Change Blog/Video 3 – Positive Action

It’s time to transform the way our ego believes change happens. Complaining about and focusing on the corruption in our world does nothing to change it. We remain the same. However, when we awaken by educating ourselves and create better solutions for our future, positive change can actually take form. By focusing our attention, energies and positive emotions toward positive change – real and lasting change will enter our lives.

As we become aware of our internal faults, we can see where and how we are defeating ourselves. In addition, we must also open our eyes to the corruption in our outer world – responsibly. Not with anger, but with a broader understanding, compassion, desire and a decision to change.

The understanding and compassion I am speaking about comes to us when we tap into our Souls Wisdom in regards to the purpose of the greed and corruption we experience. These negative situations in our lives are designed to push us to take back our power – responsibly with wisdom. The difficulties in our past and present are the obstacles we need to overcome – not by the same means as those we believe imprisoned us, but by the growth we have earned.

We as a people have grown in numerous ways. It is no longer necessary to learn about power through negative means. It is time for us to utilize the knowledge and wisdom corruption has given us. By doing so, we take back our power and accept responsibility for every aspect of our lives.

Every time we see or experience a negative situation that is harmful to ourselves or others – we must first take personal responsibility and ask ourselves “what is it within me that created this situation?” Then, we must go within the wisdom of our heart and mind and ask “what do I need to do to change this?””How am I (unconsciously or consciously) supporting or attracting this behavior?”  This change must be in the form of personal understanding and growth, plus a willingness to see what we have been afraid to witness. Then, it is time to take action.

Mirror, Mirror…

We need to look at the physical manifestation of the negativity and corruption in our outer world and ask ourselves, “What can I do to change my habits, thoughts and support of what I don’t want in my life?”

For instance, Let’s take a look at the safety and optimal quality of our food and water.

Educate yourself:

  • Do the suppliers of my food practice my internal values? Do these companies treat their employees with respect and kindness? How do they prepare this nourishment I am considering?
    • Do not believe testing paid for by the same companies you are investigating or those connected to them by special interest.
      • The information is out there – much of it has been suppressed.
      • Do not get angry – special interests groups are reflecting the ego within you, but on a much bigger scale.


  • Buy from and rally behind businesses who share your same sense of responsibility – for instance, organic and local producers and farmers.
  • Stop buying from food sources that treat their product and people in inhuman, irresponsible ways.


  • Tell your friends about your discoveries, while focusing on the healthier and positive solutions. Just as deeper truths are exposed to you through your outer world’s reflections – do the same for those who are not aligned with what is healthy and positive. This informs others, while holding the perpetrators accountable and gives them a chance to change their ways and change the course of their future.

Group Gatherings & Voices

Sharing our positive discoveries is great! However, it is important to be mindful so that anger or negative behavior does not pollute the positive message and momentum.

For instance:

  • Marches & Campaigns should be peaceful and shouldn’t be against something or someone; instead, they should be in support of something – positive principles – a focus on the desired outcome.
    • Ex: March for equality, peace, love, health and the right to experience the freedom to choose the best quality of life. Positive solutions without judgment or attacks against someone or something.
  • Protests – the energy or sense behind protests is a complaint against something. This is only feeding what you do not what.

Transformative Ally

Remember, bullies and bad guys exist because we are not standing in our true power. Negative people and situations are brought to us to help us realize how strong and brilliant we really are. There have never been any true enemies, only individuals we attracted into our lives who could create the negative situations we needed – to grow.

I have found it helpful to grow my appreciation and gratitude toward those who have provided me with some very harsh lessons. They helped me to realize and step into my strength and mastery. After all, we are One.

In Closing…

We are in the center of tremendous change through the turmoil that seems to be all around us. Remember, this turmoil is the fuel we need to move us in a better direction. Let’s not waste this opportunity on pettiness and drudging up the past angers and differences. Let’s hold ourselves accountable, unite with our neighbors, share our dreams and ideas and create a beautiful world – together.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Resources & Information

Woody Harrelson – Support Clean foods and Responsible Business:

Have you ever considered that your spending has the power to change the world for the better – however small your purchase? Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson has a message for the world.”

Mr. Harrelson has a great message for everyone in this short You Tube video.


Leonardo DiCaprio – is also an environmental activist and U.N. Messenger of Peace:

Mr. DiCaprio’s research is now a movie called “Before the Flood”

Before the Flood presents a riveting account of the dramatic changes occurring around the world due to climate change, as well as the actions we as individuals and as a society can take to prevent catastrophic disruption of life on our planet.” (movie trailer)

I encourage you to visit the website to learn more about the discoveries made, including solutions that are available.