the ending of the old and the prelude to a new cycle opening. This is in sync with the astrological happenings from August that opened all the closets and hidden places, where we stuffed old unresolved issues.

August brought the new energy signatures of our future into our existence, but it also dislodged all that does not fit this very new future. The August 21st Solar Eclipse has been called a “Reset” for good reason – it brought us into the Center of Infinity. A point at which time did not exist – suspended, we were severed from our past and connected to our future in a new way. This future is one that is shared by all, and united to all.

This set in motion the revealing of the past that imprisoned us – on a greater scale than ever before. The Eclipse doorway we have entered is a 6 month initiation, healing and connection to the Fire of Creation that exists within. The August 21st Solar Eclipse severed who we thought we were and aligned us with the Powerful Being of Creation we truly are. This is why some people feel very confused.

From this point forward – everything within your reality will be in question. For many, you will feel like you are literally in the Twilight Zone. For those consciously awakening and doing their inner work, it will be what you have been waiting for – a clearer path and abundant opportunities. It all depends on where you are with your awakening – resisting or embracing.

If you have consciously tended to your internal healing, while choosing and working toward your True Heritage and Power, you will be in great shape. You will also be able to experience and understand a greater degree of the high frequencies and intelligence, now present.

However, if you’ve been resisting, hiding or choosing to hold onto your additions to your victim roles, you will have a very difficult time.  There will be multiple opportunities to get with the awakening program, but you will have to work hard.

No matter where you are in the process, everyone’s physical body and mind is changing. In order for our physical self to embody these high frequencies, we are being rewired. It is an energetic expansion process that enables us to function in these new energies.

Many are finding it hard to focus, as countless ideas are entering their mind at the same time. Our mind is being restructured so that our capacity to take in more pieces of information can happen. It is part of the Soul embodiment taking place. Our Soul has advanced abilities that are being integrated according to our ability to accept these changes. Our entire body is going through the same thing. This is why sometimes you feel very tired and hungry – the body needs extra fuel and rest during this time. You will feel swings of high elation as you feel your expanded truth and now future, then lows of sadness and pain as the past leaves you. You may also experience moments where you will have brilliant ideas come to you and you will feel indomitable. Other times, you may not be able to remember what year this is, let alone which direction to go. These ups and downs will level off, so don’t panic – you are not going crazy. This is a time to pay attention, be compassionate and honor what your body and mind needs day to day.

Autumn Equinox – A New Bridge

September 22nd, catapults us onto a New and very Sacred Bridge. From this vantage point, you will be able to sense and see your new reality in ways you could not before. As long as you do not focus on your past traumas, and keep your focus forward – you will advance. I am not telling you to deny your painful past; I am telling you to stop allowing it to define you. The past must be honored for the wisdom and healing it was intended to provide. The past is what brought you to the possibilities that are now before you. You honor the past by letting it go.

It is now time to retrain your brain; to focus forward through the guidance of the internal pathway and Wisdom within your Heart.


Thursdays 7 – 9 pm


Beginning October 5th, there will be a weekly gathering every Thursday. This gathering is intended to assist members with understanding the energies and stages of their awakening. This group is also a way for participants to share their new thoughts and ideas they wish to bring into their new reality so that together as a group we can support, encourage and assist one another in forming a new reality together. Information Link

Creating Your Reality Class Series

Each class is $26.00

Due to the nature of our changing reality, it is important to understand the energies of which Creation responds. Beginning October 23rd, I will teach one series every 4 weeks, concluding March 5th. There are 6 parts or classes in this series. Perfect timing as we conclude what many call the “Fire Walk” which began on August 21st with the Solar Eclipse and ends 6 months later on February 15th with a mirror Solar Eclipse.  Class Series Information Link

Each class will be 6:30 – 9:00 pm on Monday evenings:

  • Class I ~ October 23, 2017
  • Class II ~ November 20, 2017
  • Class III ~ December 11, 2017 (3rd week due to schedule conflict)
  • Class IV ~ January 8, 2018
  • Class V ~ February 5, 2018
  • Class VI ~ March 5, 2018

Session Offer!

During these intense times of change, I am offering a 25% discount toward Transformational Coaching/Spiritual Guidance or Energetic Healing for sessions purchased during the month of September.  Information Link

In Closing

Everything our hearts have wished is on the way. Connecting, sharing and joining forces with those of like mind and heart will become our natural way to being. There are still many difficult energies out there and people who refuse to conform their dependency on them, so be mindful, compassionate and forgiving. Look for those who are loving, expanding Souls, for these are the individuals who will recognize your brilliance and amplify what is possible for all.

I wish you an abundance of all that reflects the beauty and wonder you hold within.

Much Love,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf


Greenleaf Happenings August 2017 ~ Magical Opportunities!

Hello Everyone!

Sorry about my lack of “Inspirations” and the Newsletter I couldn’t get out last month! For the last 4 months, I’ve been working day and night to birth the All Things Wellness Expo! My partners and I were involved in every aspect of this project as it consumed us. However, I feel it was a great success! The magic was evident within the connections made between the guests and vendors! The goal for this Expo has been connection – uniting the community with the practitioners that are so close, yet unknown.  This created a doorway of curiosity and hope; that much more exists beyond the traditional ways of the past.

I am back on track and ready to move forward…are you? Tapping into the Creative Field helped me organized and discover new ideas to expand, solidify and ground some amazing things for the community and myself. My vision for Greenleaf Healing has grown as well as off shoots and community based projects are coming into view. I will share more as they unfold.

It’s going to be a very busy month for everyone! The Universal Energies are opening many opportunities for healing, connection and growth in every way possible!  Get ready to move! We have a lineup of celestial events throughout the month, which are opening many opportunities for everyone! Eclipses, Kites and the Lions Gate – oh my!

Cranking Up!

Can you feel it? The high frequencies of Love, Light, and Creation Energies have expanded in so many wonderful ways! If you are tuning “Inward,” you know what I am talking about. If you are tuning “outward” you might say…what?!? That’s because the old outer world of the ego is experiencing an increase of chaos, due to the high frequencies of Loving energies now present.

Our two realities are unmistakable and powerful in their unique ways. Our Inner Reality is in tune with our Soul or Authentic Self, as well as the United Body of Creation or the Universe. We are at a level that is demanding our response, inherent responsibility and creative genius to consciously create and evolve – in every way.

Those not wanting to deal with their awakening consciousness are increasingly bombarded with everything they are trying to deny or run from – which is; their intrinsic responsibility linked to their internal truth.

Everyone is affected by the Divine Streams of higher frequencies, flooding our planet. These Divine frequencies are in tune with our Soul’s Light/Love. This naturally draws up anything that vibrates lower than each individuals Highest and most Loving Truth. This is similar to a magnet that is attracting or directing our dense ego programming out of hiding. The egos outdated behaviors, feelings, beliefs and traumas are brought to the surface so they may be seen and finally dealt with. This is the way of healing. Energy cannot be destroyed, it must be transformed. This is the way we move forward, and the Way to our Destiny.

There will be another increase of endings and beginnings, as everything moves in waves, ebbs and flows. The need to finally speak up, step up and move is on the rise!  Be open to the changes around you!

Lions Gate and Eclipses!

Every year on August 8, Earth is lined up with our Galactic Center or the Heart of Creation and the star Sirius. This time is called the Lions Gate. This is an alignment of our higher, divine knowledge strength and creativity. Divinely inspired ideas and energies flood the planet as well as our hearts, if we let them in.

This year, the Lions Gate peak (8/8) will be on the heels of the August 7th Aquarius Lunar eclipse. This will spark a great deal of conflict or creativity, depending upon where your focus is. Then we have a total Solar Eclipse on August 21st. These are all gateways into new beginnings!

We also have a record breaking 4 Kites astrologically this month. Kites are blessings that help us rise above adversity; see a higher view, while also grounding and balancing.

For more information, please refer to the excellent articles from:

Forever Conscious (Lions Gate)  

Conscious Community (Cosmic Events)



I have also been writing for Conscious Community Magazine and loving it! The new publisher of the magazine is effectively lining up this community source toward the direction of enhanced and widespread awakening that is rising. I feel so blessed to have even a small part in this amazing process!

I was so busy, I did not share July’s article called “The Process of Consciousness.” The August issue is my personal favorite “The Evolving Nature of Consciousness.”

Here are the links to both:

The Process of Consciousness

The Evolving Nature of Consciousness


Practical Application

This month will be a whirl wind of activity. There will be many opportunities for each and every one of you!

  • If you have your goals set – go for it!
    • Be observant of the opportunities that are knocking – seen and unseen!
    • Be discerning; if it feels right, then tune into the excitement, joy and passion within your heart and take that leap of faith.
  • If you are looking for change and direction – be open and observant
    • Ask your Higher Self, Guides and Angels for assistance.
    • Open an internal dialog as you bring your focus into your Heart.
  • If looking for healing – embrace these energies!
    • Surrender to the healing energies that are also flooding the Earth.
    • Surrender to Creations Flow by opening your heart and mind to the possibilities you are not aware of.

Breath – Help is Here!

I’m giving you an exercise to embrace and/or cope with the disturbances that may rise due to the High Vibes surrounding us:

  1. Make some ME time for this exercise.
  2. Light a candle and see the Flame as a reflection of the Creative Light and Power within you, your True Self.
  3. See or imagine this Flame connecting to the beautiful energies of opportunity now flooding this earth.
  4. Energetically, bring this Flame of Connected Reflection into your Heart Space.
  5. Tune into this Flame that is now within your Heart. Embrace this Flame.
  6. See yourself become One with this Flame.
  7. Say, “I release to the Flame all that is preventing my joy and destiny from taking form; I do this in accordance with my Highest Good.”
  8. Surrender yourself to the Flame.
  9. Make a declaration or commitment toward your goals or your best self.
  10. Make a commitment to heal all within yourself that stands in the way of these goals.
  11. Ask the Flame to inform you about your Divine Soul’s Truth.
  12. Stay with this connection about your Truth for as long as you wish.
  13. Ground this Truth firmly into your heart, body and mind.
  14. Say “YES! This is my new Reality!”

Next, when you feel you are in a balanced and grounded state, you can practice Self Mastery. To Master the self/Self you become the Magician who is in control of themselves (impulses, emotions, etc) and can consciously bring new form into their reality.

  1. Ground and Balance yourself.
  2. Be fully Centered within your Heart.
  3. Call upon your Spirit Guides and Angels for assistance if needed.
  4. Say “I choose to embody the Wisdom, Power & Presence of my Soul.”
  5. Open yourself to the divine, high frequencies you sense around you.
  6. Reach out to accept the magical opportunities and energies swirling around you.
  7. Pull these opportunities and your focus into your body and heart to ground and balance them within yourself.

This is how you can bring both of your worlds together – by becoming the bridge for them, and then bringing them into peace and balance within you. Then, If you are connected to your heart and soul, rather than your ego, you will be able to produce the physical form these divine energies can take.

Inspiration & Ideas Unleashed!

Due to the flood of ideas and opportunities, do not focus on the finite details at this time. Instead, think big and draw your blueprints or list the ideas that are coming into view. Put all your ideas on something like a bulletin board. Then, when the energy lessens, move these ideas around and see how they all fit together. Allow for them to expand and communicate some of the details to you. Remember, everything is energy, and energy is intelligence that is in a constant state of evolving. This is why it is important to allow the energy/idea to inform you, rather than the limited knowledge of your mind. Your mind eventually catches up, if you stay focused in your heart and your hearts ability to decipher the intelligence within the divine energies.

Remain open for more ideas and expansion of the self. These ideas within this energy are seeds that will grow within you. Their full expression or possibility will depend upon your willingness to expand your heart and mind. Your expansion and ability to understand the intelligence within these energies will require healing on your part. Every box within your mind will be reevaluated. Every concealed wound will be ripped open. All within you that stands in the way of your greatness will be revealed, so it may be healed.

I am always available to assist. Please contact me at if you wish to set up a session via phone or in person.

In Closing. . . 

It is important to honor yourself in every way this month. Self care is very important right now. Take time for introspection and reflection. Exercise or take cleansing walks in nature to help you balance the energies. Eat well, drink plenty of water and take salt baths, as you will likely purge some misalignment’s affecting your physical body.

Embrace this wonderful opportunity that is here, now. This is the moment your heart has been waiting for! Step into the courage, strength and power of the Lion, then look into the mirror and witness the brave amazing Being you truly are!

I wish you abundance in everything that makes your heart sing!

My unending Love to All of You,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf


Summer Solstice 2017

The summer solstice represents the possibilities that can permeate our world, from the inside out. This gateway into Summer is a reflection of our ability to focus upon the greatest degree of light within the self, while also residing in a reality of darkness within. This darkness is not evil – it is inert potential.  Think of this as the dark, rich and nutrient soil where we plant our seeds and wait for them to produce something beautiful and/or provide sustenance. Even though we cannot see growth take place within the darkness of the soil, we know it is happening. As long as these seeds receive nourishing rain and sun, they will produce.

It is the same process that happens within the self. When we use our Light (Authentic Source of Self) to form this dark matter of potential that is also within us, we will create something new and beautiful. What we believe in, we nurture. What we nurture creates abundance for more than one as it expands and ultimately feeds all.

This Summer Solstice, we have entered the center point of our 10 year (2+0+1+7). This symbolizes the new cycle of which we are well under way. With this, we have witnessed a large number of deaths. All are moving into this opening cycle in various ways.  Transformation takes many forms. This is the natural process of Creation. What we witness as death is a way for those who have finished their current stage in a physical sense to move to their next position. The process of releasing the physical body merely takes these individuals into their next cycle along their ongoing journey.

Just as the Sun has reached its greatest degree of Light, it is also beginning its decent into the wonders that await in the Darkness. This is the Darkness that allows us to flourish along our ongoing sojourn that never ends.

During this year’s Summer Solstice, be mindful of the seeds you are planting as well as the growth you have achieved through your own evolutionary process. What you nourish will be with you for the next 9 years. Be grateful, be mindful, be in joy and allow the Light within you to Dance.

I am dedicating this article to my dear friend Imelda Arcilla who passed from this physical plane last week. Her Light will forever shine upon those she touched. With her passing, was also a tremendous release of our past pains through the trials of our evolutionary process. Imelda is a Being of Light that helps Transform what no longer served us into something much greater. This darling and special Being we call Imelda is continuing her journey in new and evolutionary ways.  She, just as others who have left this physical plane continue to grow with us, guide us and help us remember what really matters.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf


Greenleaf Happenings June 2017 – Coming Together



It’s been a very busy spring for me. It’s all good, as wonderful projects are flourishing and opportunities abound! It’s amazing what happens, when we get out of our own way! But when we do, the flood gates begin to open. The more we let go of what was, the reality our Soul has been preparing steps in. I will speak more about this in July during my speech at the upcoming Expo!


The overall sense that continues to grow more pervasive and paramount in our reality is the need to unite. As we continue to evolve who we are and who we are becoming, we will find that cooperation and joining forces will be vital to our forward movement.

We are growing into our authentic truth, and within that truth is unity, connection, Oneness.  The only support our ego’s reality will receive is from the lower vibrating reality of which it resides. However, as our true essence emerges within each one of us, we sense that things are very different. What’s different you ask? Well, for starters we will feel the support of the Universe or Creation when we think in terms of joining talents, space and/or experience with others. We will also feel an increased surge of warmth that comes from within our heart, when we reach out to others and support them in ways that are not selfish, but feels right. If we give into to these feelings or urges without analyzing them in our mind, we will grow in ways our mind has yet to understand. The more we trust that very real feeling from within, the more we will see it take form in our outer reality.

Yes, you may have heard about the laws of creation/energy for many years, but now, there is a very thin line between understanding the concept and feeling this internal knowing of how creation works.

When we let go of what we think we know, including our judgments and need to be right – the leap forward is smaller than ever. This is because we are already within our evolved reality, but inside a little bubble that contains our old reality. This is where we witness extremes. These experiences include tremendous degrees of love and devastating experiences of an old world ending. The devastation is experienced because we are still holding on to what our mind thinks is normal and what is known.

The terror attacks are reflecting the relentless ego mind where twisted and distorted views and beliefs are surfacing for a reality check, as well as resolution and a release of what is so harmful to self and others.

It is so very important to not let your angry or fearful emotions linger. Instead, focus upon what is behind these feelings and heal them.  If you need assistance, I am available.


Tuesday, June 20 at 11:24 pm CDT we cross another threshold along our sojourn. The summer solstice is an additional doorway and opportunity to experience and feel the magic of Nature and Creation surge forth from within. When you allow these sensations to surface, hold onto that power and begin using it by directing it toward your goals. Recommit, visualize the finished result and get excited. Your passion provides tremendous fuel for the formation of your dreams.

As we begin to follow the sun in the shortening of days, we are preparing for the next stage of our journey. Still building, growing and weeding the garden of our dreams it is also important to be in the moment. Whether you are moving into the summer or winter months, it is time to begin slowing down and appreciating what we have already accomplished and our loved ones we hold dear. The reality of our Soul requires balance. This is part of the Mastery we must obtain as our manifestations show up faster and faster.

Maintaining ones balance is achieved when we remember to return to Center. Within my meditation classes, this is a common theme. To visualize this, see yourself sitting in the center of a wagon wheel. You are the hub and the spokes represent the different areas and people in your life. When we ground ourselves within the hub of our wheel of life, we feel a peace and a mastery that begins to take hold. It is important to not let these areas in your life pull you out of your hub and out of this balance. It is equally important to maintain your boundaries with the people in your life. You need time to fill yourself with the essence and music of your Soul, because it allows you to show up fully for others and for yourself.

One of my projects! I am co-sponsoring & creating this exciting event!

This is a public event for those who wish to explore various holistic alternatives towards healing on many levels. There are many paths toward truth, healing and being. This Expo provides an arena for information, exploration, education, coming together and fun.

We are providing speakers, practitioners, readers, entertainment and vendors! Looks like we are also adding Raffles! All are welcome to spend the day at this exciting event! Please sign up for updates about this expo by visiting our website:

I will be speaking from 11:45 am – 12:45 pm. The title of my presentation is “Breaking Barriers & Claiming Your Destiny!” I hope to enlighten and inspire you with my words of experience and the Knowing of my Soul, which speaks louder and louder everyday! Seating is limited, so please sign up by prepaying.


Discounts are available if you prepay for entry fees and events. Be sure to reserve your spot for the wonderful events we have lined up – seating is limited. Payment Page


We are still looking for volunteers to help us with various jobs throughout the day of the Expo. Please let me know if you are interested.

Please share this event with everyone you know! Let’s come together, let’s unite!

A Gift from Me to You:

In Closing…

This is an exciting time, if you allow it to be. Moving into our evolved reality is as simple as letting go. When we allow our Soul to step forward, we unite with this greater truth of who we really are. The only way fear can exist is if we let it. By dwelling in what was, we rob ourselves of what IS.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf, DD, ORDM, CRMT

Transformational Coach, Teacher, Speaker & Author


What is Consciousness?

This article was written for the May 2017 issue of Conscious Community Magazine

As you know, consciousness is the state of being awake or aware. However, in this article, I would like to explore the nature of our changing consciousness. This subject is a driving force within each one of us that seeks to grow, evolve and expand in ways that can be confusing, and therefore frightening. I would like to ease your worry and reassure you; something extraordinary is happening – and you are part of it.

Conscious to Unconscious to Conscious 

Everyone shifts into different stages of consciousness. For instance, most people are fully conscious when they’re born. They feel a deep and expanded connection with life that is beyond their physical confines, yet their mind hasn’t organized what they know. Eventually, this sense of knowing seems to fade away as they assimilate with the way things are within their physical reality.

Their mind begins to form its neural nets (networks), or pathways of information according to what they’re absorbing from their physical world. When this physical world is not conscious of their expanded reality, they live in an incomplete, therefore unconscious state.

These pathways of understanding within the mind are usually laden with egoic programming. The ego is who we become within our physical reality when we are not conscious. This ego or exterior personality is formulated with the beliefs and experiences of our lives, and is not conscious of the deep and expanded connection we once felt. As we conform to an unconscious world, the ego self rules our lives with its limited knowledge.

Eventually, after we’ve had enough of our ego’s experience, something deep within ourselves begins to stir. This conscious part of us begins to wake after its long nap. Just as the sun begins to peer through our curtains and blinds every morning after its sojourn through the darkness, our conscious self is also beginning to shine through the cobwebs of our mind, and stir deep remembrances within our heart.

As these remembrances begin to ignite our awakening process, our ego’s sense of consciousness is in question. So now we ask…what is consciousness?

My Experience & Understanding of Consciousness 

The course of my inward journey leads me to believe that consciousness is a state of awareness that grows and expands. This expansion occurs when we unite our consciousness with the wisdom our unconscious path provided. To be fully conscious is to be fully aware of both the spiritual realms (higher consciousness) of our existence, and the hidden, expanded Truth that is at the core of our physical experience. It is the realization that these two worlds, the conscious and unconscious are connected. As we seek to understand this connection, we expand our consciousness and our reality. This is a process of physically becoming our greater Truth. When we intentionally unite these worlds within ourselves, we grow in ways that enhance both our physical and spiritual realities.

The Process 

When I was a young child, I was in a state of expansive connection and knowing. I was able to feel and sometimes understand the unseen relationship between and within all aspects of life. I was in a natural state of communication through communion with the spiritual realms. I was continually embraced with unconditional love and complete acceptance within this force, this energy, this spirit, that was also within all things and experiences.

However, my physical reality did not support what I experienced. My need to be accepted by my family and peers caused me to distance myself from my expanded consciousness.

Then, as an adult, I craved the connection that I once knew. This drove me toward the divine embrace and expanded consciousness I experienced as a child. My inward journey to my conscious Truths began to heal everything that led me away from them. This healing process formed a path that now unites my inner and outer experiences.

Waking Together 

Everyone’s experience is unique to their path, yet shares common threads. Therefore, we can help one another, as these threads are weaved within the journey of each seeker.

I invite you to continue along this journey of exploration into what is possible. We will look at the different facets of consciousness, the stages, and how we can fully utilize this powerful experience.

I invite you to share your experiences! I want to hear about your process of awakening to your conscious states of being. Let me know about the good, the beautiful, plus the bad, and the ugly of it all. When we share, we unite. When we support, we heal. When we nurture, we grow. Let us come together and unify our hearts as we wake together as One.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

May 2017 Greenleaf Happenings – Metamorphosis

Hello Everyone!

Oh my, it’s been a rough few weeks. Just as many of you, I have been experiencing, deep states of cleansing triggered by the flu and cold viruses. Assisting us are the planetary bodies that move us into just the right frequencies that will bring to the surface all we are unaware for this stage. Each one of us is experiencing some level of chaos because this 1 year (2+0+1+7 = 10/1) is telling us we are on a new platform. However, we can’t bring an old house into the new. Each time we enter a new cycle, we must raise our vibration on every level of our being in order to match the heightened frequency of our new space.  Sounds serious! It is, but it is also a very special and sacred time.


This current stage of transformation began 2 years ago, within our 8th year (2015) as we initiated a deeper physical reunification with our Spiritual and Soul selves in profound ways.  The 8 represents a union of two worlds or bodies of energy. Think back to this time – what was happening in your life two years ago? What choices did you make, which areas in your life did you heal or began the process? Who did you meet? Who did you release?

Also, this month represents reunification. When we add 5 (May) to 1 (2017), we get 6. This is Tiferet (6) in ancient Cabala. Tiferet is the unifier. Within the physical self, Tiferet is located within the heart. The heart is the bridge that links our Higher Selves (Spirit/Soul) and our physical selves. This is why the practice of bringing our presence within the Heart Space is so important. From the position of our heart, we are able to align with our authentic or Soul self. This is where we can consciously feel, understand and communicate with this higher aspect of Self and every aspect of Creation.


It’s important to consciously connect with the Higher aspects of Self so we many release the ego’s fear of what is happening. The fusion of our Greater Truth with our physical selves is a tenacious process. It is part of the Soul embodiment that is required for our new reality.

Challenging, confusing and painful symptoms always accompany the embodiment of a higher Soul aspect. This happens because our elevated aspects vibrate on a higher frequency, which also means the lower frequency of our physical body must rise. The new inhabiting frequency of self begins to clean house.  This transformation is being realized by all. Illnesses such as colds and flu’s are ways the body detox’s or release’s what no longer serves us. This detoxification happens on every level, including our physical, emotional and mental, even etheric bodies.

Our emotions surface as the past is released through us. Love is the only thing that is real, so all that is left within is the love created through the past; even if it was not realized at the time. This should give us a great deal of comfort as we tend to resist letting go of the past because a part of us believes we are leaving behind the special people involved.

When we allow the transformation to take place, this loving reality grows with us and helps us create the elevated reality our heart strives for through the direction of our Soul.

We can also suffer from brain fog as our mental states are being upgraded or rewired to encompass the understanding of our Soul. It is common to forget words or experience confusion as our frame of reference is being dismantled and advanced.  This is temporary.

Meeting your other aspects is also common as thought forms surface that don’t come from your current experience. It’s like there is another person inside you. Remembrances of other lives or timelines can flash through every level of your being. Again this is temporary as a union of Selves and rebalancing is also taking place.


Our growth process involves moving beyond our ego’s grasp of reality. This cleansing through detoxification and reunification on multiple levels creates the openings for us to recognize and accept new thoughts that come from the reality we are calling forth.

Every aspect of Creation is helping us. This includes the planetary bodies that align their energies and frequencies to help shake things up and move problematic issues to the surface so they may be seen. We still have a great deal of unresolved or negative beliefs and issues that must surface so they can be healed.

Currently, we have assistance from 4 planets in retro movement: Mercury (until 5/4), Jupiter (until 6/10), Saturn (until 8/26) and Pluto (until 9/29). Mercury represents our mental states – how we are wired or programmed and how we communicate them. Mercury retro brings our ego’s reasoning into question. Jupiter is our expansive nature – where are we focused? Saturn is about structure – are our foundations stable and sound? Pluto says “I will transform all of these things that wreak havoc toward the formation of your future. “


There are periods of time that are more intense and difficult than others. This is one of those times. It is important to relinquish the emotions surfacing, especially the frustration felt during these trying times. Feel what you feel and if you sense the need, access the intelligence from your feelings, then let them go. Many times you will feel a rush of emotions come over you in waves. Release your resistance and just allow the Flow of your Soul to wash them through. The more you surrender your resistance, the quicker you will feel relief. Sometimes, I will say “thank you, I release you” to the energies surfacing.

When we honor this process, see our lives as precious and our experiences necessary for our unfolding future, we move into the wisdom of our Soul.

To assist you, I am offering you a suggestion to help you rise above the chaos you may find within yourselves.

Firstly; Move into the energy of Tiferet (within your heart). Allow the Embrace of unity, compassion, balance and unconditional love of Tiferet to fill you.

Secondly; Move your focus into your heart and say:

“I chose to embrace this moment and all of the energies moving through me. I accept the dark and the light of it – for it is who I truly am. I am all of it – I am One with every aspect of Creation. I am One with my Divine Truth and my physical experience. I honor all of my experiences for they have allowed me to heal my past, grow my wisdom and understand many things I did not know before. I choose the Oneness of my Being and embrace this sacred transformation taking place within me.”

If you need assistance, my services are available to you.

Article in Conscious Community Magazine!

What Is Consciousness by Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Conscious Community published an article I wrote especially for them! Click the following link to read this article: What is Consciousness?



Please check the Events Calendar for times and locations for Meditation and Ascension Hour classes.

We’re Having an Expo!!!!

I am proud to announce Greenleaf Healing is co-sponsoring a Mind Body Spirit Expo with Options 4 Health and Bella Medica. The name of this exciting event is All Things Wellness. Please take a look at our website and sign up for our mailing list. The website is still in process and continually being updated as we form this Expo.

What I know for sure: Dr. Darrell Weissman has agreed to be our feature speaker! I will also speak as well as Sherry LaMarche. We also lined up Michael Bettine and Al Jewer! We will have several vendors to delight, educate and provide a variety of items to purchase.

Link: All Things Wellness Expo

In Closing…

Keep in mind – the more intense the situation, the sweeter its resolve will be. Remember, we are dealing with opposites here. Everything is a flip side of a coin. Bad is good turned on its head for exploration.  Darkness is just places that have yet to open its doors to the Light within. Do not hold judgment within your body, heart or mind. Instead, go into your heart and call upon the wisdom of your Soul, for that is the only place where you will understand beyond what your mind thinks it knows.

I wish you all, Abundant Blessings of Peace, Love and Prosperity of all you hold dear.

Carolyn M. Greenleaf


Greenleaf Happenings March 2017 – Breaking Point of Liberation

March? What can I say? We’ve been up, we’ve been down, I’ve even started wearing a frown!

We’ve had an intense beginning this month as the eclipses of February’s far reach slapped us on the hinny while we tip toed into March, as we found we could not hide. Eclipses are always preparing us for something greater as we move deeper into the next stages. March; 3/2017 = 4. The energy of the number 4 is hard work and new foundations! These new foundations must now be deliberate and built upon community, connection and respect for all. However, before a new foundation is laid, the old must be dismantled, removed and transformed.

Everything is being reshaped in a myriad of ways, as we’ve been experiencing a great deal of change that is only intensifying in both joy and pain. The birth process into a new reality and creation is the most arduous process we could ever experience.  Just as we witness the joyous birth of a beautiful child – the labor of deliverance is extremely painful, yet it has within it, joy as its core. Each child born is a union of the opposites and matching components presented within his or her parents. This is what we are experiencing and birthing as individuals during an integration of all that is separate, yet also one.

Even though this is a 1 year, which represents a new cycle – it also represents the Oneness of which we are. It is also what our new cycle and reality is based upon. For this to happen – all that is separate, within and without must unite.

Polarity Integration

Some of you have heard about polarity integration. But many have not – so with this in mind, or not…from dark to light, up to down, forward then back, frustration to joy, fear to love….back and forth we go. This way, no that way, don’t forget me, love me too, peek-a-boo. Now you see me, oops, now you don’t. Can’t you find me or your way about? There I am, as are you, could it be… I am you?

This evolving reality we have been experiencing for the last 12,000+ years is based upon duality. To create a dualistic reality, there had to be opposites…polar opposites. In fact, the poles which this planet rotates upon represent our earthly energetic core in more ways than one. For instance, the pole of this earth maintains this planets polarity and unity. Each polar extreme is frozen (*symbolic of stillness with many treasures held within) and shares the same qualities in as many ways they are also different, yet forever linked – united through the core of this planet. We are also united within the core of one another as well as our expanded truth while we also hold varying degrees of perception, knowledge and wisdom.

When the poles of this earth change, you can bet we are changing too. The changes we are now experiencing is a reintegration or reunion of all that we thought was separated during our dualistic experience. The expanded *knowledge which we also separated from, as it was hidden from sight and mind is also erupting to the surface.  This is why there is a lot of movement and attention at our South Pole. Much was hidden in this region by highly evolved Beings before humanity fell into the darkness of separation and duality. The South Pole represents our base chakra – our physical reality and tribal/primal or original truths, which have been awakening.

As what was once separated, now reuniting; we are feeling, sensing, seeing many perceptions as if they are someone else’s, yet it is us who is having the experience. This uniting of separated (dualistic) energies however confusing is a fusion of sorts, yet it is not imprisonment. Each Soul who chose to experience this changing reality understood what had to take place – there was, nor ever have been force. The seemingly forceful experiences are due to karmic resolutions and healing.

New Season of Change

As everything is revealed during polarity integration, we also enter earth’s threshold to seasonal change. This month we move into the energy of birth with the Spring Equinox or its opposite Autumn Equinox, depending on where you live. Keep in mind, we are One with the Earth we call home – we reflect and are intimately connected to the changes within nature, earth, as well as ourselves. Since the seasons are opposite, according to where we live along the earth’s poles we also experience the same shift in cycles more intently as we integrate what we believe to be separate within ourselves. Within the point of separation, we also experience a union as the birth of new realizations and foundations. In addition we also release old beliefs and creations that no longer fit who we have become.

In Closing…

Our evolution is within the acceptance of all of who we are, as individuals and as the whole of humanity, earth and the universe.  When we experience the sparks of confrontation, it would benefit us greatly, to step into the stillness within, for expanded understanding of what is really happening. After all, we always have been and will forever be . . .One.

As I feel the time is right, I will continue to reveal more information regarding our polar connection and the advanced Beings associated with these regions and this part of our awakening process.

If you are in need of guidance or assistance during these trying times, please contact Carolyn via email: to arrange a session.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Transformational Life Coach, Teacher, Author & Speaker



Facing Your Fears

March 24, 2017, 7 – 9 pm, Cary IL

You must sign up by 3/19/17 to reserve your spot!

This class is about the fears that prevent your forward movement and the consequences of these fears. You will learn how you developed most of your fears, where they come from, what happens when you give into these fears and how you can resolve them while you reclaim the lost pieces of yourself. These lost pieces are the denied facets of you that became shrouded within your confusion, anger and fear. Information Link

$26.00 *Sign up at


Guided Healing Meditation class  

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March Theme: Release & Renewal!

Weekly Wednesday evenings: March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 2017 @ 6 – 7 pm at Greenleaf Healing in Cary IL $11 *Sign up at

March 3, 2017 @ 7-8 pm at Options 4 Health in McHenry IL $11 *Sign up with Sandy at:

Ascenshands-around-the-world1-300x292ion Hour

Information link

March Theme: Release & Renewal – Journeys!

Weekly Wednesday evenings: March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 2017 @ 7:15– 8:15 pm at Greenleaf Healing in Cary IL  $11.00 *To ensure your spot, place sign up at


I’ve added a new reading called Yearly Report. This is a window into what you are dealing with in the current year. Life Cycles Reading helps you understand the on going cycles that influence your entire life. Name Readings and Who You are in Numbers both help you with self discovery, but both have different views/layers which together can create a pretty full look into who you are. Please contact Carolyn with any questions or to schedule a reading.

Yearly Reports

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By appointment only: at Greenleaf Healing, Cary IL



synesthesiaName Readings  

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By appointment only: at Greenleaf Healing, Cary IL

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Nature-FantasyTree1 (2)Life Cycles Reading 

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Who you Are in Numbers 

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Change Blog/Video 3 – Positive Action

It’s time to transform the way our ego believes change happens. Complaining about and focusing on the corruption in our world does nothing to change it. We remain the same. However, when we awaken by educating ourselves and create better solutions for our future, positive change can actually take form. By focusing our attention, energies and positive emotions toward positive change – real and lasting change will enter our lives.

As we become aware of our internal faults, we can see where and how we are defeating ourselves. In addition, we must also open our eyes to the corruption in our outer world – responsibly. Not with anger, but with a broader understanding, compassion, desire and a decision to change.

The understanding and compassion I am speaking about comes to us when we tap into our Souls Wisdom in regards to the purpose of the greed and corruption we experience. These negative situations in our lives are designed to push us to take back our power – responsibly with wisdom. The difficulties in our past and present are the obstacles we need to overcome – not by the same means as those we believe imprisoned us, but by the growth we have earned.

We as a people have grown in numerous ways. It is no longer necessary to learn about power through negative means. It is time for us to utilize the knowledge and wisdom corruption has given us. By doing so, we take back our power and accept responsibility for every aspect of our lives.

Every time we see or experience a negative situation that is harmful to ourselves or others – we must first take personal responsibility and ask ourselves “what is it within me that created this situation?” Then, we must go within the wisdom of our heart and mind and ask “what do I need to do to change this?””How am I (unconsciously or consciously) supporting or attracting this behavior?”  This change must be in the form of personal understanding and growth, plus a willingness to see what we have been afraid to witness. Then, it is time to take action.

Mirror, Mirror…

We need to look at the physical manifestation of the negativity and corruption in our outer world and ask ourselves, “What can I do to change my habits, thoughts and support of what I don’t want in my life?”

For instance, Let’s take a look at the safety and optimal quality of our food and water.

Educate yourself:

  • Do the suppliers of my food practice my internal values? Do these companies treat their employees with respect and kindness? How do they prepare this nourishment I am considering?
    • Do not believe testing paid for by the same companies you are investigating or those connected to them by special interest.
      • The information is out there – much of it has been suppressed.
      • Do not get angry – special interests groups are reflecting the ego within you, but on a much bigger scale.


  • Buy from and rally behind businesses who share your same sense of responsibility – for instance, organic and local producers and farmers.
  • Stop buying from food sources that treat their product and people in inhuman, irresponsible ways.


  • Tell your friends about your discoveries, while focusing on the healthier and positive solutions. Just as deeper truths are exposed to you through your outer world’s reflections – do the same for those who are not aligned with what is healthy and positive. This informs others, while holding the perpetrators accountable and gives them a chance to change their ways and change the course of their future.

Group Gatherings & Voices

Sharing our positive discoveries is great! However, it is important to be mindful so that anger or negative behavior does not pollute the positive message and momentum.

For instance:

  • Marches & Campaigns should be peaceful and shouldn’t be against something or someone; instead, they should be in support of something – positive principles – a focus on the desired outcome.
    • Ex: March for equality, peace, love, health and the right to experience the freedom to choose the best quality of life. Positive solutions without judgment or attacks against someone or something.
  • Protests – the energy or sense behind protests is a complaint against something. This is only feeding what you do not what.

Transformative Ally

Remember, bullies and bad guys exist because we are not standing in our true power. Negative people and situations are brought to us to help us realize how strong and brilliant we really are. There have never been any true enemies, only individuals we attracted into our lives who could create the negative situations we needed – to grow.

I have found it helpful to grow my appreciation and gratitude toward those who have provided me with some very harsh lessons. They helped me to realize and step into my strength and mastery. After all, we are One.

In Closing…

We are in the center of tremendous change through the turmoil that seems to be all around us. Remember, this turmoil is the fuel we need to move us in a better direction. Let’s not waste this opportunity on pettiness and drudging up the past angers and differences. Let’s hold ourselves accountable, unite with our neighbors, share our dreams and ideas and create a beautiful world – together.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Resources & Information

Woody Harrelson – Support Clean foods and Responsible Business:

Have you ever considered that your spending has the power to change the world for the better – however small your purchase? Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson has a message for the world.”

Mr. Harrelson has a great message for everyone in this short You Tube video.


Leonardo DiCaprio – is also an environmental activist and U.N. Messenger of Peace:

Mr. DiCaprio’s research is now a movie called “Before the Flood”

Before the Flood presents a riveting account of the dramatic changes occurring around the world due to climate change, as well as the actions we as individuals and as a society can take to prevent catastrophic disruption of life on our planet.” (movie trailer)

I encourage you to visit the website to learn more about the discoveries made, including solutions that are available.