Challenging Vibrations of Change

By Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Change – a scary word to the ego, but an exciting adventure for the Soul. The journey of lasting change requires an internal restructuring through unearthing and releasing what no longer fits your broadening goals.  Change also entails an expansion of the mind in order to accept your grand plans, which reside within your heart.

The Universe will always obey the yearnings of your heart, as it is the pathway to your soul’s expansion, and ultimately leads to expansion for All. Your internal yearnings instigate and correlate with the shifting frequencies that are in unison with the growing nature of Creation. However, the ups and downs your physical, emotional and mental aspects of self experience can be concerning if you do not understand that these occurrences move you forward in amazing ways.

Down Times & Clearing Energies

Many of you have been experiencing difficulties within yourselves during these down times; they take you face to face with needed change. Some may feel heaviness, as if you are carrying a great weight on your shoulders. The feeling of being old and ancient may be experienced. Some feel very tired, ungrounded and experience brain fog. Body aches, old injuries flare up, emotional baggage and flash backs from the past can be experienced.

Some also feel moments of clarity, lightness and an unseen joy that pops in here and there. A roller coaster of physical, emotional and review of a plethora of past experiences is actually normal, considering the growth that is happening to each one of us.

All these increased physical, emotional and mental ups and downs happen during times of heightened frequency shifts, orchestrated in part by your internal guidance or intelligence. This happens in conjunction with what is occurring in the cosmos.


Our lives hum along when we honor the sheet music of our Soul. This equates to our unique vibration that adds its own brilliance to the Universal Orchestra. Each one of us is part of this grand sheet music that constantly sings to our heart and calls us Home – to our Authentic Truths. To help us remember these truths, our untruths; fears, pains and residual traumas must be healed and cleared.

The planets, stars and wondrous phenomenon’s in our sky help us by moving in and out of harmony. There are moments or longer stretches of days, weeks or months when we experience an external disharmony that irritates deep unresolved traumas or erroneous beliefs, so that we may recognize their presence within ourselves. We cannot fully return to our harmonious and powerful state of Being until we resolve what blocks our way forward.

As uncomfortable as these misaligned position of planets in our cosmos is, they serve us greatly. Then, when these heavenly bodies continue their sojourn, harmony and respite follows.    Now, inspiring ideas and answers are able to make their way to our consciousness – due to the release of misaligned energies within (physical, emotional and mental).

Resolution Tips

When you are experiencing negative sensations or emotions physically, emotionally or mentally, it’s important to get to the other side of the misalignment that’s been triggered within you.

Imagine – a new sprout pushing its way from under the ground. This sprout is the result of a seed, idea or dream you planted at some point in your life. The sprout had to break through the shell that was weakened by the nourishing rains and decomposing debris of the past.   This sprout continues to push its way up, to claim its rightful spot in the Sun to manifest its full capacity in the physical world.

The journey of the sprout is difficult, as it must overcome the debris in its way. However, if the little sprout gave up because of the stones and debris it must contend with, it would never reach the surface. The sprout also has to trust its instincts, as the way is dark beneath the earth.

When you are moving through difficulties, imagine yourself as the sprout.

  • Focus on the growth and ultimate fruition the Universe is preparing you for.
  • Be grateful for all the wonderful things and experiences that have already happened.
  • Focus on the excitement and passion of what is coming.

Believe me, when you surrender the debris of the past and the misalignments within your own thinking, you will feel something very special emerging within and experience a clearing of your path toward what you have wished for.

Continuing Your Journey

These big internal shifts happen each time the Universal frequencies increase the vibration of your Souls chosen reality. After one level of clearing frequencies is over and we adjust, there will eventually be another to trigger the resolution of more internal lower vibrations.

It is a continuing process to review, heal and clear your unconscious thoughts, beliefs and traumas that stunt your ability to reach your greatest potential. Why? You are here on this planet during this amazing time of evolutionary change. Only a great Soul would take on the challenges you have encountered. Believe in yourself – the Universe does, why don’t you?