Change – Video/Blog 1 ~ Embracing Duality

Change ~ Transforming our World from the Inside Out

As we enter a new cycle in 2017, I have been inspired to begin a blog & video series that will focus upon positive change. As many in the spiritual and metaphysical world know, the only way for true and lasting change to take place is by change what is wrong inside us. Many of you may have heard the term: “our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.” This is the deepest, most profound, yet the scariest truth that will set us free. The only reason it is scary is because there is a misinformed part of us who is afraid of the power we truly hold.

With this series, I will attempt to shed some light upon the places within that have been in the dark for far too long. . .



We have entered a new era where our differences must be celebrated. Many elements of our past had distorted the true meaning of our differences. Our own ego began to judge these different qualities, beliefs and appearances as right or wrong, worthy or not. This must change if we are to experience a peaceful, happy and abundant world.

It is time to celebrate and honor our differences. We must come together and begin to learn from one another. This is a time to rise and inspire the world through our presence; our innermost, precious truth. It is time to claim our magic, by living life deeply, without fear of judgment. We must slow down to embrace each moment, for that is where change is possible.


Everything in our world is a teacher. Our outer world is full of symbolism that can provide us with a great deal of knowledge and wisdom. About 15 years ago, one of these teachers or symbols got my attention. It was the Orca. These creatures have always captured my attention with their beauty and song. One day, I finally decided to pay attention to the Orca who seemed to keep showing up in my life, through my shamanic journeys and appearance in various pictures I began to see.

Orca Wisdom


If you look at the orca, the most obvious thing about them is their colors; black and white. When I began to honor this creature as a Teacher, their wisdom began to open within me.  The Orca is a powerful symbol of duality. It is known as a powerful and ferocious killer whale, yet also for its graceful beauty, and if you are in tune with their Spiritual Essence; these Teachers are powerful healers who hold a great deal wisdom.

For now, I will share a simple truth. The Orca is a reflection of both our dualistic nature and our ability to unite our internal differences, which in turn unites our external differences.

Firstly, when we stop running away from what we think is wrong about ourselves, to notice it is only a ghost we created from our past in which we are running from. Secondly, we must take responsibility by reexamining what we began to fear within, and heal those experiences. Thirdly, we mustn’t judge our experiences or ourselves as good or bad. We must see them as situations that forced us to reclaim our power by stepping our innermost truth. All of this is designed to enhance our wisdom and evolve into who we have the capacity to be.

When we begin to unite our own dualistic nature – we become whole.  Through a nonjudgmental and healing practice through loving all of who we are, we transform old wounds and unite from the inside out.

When we stop fearing what is within us, we stop fearing our outer world. When we heal our internal divisions, new realizations and solutions surface in our mind through our glad heart. We also begin to address ourselves and outer world with understanding, compassion and inspiration. We also begin to see every person, thing and situation in our lives just as fascinating as we find ourselves to be. This in turn sets the stage for true communication and cooperative solutions or new creations.

Join Me

In invite you to join me as we continue this ride of change through realizing deeper truths and finding wise solutions to the condition of our lives and world.

We stand poised to create a world of great abundance, joy and growth for all. However, we must first accept this challenge – to notice what part we play in our own misfortunes and take responsibility for the changes and healing that must take place within. It’s time to get Real.

P.S. To understand the dualistic nature within ourselves, please refer to my book: Re-Entering Eden; Reclaiming our Wholeness & Divine Truth


Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf