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Sacred Solstice

The Winter Solstice represents the deep shift of our Soul, as we step through the Darkness and into a new cycle of Light. After 6 months of descending into the darkest night, a new cycle of ascending light of day is born…within us and our world.

During the sacred moments of Solstice, is an opportunity to face what you have run away from. It is the parts of self I am speaking about. Those parts of self you were taught to dislike and feel shame for are ready to be healed. Fear of these parts of self does not serve you – it harms you and keeps you in a continuing cycle of darkness and ignorance of what is real and precious.
When we are brave enough to face what frightens us, we transform the past as we also blossom and grow from within. Facing what we fear, frees us. In addition, reclaiming the parts of self who became lost within those fears unites us and makes us whole again. There has never been one part of who we truly are, we should have felt shame for.

One of the shameful biggies is front and center during the Solstice…

The Solstice is the changing of Natures Cycles and Seasons. This season reminds us of our own creative and magical power we have always held within. This is because; we will always find a merging of the Divine Masculine and Feminine or God and Goddess within the center of each cycle that is ending and beginning. This reflects the coming together of our masculine and feminine elements within us. This is a sacred, beautiful and sensual time of primal or pure Creation.

Throughout the ages, we have been taught to fear our own sexuality and the sensual feelings or energy that accompanies every creative thought we have. The bonfires that celebrate winter solstice remind us and reflect the fire of creations power – to change and create. The sexual union of pairs represents the reunion of our separated parts of self. These unions are meant to be honored as a sacred passage of rite – to respect the creative nature within all. These unions between pairs do not necessarily need to be between a male and female, because all have both within; masculine (God) and feminine (Goddess). This is a time to honor both of these equally powerful and important elements within Creation as well as within ourselves.

When we accept and honor the creative power within the union of our own masculine and feminine elements, we create amazing things!

The Dark energies also represent the dark womb of the feminine within each one of us. We house and nurture our ideas within our own feminine qualities (womb), so they may be born, strong, and healthy. Spring then represents the birthing of what we have cared for during the winter months. However, when we are conscious of the miracles that are happening within and around us, we stand in the center of pure joy, in all its elements and grow through all of joys stages of becoming.

I challenge each one of you – to see the darkness of night as the mystery that holds all of your potential joy within. When you do, the ascending light in your world will bless the growing creations waiting to come forth from out of the dark and transform the shadows within.

Abundant Blessings on this Joyous Holiday Season!

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

The Art of Receiving


The ability to receive is an innate talent we rarely use to its full potential. Receptivity is the capacity to accept all the wondrous joys and brilliance life has to offer. When we hone this gift, we see and experience our goals and dreams come to life because we open the door to receive them.

However, for most receiving is quite challenging at times, especially on a personal level. This is due to remnants of old beliefs that created feelings of unworthiness or justification, even obligation or fear. These destructive thoughts and uncomfortable sensations are part of the ego’s playground within the world we once knew. For many, surviving the past meant taking measures to protect their vulnerable hopes and hearts. The walls built and the locks put in place served to maintain our sacred treasures; however, they now keep us from enjoying the answers to our prayers. To fully receive requires us to take down our fortress and release our resistance, hidden within our unconscious fears. We must learn to trust again.

To briefly analyze the old quagmire we are talking about is to look at the energetic parents; giving is predominately our masculine energy and receiving is our feminine. There is a direct correlation to the ancient issues of mistrust and abuse our feminine energy endured. Our receptive principle suffered some hard blows during the dark ages of our past. But we now must allow the past to fade away and release all the inherited, residual fears that built up over time. This is how we reclaim our freedom. We each have masculine and feminine principles; we must once again honor the gift of both in order to enjoy the magic waiting for us.

As the year 2012 closed, we have entered a new cycle; one that nourishes and encourages us to reclaim our choice, our joy and every aspect of our hearts dreams. The Universe is holding us in a safe space where we can reacquaint ourselves with our abundant and loving truth – all we need to do is…accept. One of the most powerful keys to accepting is surrender. It is time to surrender all that is no longer our truth. We must let the boulders within the past go to feel the Flow of our receptive heart. Our river of gifts can only enter through the pathways we open.

Take some time to be alone, in a place where you feel safe. Play some music or tune into the sounds of nature – relax. Sit or lie down and allow yourself to melt into the chair, floor or the earth – just let yourself go. Next, form your conscious intention to release all that no longer serves your highest and greatest truths. Release the old boulders that block your receptive flow. See the gray mists of the past lift and leave you. Then, see the Sparkling Light that is left behind. This is your Brilliance – it is time you claim it.

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Believe in…YOU

Explore the beautiful path within…you

A repeating topic continues to surface each time I beseech an answer from my inward guidance. This topic is misplaced belief and the inherent responsibility and possibilities connected to that which we… believe.

As we continue to deal with the turmoil in our economy, family and other areas of our lives, the only thing we can be sure about is ourselves. We can believe the economy will turn around or plummet, yet it remains to be seen. Everything in our outer world is dependent upon many factors of which we have limited influence. Many cards were dealt and the game is still in play by individuals with questionable scruples and lessons yet learned. Many chips may still fall, yet if we are dependent upon these people or those influenced by the outcome, we could be sorely disappointed.

While the world progresses to reveal hidden truths, we have been subjected to the power plays that now rest upon our backs. The domino effect has reached the majority of the world’s population as many continue to suffer.

Nonetheless, instead of dwelling in anger or self-pity, we can do something about it. There is one character in this game of life we have complete control over…ourselves. We can begin by taking responsibility for turning a blind eye and letting others choose for us. It is time to shift the balance of power we have bestowed upon others and bring it back to ourselves. It is time to believe in us. If we believe in ourselves, the rest will come. The goals we have yet to reach are waiting for us to step up to the plate.

When we believe in ourselves, our creative muscles begin to think outside of the box, beyond the status quo. We cannot expect things to be as they were in the past – but we can expect them to be better, we can do better. We can bring our best selves to the table, and rise to each occasion with a renewed commitment.

This is different from the proverbial “looking out for number one.” What I am talking about goes much deeper and is centralized within our hearts and guided by our Soul’s. The genuine belief of self spreads equal benefit to everyone around us, while it also energizes our dreams.

Look at the different areas in your life to find where you are lacking self belief and change it:

  • Relationships – believe in your ability to be a great partner.
  • Career – believe in your talents and your unlimited potential.
  • Family – believe in your ability to see beyond disagreements and embrace your loved ones with compassion and understanding.
  • Self – believe in the wonderful things you know about yourself, your gifts, and talents yet to be revealed and the accomplishments in store.

This shift in belief has a greater domino effect than the problems we experience today. It is time to be fully responsible for our choices and accept the power within ourselves that can change the world through our example of what is possible.

Belief is the blueprint of unending possibilities. Confidence opens doors and earns respect. Diligence makes things happen.

Have a wonderful week as you believe the greatness within you,

Carolyn Greenleaf

Re-Entering Eden

A reunion with ones true self requires the embodiment of the Soul where conscious wisdom empowers the self and influences choice once again. This book begins in the paradise where humanities roots formed to reveal unknown secrets that led to their fall from grace, and clues that guide them back to their original truths, opening the gate to reclaim their innocence and divine power.

This book accomplishes two things; it is a tool for self-discovery and healing, in addition to providing spiritual seekers with new information regarding Lilith’s relationship with Adam and humanity. Revealed knowledge is included which demonstrates how the separation of Lilith and Adam established the experience of duality, and the energetic pattern within the word Eden that foretells the path humanity would take to reclaim their truth and freedom.

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