Change – Blog Series

This inspired blog & video series focuses upon the positive changes many are seeking in their personal lives as well as their world.

As many in the spiritual and metaphysical fields know, the only way for true and lasting change to take place is to change what is wrong inside us. Many have heard the term: “our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.” This is the deepest, most profound, yet scariest truth that will heal us and set us free. However, to claim this freedom, we must take full responsibility for our choices.

For most, this is not only scary proposition, but doesn’t seem to make sense, given our history. With this in mind, I ask you to consider:

  • Perhaps it is our past that is keeping us in a place of dis-empowerment.
  • Perhaps our past continues to haunt us, because it must be seen, so we can change it.
  • Perhaps by changing our reactions toward our past we can heal and move forward.
  • Perhaps by changing our relationship toward our past we can access its true wisdom.
  • Perhaps we can finally see the reasons that drive our pain, liberation and our ultimate growth.

I do believe we choose and continue to choose our experience, whether consciously or not. I believe that we have always had a choice. I believe most have been afraid to choose. I believe it has been more convenient to remain in our suppressed status quo, than to grow and reinvent ourselves and our lives. I believe we have been blind for so long, that we have forgotten who we really are and the true power we possess. I believe we can change all of it. I believe we can create a joyous life and an amazing world in-which to live upon.

Within this series, I will attempt to shed some light upon the places within the self that have been in the dark for far too long. I will also suggest some positive changes and objective views that can help us to reconsider our feelings toward what we see as negative or destructive. I believe that when we stop seeing the world, situations and certain people in our lives as enemies, but instead as teachers,  we begin to grow into our true power.

I believe we can create a better world, together.

Below, I will list a brief description of each blog in this series. The accompanying video link and blog links are also provided.

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Embracing Duality – Blog 1

We have entered a new era where our differences must be celebrated. Many elements of our past had distorted the true meaning of our differences. Our own ego began to judge these different qualities, beliefs and appearances as right or wrong, worthy or not. This must change if we are to experience a peaceful, happy and abundant world.

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Responsibility of Change – Blog 2

Within a dualistic reality, we have the opportunity to experience much diversity, leading to tremendous internal and external growth. However, humanity has experienced the negative side of this dualistic opportunity for far too long. Our history has developed a very divisive reality in many cases. This divisiveness often blossoms into corruption in all its forms.

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Positive Action – Blog 3

It’s time to transform the way our ego believes change happens. Complaining about and focusing on the corruption in our world does nothing to change it. We remain the same. However, when we awaken by educating ourselves and create better solutions for our future, positive change can actually take form. By focusing our attention, energies and positive emotions toward positive change – real and lasting change will enter our lives.

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