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Greenleaf Happenings April 2018 – Return to Self

This month the Universe is pushing us to be True to Ourselves. Everyone is being triggered to resolve the internal issues preventing conscious choices toward authenticity and evolved lives. In the background is the ever loyal Dog of the Chinese Zodiac influencing our lives toward unity, companionship, loyalty and authenticity. This blends well with the vibration of the Universal energy of 6 this month.

Shifting Energies

Last month, we began to experience a barrage of shifting and clearing energies. The difficult alignments of the past weeks, which will continue until May, are helping us to release what prevents our return or union with our authenticity. Our authentic self is aligned with our Soul, which is based on wholeness.

You may have been experiencing flashbacks from your childhood. This is because the current energies are instigating deeper remembrances of what you knew as a child. When you were young, you had magical abilities within the imagination you utilized. You could naturally Be in the Moment, where time didn’t exist and you could play for an eternity in the magical possibilities, which are hidden from your current fear based ego.

The goal is to envision/imagine a new horizon that honors your brilliance and heart’s desire, and then accept it as your opening reality. However, it is necessary to clear your mind of the ego’s fears and beliefs that prevent you from actualizing the power you have within.


Many of you have been experiencing some ups and downs within yourselves and in your life. This is due to an influx of Universal ‘clearing” energies inundating your lives. I speak more about the changing vibrations and their impact in the article “Challenging Vibrations of Change

It is time for everyone to move forward in a conscious sense. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the builders of our New Reality.  We are being pushed to realize what has always been available to us – our Divine Power. We are the Creators of Universes! It is time to dream a new dream, by imagining wonderful scenarios, resolutions and options that are filled with joy and opportunity for expansion. It’s time to create through the embodiment of our Soul.

Family Dog

In addition to the energy of the Dog, we are experiencing a 6 Universal month. We arrive at this sum by adding the 4th month to the numeric value of the current year (2+0+1+8 = 11/2). The energy of 6 is unity – both internal and external.

This unifying energy of 6 is also known as the number of Family Love. The vibration of 6 unites us with our true loving energies and our divine connection with others, especially with those closest to us.  Combined with the energy of the Chinese Dog year, we have a sense of loving and steadfast loyalty that supports our efforts toward unifying our hearts dreams into our physical reality, along with loving support of others.

Embrace the Opportunities!

As difficult as some days are with these challenging energies they are helping you in many ways. The clearing energies are helping you move into the life that suits your new energy as it aligns with your hearts dreams. It is time to access the amazing world of your authentic truth and the possibilities now emerging for you.

Empower Yourself!

I have created classes and offerings that empower and assist in the discovery of your internal power and identity. Soul Fusion Meditation classes have proven to be quite powerful with grounding individuals into their connected presence, or Soul embodiment. This is designed to bring the New Reality of living a Soulful life into a powerful new physical experience.

There is a class or gathering for everyone in whatever stage of change and/or healing upon them. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Sessions are also available via – in person, phone or Skype. I provide transformational life coaching, energetic healing, readings for discovery and information and ongoing classes. Please contact me at: carolyn@greenleafhealing for more information, signup for classes or to schedule a session.

Classes & Gatherings

Creating Your World Class Series – Class VI

April 9, 2018 @ 6:30 – 9:00 pm

Everything means something. Everything has value. When you step outside of what you thought was true, you open the door to tremendous potential for growth and experience. This class we help you see your reality and yourself through a different perspective – one that will free you from the containers of your limited past.

  • Your power and pathway’s
  • Your ability to unite and divide
  • Your ability to transform
  • The Law of Relativity
  • The Law of Polarity

Class includes exercises to enhance your understanding as well as application of material in your life. Information Link

$26.00  You must sign up to attend at:


Journey Night

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 @ 7-9 pm

Shamanic Journeys take individuals  into the non ordinary reality, where solutions, information and healing exist.

Journey work is a powerful tool towards resolution with oneself and others. There are many realms, worlds and dimensions where we exist simultaneously. Journeys give us an objective view of what happened, what is happening today and what can happen tomorrow. This opens ones mind and heart to understand what could not be perceived before. More Information 

$22.00 per class. April Topic: GROW! These journeys will help focus students upon the missing pieces needed for their healing, new creations or desired path.  You must sign up to attend:



Shaping High Internal Frequencies Together

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 @ 7-9 pm

Information, Support & Sharing Each gathering will have a topic, with opportunity’s to share experiences and issues involved with the changes occurring and how it is effecting members of the group.  There will also be an offering of solutions that will help alleviate the fears and symptoms of these changes. In addition, we will share, encourage and support the positive new ideas and pathways opening in each participant’s life…More Information

April Focus: Handling the Up’s & Down’s of Change 

$22.00 per gathering. You must sign up for each gathering at:


Facing Your Fears – Empowerment Class

inspiration 2 blog hop child's bear (google images) (3) - Copy

Thursday, May 24, 2018 @ 7  – 9 pm

This class is about the fears that prevent your forward movement and the consequences of these fears. You will learn how you developed most of your fears, and how you can resolve them while you reclaim the lost pieces of yourself.

Carolyn will address the disown aspects of yourself from childhood into adulthood, help you recognize these aspects and teach you how to heal them. Until we are whole, we cannot experience the joy, peace and abundance we are seeking. Information Link

The cost of this class is $26.00

If you cannot attend, a web class is available!

Meditation Classes

Heart Basics Meditation Classes

Tuesday, May 1, 2018 @ 7 – 8:00 pm

Carolyn teaches simple methods to train the mind or induce a mode of consciousness that promotes a state of peace, calm, relaxation, develop compassion, patience, concentration and insights. These classes are assists individuals toward: Inward Focus, Centering, Balance, Awareness, Uniting with self, Surrender & Flow. Information Link

$11.00 per class. You must sign up to attend at:


Soul Fusion Meditation Classes

Tuesday, May 1, 2018 @ 8 – 9:00 pm

Soul Fusion: The embodiment of the Essence, Knowledge, Wisdom, Reality and Power of one’s Soul. These Meditations are designed to help participants reconnect with their Souls Essence, Reality and Divine Truth. This natural alliance and source of knowledge and wisdom is integrated in a step by step process. Each month, you will move into a deeper relationship and connection with your deepest, forgotten and truest Self. It is time to go beyond what you thought you knew about yourselves, and into the Divine Truth of your true inheritance and identity. More Information

$11.00 per class. You must sign up to attend at:

In Closing….

A wonderful world is waiting for each one of you. Focus on what makes you happy, then believe….in YOU.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf



Challenging Vibrations of Change

By Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Change – a scary word to the ego, but an exciting adventure for the Soul. The journey of lasting change requires an internal restructuring through unearthing and releasing what no longer fits your broadening goals.  Change also entails an expansion of the mind in order to accept your grand plans, which reside within your heart.

The Universe will always obey the yearnings of your heart, as it is the pathway to your soul’s expansion, and ultimately leads to expansion for All. Your internal yearnings instigate and correlate with the shifting frequencies that are in unison with the growing nature of Creation. However, the ups and downs your physical, emotional and mental aspects of self experience can be concerning if you do not understand that these occurrences move you forward in amazing ways.

Down Times & Clearing Energies

Many of you have been experiencing difficulties within yourselves during these down times; they take you face to face with needed change. Some may feel heaviness, as if you are carrying a great weight on your shoulders. The feeling of being old and ancient may be experienced. Some feel very tired, ungrounded and experience brain fog. Body aches, old injuries flare up, emotional baggage and flash backs from the past can be experienced.

Some also feel moments of clarity, lightness and an unseen joy that pops in here and there. A roller coaster of physical, emotional and review of a plethora of past experiences is actually normal, considering the growth that is happening to each one of us.

All these increased physical, emotional and mental ups and downs happen during times of heightened frequency shifts, orchestrated in part by your internal guidance or intelligence. This happens in conjunction with what is occurring in the cosmos.


Our lives hum along when we honor the sheet music of our Soul. This equates to our unique vibration that adds its own brilliance to the Universal Orchestra. Each one of us is part of this grand sheet music that constantly sings to our heart and calls us Home – to our Authentic Truths. To help us remember these truths, our untruths; fears, pains and residual traumas must be healed and cleared.

The planets, stars and wondrous phenomenon’s in our sky help us by moving in and out of harmony. There are moments or longer stretches of days, weeks or months when we experience an external disharmony that irritates deep unresolved traumas or erroneous beliefs, so that we may recognize their presence within ourselves. We cannot fully return to our harmonious and powerful state of Being until we resolve what blocks our way forward.

As uncomfortable as these misaligned position of planets in our cosmos is, they serve us greatly. Then, when these heavenly bodies continue their sojourn, harmony and respite follows.    Now, inspiring ideas and answers are able to make their way to our consciousness – due to the release of misaligned energies within (physical, emotional and mental).

Resolution Tips

When you are experiencing negative sensations or emotions physically, emotionally or mentally, it’s important to get to the other side of the misalignment that’s been triggered within you.

Imagine – a new sprout pushing its way from under the ground. This sprout is the result of a seed, idea or dream you planted at some point in your life. The sprout had to break through the shell that was weakened by the nourishing rains and decomposing debris of the past.   This sprout continues to push its way up, to claim its rightful spot in the Sun to manifest its full capacity in the physical world.

The journey of the sprout is difficult, as it must overcome the debris in its way. However, if the little sprout gave up because of the stones and debris it must contend with, it would never reach the surface. The sprout also has to trust its instincts, as the way is dark beneath the earth.

When you are moving through difficulties, imagine yourself as the sprout.

  • Focus on the growth and ultimate fruition the Universe is preparing you for.
  • Be grateful for all the wonderful things and experiences that have already happened.
  • Focus on the excitement and passion of what is coming.

Believe me, when you surrender the debris of the past and the misalignments within your own thinking, you will feel something very special emerging within and experience a clearing of your path toward what you have wished for.

Continuing Your Journey

These big internal shifts happen each time the Universal frequencies increase the vibration of your Souls chosen reality. After one level of clearing frequencies is over and we adjust, there will eventually be another to trigger the resolution of more internal lower vibrations.

It is a continuing process to review, heal and clear your unconscious thoughts, beliefs and traumas that stunt your ability to reach your greatest potential. Why? You are here on this planet during this amazing time of evolutionary change. Only a great Soul would take on the challenges you have encountered. Believe in yourself – the Universe does, why don’t you?


Greenleaf Happenings 2018 – A Year of Inspiration & Mastery

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to 2018! Now, we enter phase 2 of the Universes Plan! In 2017, many new things began to move into place in our 10/1 year. Many things were also revealed because they stood in the way of our progress. A great number of people also felt like they were left with a cliff hanger as 2017 came to a close. Now, we find ourselves stepping into the new land we’ve been preparing, asking what’s next. The answer – Mastery!

This year will roll out the choices you made in 2017. Last year, you were presented with several potentials that surfaced throughout the year – almost like a sampling of what is available. Now, as 2018 opens, your choices will move forward and into the grounding stages of your new reality. You are also destined to be the Inspiring Master you truly are.

2018 is an 11 year, which is a Master Number! This energy brings out the true and inspiring leader within all. For those who have done their inner work, it will feel very empowering. However, for those who still believe they are victims in some way and resist the need to heal their internal issues – it will be uncomfortable and challenging.

Magical Reunification

To get a complete picture, let’s look at the energy of the 2, which is the sum of 1+1 (11). The energy of 2 will push you to cooperate with everyone and everything around you, as well as within yourself. You will need to come to the conclusion that there are no true enemies within you or your outer world. All has been a reflection, a play ground in which to learn and grow. Compassion and understanding must be exercised toward self and those who push your buttons. Everyone you think is against you is actually helping you to heal something within yourself. This is what pushes you – into who you have the capacity to be.

This is a reconnection process – to move from the old dualistic reality of separation from self to your own reunification, and authentic truths. Part of your truth is that you are and have always been a whole and wondrous Being of Creation. You are capable of so much more that you have allowed yourself to realize – and yes, it can be scary, because it’s big. You are a Big deal.

What does it mean to step into your Mastery?

Stepping into your Mastery means you must go beyond what you thought your limitations were. It means tuning into what your heart and gut says you can do, instead of what the media, friends, family or society has told you. The outside world has held you back, because they hold themselves back – it’s the way humanity became wired. But now it is time to see things for what they really are – lessons and opportunities to heal and grow. As you do, you are able to lead the way for others, through your bold, inspiring actions.

You have the right to be… you. The only one who can prevent you from reaching your hearts true goals and potential – is you. Claiming your Mastery means taking full responsibility for your life, and in doing so, you realize the power you have – to change, not only yourself, but your world!

Stability in the Cosmos!

For the first couple months of the year, we’ve got forward moving planets! Plus, Saturn just moved into its own comfy home or zodiac sign of Capricorn. Saturn is about grounding our reality with balance and stability – Yes! Yes! Yes!

Take this opportunity to move forward in ways you may not have felt comfortable doing before. The timing is ripe to finally make things happen, to be heard, noticed and make a difference. Dare to inspire the world with your brilliance!

You are not Alone

For those who need assistance or guidance to resolve the internal blocks that thwart forward movement, I am here to help you. When we make big changes that go against the status quo, support is an invaluable tool on our journey. This is why I’ve developed a few options that can fill some needs.

For group settings, I have an offering of classes and gatherings that augment forward movement through reunification with ones internal wisdoms. See class listings below.

For individual or private help, I am able to coach, guide and teach methods that facilities internal reconnection and healing on multiple levels. For more information, email me at: or visit my Coaching and Energy Healing pages.

I also provide a variety of readings that help trigger internal connection and provide valuable information. Yearly Reports are especially helpful to foresee some upcoming probabilities in your charts.

Class Announcements

New! Soul Fusion Meditation Classes

Begins January 11, 2018 @ 7-9 pm $22

This class will take place every 4 weeks. (This first class was meant to start 1/4, but was reschedule due to inclement weather) Next class will be February 1, 2018.

Meditations for Soul Connection
Soul Fusion: The embodiment of the Essence, Knowledge, Wisdom, Reality and Power of one’s Soul.

These Meditations are designed to help participants reconnect with their Souls Essence, Reality and Divine Truth. This natural alliance and source of knowledge and wisdom is integrated in a step by step process.

Each month, you will move into a deeper relationship and connection with your deepest, forgotten and truest Self. It is time to go beyond what you thought you knew about yourselves, and into the Divine Truth of your true inheritance and identity.

This will increase your capacity to hold the expanded and higher frequency of your Soul, while grounding the experience in your physical body. As this happens, the mind begins to increase its ability to grasp the shifting perceptions.

Offerings of information and experience, along with group sharing, support and encouragement provides an ideal space for growth.

Journals are recommended to record your experiences and messages received through your meditations.


  • Connection with Authentic Self, Divine truth and Soul’s Wisdom
    Integration or embodiment of Soul/Authentic Self
    Moves individuals into their New Reality

To experience ones innermost and brilliant self is a life altering experience – one of awe and reverence. Information Link

Creating Your Reality

Class Series Continues…

This month we continue Creating Your Reality Class Series with Class IV on Monday January 8 at 6:30 pm. If you missed previous classes, you can purchase the video and notes. When purchasing the classes online, you will also have the opportunity to ask questions via email.

If you are attending these classes in person, you may pay at the time of each class. It is ideal to attend or view each class, as they are all connected.

This class series includes the Universal Laws of Energy/Creation. Each class explains the various Laws that mold your life and create your reality. These classes also include exercises to enhance your understanding as well as application of class material in your life. Information Link

Class IV

January 15, 2018 @ 6:30 – 9:00 pm

Location: Greenleaf Healing in Cary IL

In part 4, we will discuss the rhythmic nature of energy and the relationship between multiple vibrations. We will look at the yin and yang of Creations energy within ourselves and every aspect of our reality.  This class will help you understand the nature of your Soul’s energy, and its relationship within the Oneness on multiple levels of your reality. Information Link

Sign up at: to attend!

Journey Night!

January 18, 2017 @ 7-9 pm $22

This experience will take place every 4 weeks with specific goals each month.

Shamanic Journeys take individuals  into the non ordinary reality, where solutions, information and healing exist. I am offering monthly Journey Nights.

There are many realms, worlds and dimensions where we exist simultaneously. Journeys give us an objective and expanded view of what happened, what is happening today and what can happen tomorrow. This opens one’s mind and heart to understand what could not be perceived before.

This is a wonderful way to move beyond blocks – to understand, forgive, let go and move forward. More Information

January 18 focusNew Foundations! These journeys will help focus students upon what is needed and where to find their missing pieces and access new tools to lay a sturdy foundation for their new cycle.

Sign up at: to attend!


(Shifting High Internal Frequencies Together)

January 25, 2017 @ 7-9 pm
At Greenleaf Healing in Cary IL 60013
You must sign up to attend!

This gathering takes place every 4 weeks.

This group has been created to help individuals move through the massive changes experienced on both the collective and individual levels. This entire planet and all who inhabit earth are moving through a state of great transformation. An evolution has been taking place, through realizations and awakenings termed, the Ascension. Information Link

Movie Night! Rescheduled

Finding Joe

Thursday 1/19 @ 7-9 pm in Cary IL

Movie & Discussion, plus popcorn and iced tea! Only $5 per person. You must sign up to attend!

This is an amazing movie I just watched while convalescing my back. Which is why you haven’t heard from me in a while. This movie is about the Hero’s Journey each one of you is on and how you can come full circle while following your bliss and moving through the fears that block you. This mind blowing movie is in perfect timing as we move into a new year and cycle.

“Rooted in deeply personal accounts and timeless stories, FINDING JOE shows how Campbell’s work is relevant and essential in today’s world and how it provides a narrative for how to live a fully realized life-or as Campbell would simply state, how to “follow your bliss”.

The film features interviews with visionaries from a variety of fields including Deepak Chopra, Mick Fleetwood, Tony Hawk, Rashida Jones, Laird Hamilton, Robert Walter, Robin Sharma, Catherine Hardwicke, Sir Ken Robinson, Akiva Goldsman and many more.

While studying myths, and writing on the human experience, Joseph Campbell was a professor at Sarah Lawrence College for 38 years. His seminal work, “A Hero with a Thousand Faces” was published in 1949 and greatly influenced generations of artists and writers, including Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, Stanley Kubrick, George Lucas, Jerry Garcia and others.”


In Closing…

I wish you a year full of wonder and joy as you step into the knowing of yourself and your capacity to mold a reality that your heart rejoices!

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Change Series – 2 Responsibility of Change


There is a great deal to learn from the experience of duality, as expressed in my book Re-Entering Eden. Within a dualistic reality, we have the opportunity to experience much diversity, leading to tremendous internal and external growth. However, humanity has experienced the negative side of this dualistic opportunity for far too long. Our history has developed a very divisive reality in many cases. This divisiveness often blossoms into corruption in all its forms.

The height of these negative experiences is reflected in events such as the recent Presidential election in the US and all contested elections and battles for power around the world. As these events happen, we are then left to wonder – what happened to create such a bitter atmosphere or a sense of complete powerless toward affecting your outer reality?

Nevertheless, if we look at what this divisiveness created, we can utilize the wisdom it also offers. It is this wisdom that we must now develop, so we can create positive solutions. Divisiveness is ultimately designed to inspire positive change and unity.

Focus Forward

The only way for positive changes to take place, is by focusing on the form its transformation will make. We must keep our eyes on the prize. We must get our crayons out and create a whole new picture or blueprint of how this change will look and act. Then, we must focus on it and believe in its fruition.

“Where your attention goes, energy Flows.”

We’ve all heard this phrase. It means we are creative Beings who are forming our reality, in every moment.  Everything is energy – our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and our actions. This tells us – when we focus and complain about the crummy leadership in our lives without creating positive solutions, we recreate them again and again – as we play the victim. Blaming others does not solve problems. The only way for positive change to happen, is by taking full responsibility for the changes we can make today.

Changing Leadership

As I mentioned in the last video, the Orcas Wisdom says we must heal and unite our own internal dualistic nature, if we wish to live in a peaceful and unified world…

Let’s take a look at the political scene, which is in a great deal of turmoil. This turmoil is telling us…everything is in a state of change. This turmoil represents the chaos that precedes new form. We now have the opportunity through this chaos to transform the integrity of “Leadership” into its most virtuous intent.

So, how do we do this? It’s time to ask ourselves this question while we stand in the center of our internal chaos: If our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, then what within the self is divisive and corrupt? We must ask ourselves: “Am I being responsible for the direction I am taking in my life, or am I allowing others to direct my choices? Am I blaming others for these choices? Am I taking choice away from myself or others? What am I not willing to see or admit to myself? Where have I refused to take the responsibility of leadership toward my own life choices? When have I used others to do the things that I am responsible for? Am I fighting against myself and my own nature? Am I leading or living my life to the best of my ability?”

We must then ask ourselves, “What type of leadership do I really want?” The next question should be, “Am I practicing these qualities?”  If not, your next question is; “what must I change?”

Everyone is the leader of their own personal lives, through the choices made and actions taken or not. Therefore, we must take full responsibility for the changes we must make as we lead our lives, and then expect the same from those who we place in these powerful positions of leadership in our cities, states and nation. We are responsible for both ourselves and those we choose to govern us.

If we desire Leaders who are:

  • Completely transparent and honest about their professional career and dealings.
  • Have the courage to stand in the face of opposition and corruption to then bring about positive change.
  • Act in the interest of the group in which they govern.
  • Considers all matters with fairness and wisdom.
  • Puts the needs of whom they govern above their own personal desires.

We must also hold up the mirror and ask ourselves these questions:

Am I being honest with myself? Am I being honest with others? Am I standing up for my rights? Am I using fairness and wisdom in all my dealings? Am I holding myself accountable for all the decisions I’ve made, plus those I’ve ignored? Am I tending to the needs of myself and those who depend upon me? Am I being compassionate towards myself and others? Am I listening and paying attention to my internal needs? Am I proactive about the changes I must make within myself?

Each one of you must answer these questions if you truly wish to live in a world, a nation, a state, a city, a neighborhood, a family, a life that is at peace and expresses the true abundance that is available for all.

Positive change requires us to pay attention to what is really in our heart, for the heart is the gateway to the wisdom of our Soul. This is a truth that will set us back on course to the wonderful life that is within our grasp.

P.S. To understand the dualistic nature within ourselves, please refer to my book: Re-Entering Eden; Reclaiming our Wholeness & Divine Truth

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf





Sacred Solstice

The Winter Solstice represents the deep shift of our Soul, as we step through the Darkness and into a new cycle of Light. After 6 months of descending into the darkest night, a new cycle of ascending light of day is born…within us and our world.

During the sacred moments of Solstice, is an opportunity to face what you have run away from. It is the parts of self I am speaking about. Those parts of self you were taught to dislike and feel shame for are ready to be healed. Fear of these parts of self does not serve you – it harms you and keeps you in a continuing cycle of darkness and ignorance of what is real and precious.
When we are brave enough to face what frightens us, we transform the past as we also blossom and grow from within. Facing what we fear, frees us. In addition, reclaiming the parts of self who became lost within those fears unites us and makes us whole again. There has never been one part of who we truly are, we should have felt shame for.

One of the shameful biggies is front and center during the Solstice…

The Solstice is the changing of Natures Cycles and Seasons. This season reminds us of our own creative and magical power we have always held within. This is because; we will always find a merging of the Divine Masculine and Feminine or God and Goddess within the center of each cycle that is ending and beginning. This reflects the coming together of our masculine and feminine elements within us. This is a sacred, beautiful and sensual time of primal or pure Creation.

Throughout the ages, we have been taught to fear our own sexuality and the sensual feelings or energy that accompanies every creative thought we have. The bonfires that celebrate winter solstice remind us and reflect the fire of creations power – to change and create. The sexual union of pairs represents the reunion of our separated parts of self. These unions are meant to be honored as a sacred passage of rite – to respect the creative nature within all. These unions between pairs do not necessarily need to be between a male and female, because all have both within; masculine (God) and feminine (Goddess). This is a time to honor both of these equally powerful and important elements within Creation as well as within ourselves.

When we accept and honor the creative power within the union of our own masculine and feminine elements, we create amazing things!

The Dark energies also represent the dark womb of the feminine within each one of us. We house and nurture our ideas within our own feminine qualities (womb), so they may be born, strong, and healthy. Spring then represents the birthing of what we have cared for during the winter months. However, when we are conscious of the miracles that are happening within and around us, we stand in the center of pure joy, in all its elements and grow through all of joys stages of becoming.

I challenge each one of you – to see the darkness of night as the mystery that holds all of your potential joy within. When you do, the ascending light in your world will bless the growing creations waiting to come forth from out of the dark and transform the shadows within.

Abundant Blessings on this Joyous Holiday Season!

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Greenleaf Happenings November 2016 – Inspired Reality


Hello Everyone!

I hope you’re ready for some changes. With the New Moon and Sun in transformational Scorpio, we are poised to step into what our Soul has been preparing us for. We are moving into a new cycle; one in which has been hidden from our sight, yet known within our heart. The Light is breaking through, revealing what is about to dawn.

The Process

Because of the upheaval in September and internal shifting in October, all were upgraded energetically as the physical body released much more of its dense past. When this happens, the cells of the body begin to vibrate higher as the light of the Soul increases its presence within the self. This aligns us with a greater reality, moving us closer and closer to the goal of fully conscious 5th dimension. The 5th dimension is the reality of Christ Consciousness. In this 5th dimension, we experience Soul embodiment; a physical existence as a fully awakened Being of Creation. We are accomplishing the united experience of two worlds; spirit and physical or heaven and earth.

In October, we came closer to our future realities by glimpsing or feeling them. However, always with this higher vibration, more light shines on what is blocking us. More triggers popped up for many to help bring to light another deep layer of repressed feelings and experiences in need of healing and release. Every time we witness corruption, betrayal or abuse, always remember that it is designed to wake up the parts of us that lost the way and fell victim. However, there are no true victims or villains; they are roles we played so we could grow and evolve.

We are still experiencing the back and forth of 3D thinking, 4D battles of right and wrong, then feeling the bliss of 5D. The back and forth is part of the process. After each mass release of the past, we move through stages of integration as our mental, emotional and physical bodies adjust to the new frequency and existence available for new growth and experience.  This is a confusing time, but does subside as a new sense of normalcy is experienced. These ongoing stages are all part of the transformational process, preparing us for our new reality, which requires Self Mastery.

Master of Inspiration

This universal month is 11 (11 + 2016) the Master of Inspiration. The wisdom within each one of us is moving us to step forward and to become the inspiration we have yearned for. As we realize our own inspiring spark, more sparks ignite. This master number also vibrates to 2, indicating that the Inspiration awakening within is connected to all others. Our relationship to Creation, our world, each other will be felt as the deep unity of our Souls truth is known.

Many have felt the shifting taking place as our internal world solidifies and unites our physical and spiritual realities. Experiences and feelings of disconnecting from what was, then feeling our life move through the truth within our hearts to reveal the teachings, wisdom and love that was growing and now blossoms; moving us into a new and abundant reality. Timelines have shifted greatly and will continue to do so as we consciously move into our Souls reality of no time.

Scorpio moves us deep within the self as we see the fears within our suppressed layers of history along our inward sojourn; we now see them for what they are – lessons that lead to growth. Our bravery is rewarded with the wisdom waiting even deeper within as we enter further into the gateway of our Soul.

And so, we have come a long way and are at our journeys end, about to enter a reality that our hearts have guided us toward as our Soul prepares our arrival.

Dusk to Dawn

We have worked towards cleaning up and finishing up many things. Now, our focus must turn towards the future.

Many are feeling the expression of their Soul burst forth with excitement, bliss and understandings that the mind can only hope to comprehend. One of these understandings is the flowing and magical nature of which we truly are. A power surge like no other that propels us hand in hand with the loving truth and unity that is the fabric of our truth.

In our Souls reality, focusing on the new possibilities also completes the past. As our focus towards our new realities strengthens, much of the past is resolved. When our karmic clearings and healings are done, we must remember to shift our focus. On a conscious level, we must choose something better. When we stop feeding our old reality, a natural transformation happens. Solutions simply appear for the projects, relationships and all that are moving into our expanding future. What is left dissipates and is either transformed or moves into another person’s reality who is in need of its lessons.

When we keep trying to fix things, we continue the wounded ego’s reality, by believing in its existence. In our Soul’s truth, there is nothing that needs healing. When we claim the reality of our Soul, we see that we created an illusion of something that is not real. However, we have created these illusions in order to learn. The focus needs to be on the self – what parts/aspects of self are still participating in the ego’s 3 & 4 D reality of pain, lack, judgment, anger, fear, etc. As we heal these ego aspects of self, they transform and becomes part of our wisdom, but we must release the reality of the ego’s birth.

As we connect to the 5D reality or Christ Consciousness, the veil of our own ignorance falls. We begin to understand that what we fight only persists and lives on. We begin to know what our Soul would do, because we become our Soul once more. It is time to focus on the Realities our Soul is offering.

Movie Night!

What the Bleep do we Know?!


Friday, November 18, 2016 @ 7 pm

Popcorn, Movie and discussion

Location: Greenleaf Healing in Cary IL $5.00*To ensure your spot, place sign up at  Sign up by 11/15/16


Class – Accessing our Innocence


Friday, December 2, 2016 @ 7 – 9 pm

This class is about reconnecting to our magic, the seat of our creative power, our Spirit…our Innocence.

The Child within is the missing piece we have been looking for. The child is the unifying agent that draws our fragmented selves together; this includes our masculine and feminine aspects. Information Link

Location: Greenleaf Healing in Cary IL $26.00*To ensure your spot, place sign up at  Sign up by 11/28/16

Ongoing Classes

Guided Healing Meditation class  


Information link

Dates & Locations: Weekly Wednesday evenings: November 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, 2016 @ 6 – 7 pm at Greenleaf Healing in Cary IL $11 *Sign up at

Weekly Tuesday mornings:  November 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 2016 @ 10 – 11 am Location: Options 4 Health, McHenry IL $15 or $25 with Ascension Hour

Ascension Hour


Information link,

Dates & locations: Weekly Wednesday evenings: November 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, 2016 @ 7:15– 8:15 pm at Greenleaf Healing in Cary IL  $11.00*To ensure your spot, place sign up at

Weekly Tuesday mornings:  November 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 2016 @ 11:15 – 12:15 am Location:Options 4 Health, McHenry IL $15 or $25 with Meditation Class



By appointment only: at Greenleaf Healing, Cary IL

By appointment only, every 2nd & 4th Saturday and every Tuesday beginning at 12:30 pm at Options 4 Health, McHenry IL

Namsynesthesiae Readings 

Information Link

By appointment only: at Greenleaf Healing, Cary IL

By appointment only, every 2nd & 4th Saturday, and Tuesday’s beginning at 12:30 pm at Options 4 Health, McHenry IL


Nature-FantasyTree1 (2)Life Cycles Reading 

Information Link

By appointment only: at Greenleaf Healing, Cary IL


careers-small1Who you Are in Numbers 

Information Link

By appointment only: at Greenleaf Healing, Cary IL


In closing…

Make it your mission this month, commit to focusing on your Soul’s reality; choose to learn this truth about who you really are. Take off your Halloween custom and chose to see the beauty and magnificence of your true world.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Emerging Blossoms ~ May 2013

blossoming tree

Greenleaf Happenings ~ May 2013

As we move along my favorite time of year, much has been shaken, illuminated, released and gained by recent and unnerving events in both our inner and outer worlds. Terrorists, explosions, earthquakes and eclipses – need I say more? Trying times always bring us opportunities to question what we value and grow appreciation for what is important to each one of us.

Our lives are meant to be celebrated as is symbolized by May Day, otherwise known as Beltane. The celebrated fires kick off a time of new birth and growth as the elements of nature shower their blessings for abundance in every quadrant of our lives. The greatest among our gifts are knowledge, wisdom and compassion; they are what our Soul strives for.  However, in order to experience these priceless treasures of growth, we must move through several transformational stages. For something new to blossom, chaos must shake our foundations.

The terror our world has experienced of late has produced yet another opportunity to increase our resilience, strength, wisdom and compassion. As the old barriers of our past are broken, they are replaced with evolved possibilities. Resolve has a way of propelling us to reach deeper and grab hold of another level of our Soul’s power, love, wisdom and creative ideas. The silver lining of terrorist attacks – they backfire. Attacks make us stronger – they provide an opportunity to rise above, to evolve into the compassionate individuals we have the capacity to be, as we grow our strength, uniting ourselves as a nation and a people. 

Anger, tyranny, obsession, terror, war mongering and a need for absolute power all stem from fearful individuals – failing as they cling to a dying world they once knew. The old patterns of our fearful and angry past will continue to dissolve and transform as the natural process of our own evolution draws these old frequencies from their hiding places.

While we move through these transitional moments, it is to our benefit to look for Creations Seeds of change within them. Our precarious situations, literally and figuratively speak a deeper truth.

The previous eclipse (4/25) involved an opposition between Taurus (our security and material wealth) and Scorpio (Transformation). As these energies create clashes within each one of us, keep in mind the gifts that are also surfacing. Did you know that diamonds are formed approximately 90 miles beneath the earth’s surface? It’s only during volcanic eruptions that these diamonds make their way to the surface.

The volatile situations we encounter allow something new to finally break through, illuminating our vision and altering our reality’s future. This is a time when new and better ideas surface out of the chaos we experience.  Now is the time to let our genius break the barriers of old thought patterns that have kept us hostage far too long.

Those able to quickly release surfacing anxieties and remain in Creations Flow are feeling their impending dreams come ever so close to experience more glimpses of what lies beyond their worries.

Class ~ Symbols from the Soul

May 22, 2013 @6:30 – 8:30 pm CST

262803_10151046087386426_608891233_nIn this class you will learn how the Soul communicates through symbolism, and how to tap into this knowledge.

We will discuss what is within your everyday life that is trying to get your attention, and why your Soul placed them around you. I will then teach you how to look at these things from the view of your Soul, which then leads you to their intended insights.

Our world is filled with valuable information; it is up to us to decipher their hidden meanings.

New! Guided Charms

Guided Charm

I recently created a charm for a friend in which I assembled through their Soul’s guidance. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this, but my friend encouraged me to offer these unique charms to others.Well guess what? I said good idea!

These charms are priced at $30.00 each. A charm will be created for a specified individual through my connection with their Soul’s instruction.

For more information or to purchase one of these charms, click this link.


In closing ~ Coping with transitional energies and situations requires faith in a positive outcome, conscious awareness that this too shall pass and increasing your ability to surrender within the Flow and path your Soul has provided.

If you need assistance to move beyond old patterns, obtain clarity or heal past traumas my services are available. For more information, click this link.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

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Transforming our Past

Nature-FantasyTree1 (2)12,000 years ago, humanity embarked upon their last cycle within the final stage of this dualistic reality. This has been the last curtain call before the coming Dawn…

Whether conscious of it or not – you are the bearers of Light who are uniting what has been separated. Each one of you has had an internal drive to facilitate healing within any number of situations. Whether as a peace maker within your family, city or nation; or simply recognizing a higher truth hidden within the turmoil you’ve witnessed. Many have dedicated their lives to living, teaching or providing holistic practices that nourish rather than diminish, unite rather than separate and seek the Divine truth through the Light hidden within the shadows of fear.

Each challenge you have faced and overcome has united a fragmented aspect of the past and built a bridge into our future. Even the trials where you thought you failed received enormous healing, because you brought your attention to them; because the Light within you touches all in your path. You did not need to be conscious of the work your Soul chose to do, yet somehow you felt it. Your Soul’s Light has reached the roots of the ignorance and separation that caused a history of pain and turmoil. In addition, your Light has summoned the Divine Truth that lay hidden beneath the ego’s illusion of separation.  

For those who chose to be conscious of your Soul’s mighty work, you’ve been awed instead of dismayed, encouraged rather than hurt, and moved by the powerful transitions taking place. You may also see the turmoil of our Earth as the magnificent power of the Goddess awakening and transforming humanities past. You also feel the uniting of heaven and earth, past, present and future as the God/Goddess within yourselves fuses and ignites your remembrance.  We are surrounded by Creations embrace and loving Flow.

Ride the Wave

One of the difficulties many of us deal with is staying on the wave within the Flow. The only way to feel Creations joyous Flow is to surrender our fears…completely. As we move closer and closer to our Soul’s embodiment, all that is not our Divine Truth surfaces for release. We must recognize this process of transformation so we can release our ego’s automatic response of gripping and attaching itself to the surfacing past. The Universe fully supports us. The embrace of our Soul Families is felt when we let go of what we fear. The path has been laid, the reunification assured and peace is guaranteed.

While we are in the mist of transformation, we experience various stages of disconnecting from what was, yet not connected to what IS…

Some of you may be experiencing false starts. What felt absolutely right one day, may feel completely off the next, with fleeting moments of “what did I do?” in between these shifts. Many endings are also experienced, such as friendships leaving as your paths begin to veer in different directions. You may also encounter an array of partnerships that no longer fit, as well a variety of other losses or sense of disconnection.

This is to be expected. We are unplugging from an old reality, yet not quite ready to connect to our new. The energy that has supported this dualistic sojourn is in the final stages of disbanding. As this happens, fear surfaces. Deep longings and sorrow rise from our bodies, triggering more uncertainty, which the ego battles. The ego aspect of ourselves does not understand what’s happening, nor can it.  Our ego’s only sense of reality is based upon what has already happened…the past. However, as time is changing, the past is transforming, along with everything created through our egos misinforms. This is the moment when we take a leap of faith. It is time to jump into a space we can’t quite see with our eyes, yet can only be eased by connecting to our Innocence and knowing of our Soul.

This is a time of transformation through death of the old in order to birth a new, expanded and conscious version of what has past and what is now possible. However, what the ego defines as death, our Soul identifies as restructuring or conversion. As we witness more of what appears as loss in our lives, we must prepare for the new that is about to enter. 

If you are not able to feel the birthing process behind what you perceive as losses, bring your attention into your heart space. Your heart is the doorway to your Soul, where you can access and feel the joy of what is and what will be.

Transformation Exercise:

This exercise can assist you when fears or doubts persist, preventing the transformation process from moving through you in a smoother manner…

Take 3 deep breaths; in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Close your eyes and open the door to your imagination.

See a path lined with beautiful flowers that grow in brilliance as you walk closer and closer into the magical space of your heart.

Begin to see a gate opening upon your arrival as a warm Light surrounds you. Allow your senses to embrace the sparkling, joyous Light that continues to grow, embracing you and all who now stand with you.

Release all walls, doubts and fears within yourself as they fall away and turn into more Light.

Feel your heart open and expand so you may feel the fullness of this experience.

Next, begin to feel golden extensions of your Soul’s essence and Light that are connected to your Soul Family who now surrounds you. Each member of your Family is now in their Divine Truth as they witness your Soul’s earthly work with enormous gratitude, love and appreciation. All you have encountered and endured has benefited not only your Soul Family, but all of Creation.

You are the Gift of Creation, you are the Way, and you are Heaven and Earths DeLight. Remember this truth as you walk through your day and enter your night. You have never been alone, but surrounded by your Divine Family who rejoice in the transformations taking place and the bridge you have created, uniting all that was once separated.

From this position, you are able to feel the benefits from the transformations you have encountered and the victorious rebirth from the successful reunification’s and healing.  You may also begin to sense the new world your Soul has chosen and how your life’s path contributed to the evolution of this New World and your Soul Family who reside with you there.

When you are ready take 3 deep breaths, as you bring your attention back into your entire body and into the room. Open your eyes.

Remember the truths you have felt during this inward journey so you may continue to expand upon them as you move forward in your physical life.

I wish for each of you to feel the abundant blessings that are upon you.

~Carolyn M Greenleaf

Pressures of…Change

Hold on!

Ok, we can’t run and we cannot hide from it any longer, change is here and it is not letting up. From one day to the next something else is changing or we feel as though we are on an erratic emotional ride.

In a nutshell, we are being transformed….

It is our goal, consciously or not to come into the true version of ourselves as we embody more and more of our Soul. As our Soul continues to move to the forefront in our lives, all that we have repressed is coming up with more force than before and this push will increase. It is time, it is time…get it together is the theme of the Universe.

If you are not with the program, you will feel an internal struggle as the ego façade with its repressed anger and fears try to break free. Let it happen! Your Soul’s frequency and brilliance is transforming your lower vibrating energies, but the mind get’s in the way. When a transformation is happening, you will feel a residual effect within your body as your cells change. Chances are you will also feel old emotional memories as they make for the exit too. Let them go!!! You will experience problems when you grab hold of these past issues and begin to examine them again. If you do this, you could relive or experience that issue again.  That is ego. The ego lives through the patterns formed by the past. Do not allow the ego to stand in the way of this transition that must take place. It is time to get out of the ego’s tidal wave and ride the waves with your Soul.

When you consciously connect to your Soul, you feel relief that turns into joy. Yes, joy. You can win this battle by flipping… inward. The ego’s reality is built upon what it perceives in your outer world. The ego is the Soul’s opposite and a way to experience a duality based reality. But that game is over. The days of living through the fallacy of separation are over; however the ego is scared and feels as though it is dying. Death only exists within the ego’s reality, not your Soul’s. Your Soul is an extension of your greater Spirit and is connected to All That Is. In your Divine Truth, nothing in Creation dies, but it does transform into a greater version through the knowledge gained from previous experiences. Problem is the ego does not understand this. The fact is, energy cannot be destroyed, and the ego is energy, so it cannot be eliminated, but it is in the process of transformation – changing its form. The egos energy is returning to its original form… Light.

Enjoy the Journey~


Carolyn Greenleaf

Spiritual Life Coach, Teacher & Author

*You will find more information about the Inner Child, Soul reconnection or to understand the way of the ego, in my book “Re-Entering Eden: Reclaiming our Wholeness and Divine Truth.” You will find the link if you hover over the title.

*I would be more than happy to help during your transition, ascension or life in general. Visit my website for more information.

Let It Go

As we move through these uncertain times, many also feel a battle within.  While we sense the excitement of our impending future, we are also feeling deep fears that are calling for resolution.  Old, unhealthy attachments are pulling our apron strings, demanding our attention and resolve.   Before we can fully step forward into a brighter future, we must cut our debilitating ties to our past. The unsettling feelings within the pit of our stomach signal an important time for decisions. It is time to step up to the plate and reevaluate the choices made, change what we must and release what is left.

When we hold onto the negative experiences of the past, we chain ourselves to the event, people and the time in which it occurred. This prevents us from forward growth in many ways as we continue to recycle the past we refuse to let go. These old issues continue to cause pain today because they have yet to be resolved and released. Many people hold their painful past very close, as if it is an old friend or an addictive habit.  The reasons vary for our tenacious hold, but one thing is certain, until we completely let go of these past issues, the richness of life will not be fully obtained; the barriers to a full realization of happiness cannot fall until we surrender them.

Every event has served to bring us to where we are today. We have grown our strength, courage, wisdom and tenacity. We have learned many things through both the good and bad experiences of our past. Whatever has happened, the past has been the impetus that presented the growth and opportunities we experience today.

I find it easiest to see all as a blessing, even though much of it has been in disguise. When we feel a sense of gratitude toward the inward growth experienced through each person and event in our past, we change positions. Empowering the self means reclaiming our power to choose; whether it is changing our mind and opting for a different path or response. Letting go of the victim costume and assuming full responsibility for life in the present moment means we are walking forward, not back.  It is time to stop looking in the rear view mirror and live with forward momentum, unimpeded.

How to let go:

  • Release your resistance
  • Surrender the past issues
  • Forgive all, including yourself
  • Allow yourself to move forward

I you feel stuck and unable to move forward, you may be resistant to what is really happening. Allow yourself to release your hold on whatever it is that keeps you imprisoned. Feel yourself come into a position of complete surrender as you release your grip on what you are unconsciously holding onto. Forgiveness further releases you from others and occurrences with grace. Next, see yourself walk through the open doors that are waiting for you.

When you let go, you are saying goodbye to the negativities of the past as you move forward with all the wonderful gifts you received along the way.  Your wondrous future is waiting…for you!

I do provide sessions for individuals in need of further assistance in order to reclaim personal wholeness. You will find more information about my services on my website listed below. I will also answer questions via e-mail.

Abundant blessings on your journey,


Carolyn M Greenleaf

Spiritual Life Coach & Author of “Re-Entering Eden”