Empowerment Classes

Empowerment classes and workshops are available for those who wish to understand the way in which you create your life and the vibrational or energetic components you are working with in doing so.

These valuable classes and workshops will help you to create a better relationship with yourself, which is the key to successful relationships with others, careers and health.

If you would like to host a class, please contact us: carolyn@greenleafhealing.com

Facing Your Fears

inspiration 2 blog hop child's bear (google images) (3) - CopyThis class is about the fears that prevent your forward movement and the consequences of these fears. You will learn how you developed most of your fears, where they come from, what happens when you give into these fears and how you can resolve them while you reclaim the lost pieces of yourself. These lost pieces are the denied facets of you that became shrouded within your confusion, anger and fear.

Carolyn will address the disown aspects of yourself from childhood into adulthood, help you recognize these aspects and teach you how to heal them. As you choose to move forward in your life, these aspects of self must be healed in order for you to achieve your ultimate goals. These aspects get your attention with negative feelings such as fear, lack of confidence, shame, etc. – they are issues from the past that must be resolved and healed.

Until we are whole, we cannot experience the joy, peace and abundance we are seeking.

This class, Facing Your Fears is now available via video! You will also receive notes to download, plus you can email Carolyn any questions you have about this class or a fear you are dealing with.

Who are You?

Class -Who are YouDuring these times of change and turmoil, many are questioning the direction of their lives. This class is designed to help you on your Soul-searching quest. Carolyn will teach you how to start looking at the clues your Soul has placed in your life, beginning with your entrance here…your name. The energy within your name gives you clues as to who you are; not just as a physical being, but also…your Souls identity and your main purpose in this physical life.

Your names hold encoded information that will begin to unlock the mystery, wonder and beauty of yourself. You will learn how to tap into this knowledge through a variety of means, including basic numerology, Cabala, understanding the direction of Creations flow and how to tune into other messages within your name. We will work with first names, then middle and last names if time permits.

The closer we look into the energy of our names, the more we understand ourselves.


What’s in a Name?

Class - What's in a NameThis class is about the connection between our last name, Family karma and our Soul families, and why it’s important to heal the past as well as ourselves.


  • How this reality is connected to the karmic cycles of humanity and how they are healing.
  • We will also begin to unlock the energetic messages within our family name to learn more about ourselves and what we are meant to heal within our family and Soul group. 
  • We will also look at how our family lineage is connected to the greater workings within the Universe and our Way Home to our Soul families and our greater Selves.

*This is considered part 2 of “Who are You?” However, the first class is not a prerequisite, because “What’s in a Name” stands on its own.


Symbols from the Soul

Class - Symbols from the SoulIn this class, you will learn how to tap into the knowledge within the symbolism’s your Soul uses to communicate through.

We will discuss what is within your everyday life that is trying to get your attention, and why your Soul placed them around you. I will then teach you how to look at these symbols from the view of your Soul, which then leads you to their intended insights.

Our world is filled with valuable information; it is up to us to decipher their hidden meanings.


Listen to your Body Wisdom

Class - Ego & SoulGet in touch with whom you are. Focused attention to what your body is conveying, brings conscious awareness to who you are and the knowledge you hold within. You will be guided through a variety of exercises that will help you access the knowledge your body holds.

Having difficulty with relationships, physical ailments, decision making? Learn how to interpret your emotional and physical feelings and sensations into knowledge that can be use to resolve your issues and create peaceful resolutions.




Releasing Unhealthy Connections

sunlight-264768_640PixabayWhen we live through the ego, we feel a need to reach outside of the self to connect to others through unhealthy attachments. In most cases, this is an unconscious habit formed since birth.

Furthermore, as we reunite with our denied aspects while we have these unhealthy cords, our confusion increases. When the old wounds of our denied aspects surface during the transform process…we are feeling the residuals from those whom we share an unhealthy cord.

You will be guided through exercises that will help you release these unhealthy connections from the people and experiences within your life. You will also learn how to feel your natural & healthy Soul-to-Soul connection to those who surround you.


Evolving Cycles: Transforming the Past & Birthing the New

Class - Pulling ourselves together

Each time we choose a different reality, whether it is a new job, relationship or way of life, many things begin to happen as we release the old while forming the new. We will discuss how this takes place on the different levels of Creation. You will also learn how to move through the transformational stages more quickly and with grace.


Universal Laws of Creation

Class - Universal LawsOne of the things always working in the background to teach and awaken us, are the Universal Laws of Energy or Creation.

We will discuss the 12 major Energetic Laws in which we create our lives. This class will increase your understanding and awareness so you can best utilize the forces of your own nature.


Creating an Abundant Life

Empowered SoulsAbundance comes in many forms, yet always follows the same path…

In this class, you will learn how your thoughts and beliefs either undermine or energize your goals.

We will discuss ways in which we can form new habits and change our unconscious sense of lack into generating abundance in every area of our life.  Included in this class:

  • How to use your own Masculine and Feminine energies of giving and receiving to facilitate your goals
  • Engaging the creativity & passion of your inner and Divine Child
  •  Multidimensional layers our creations move through
  • Utilizing the Universal Laws of Energy


Opening Your Gifts

article-page-main_ehow_images_a07_ql_8c_artistic-client-gifts-800x800At this moment, all we have worked for and dreamed of is ours. The work of the past is done and it is now time to understand the new world that awaits our recognition.

Even though our eyes and mind perceives an old reality, we in fact are not there. Our mind is not able to grasp our new reality…yet. We are now united with the true world our heart and Soul exist within. It is up to us to accept the wonderful opportunity that we have been blessed with. This class will help you to release the old remnants you still see and leap into your Souls reality.

In this class, we will discuss the Now Moment that we exist within and how to bring this sense into your physical reality. You will also learn how to open and access your Gifts that are ready to be received.

These Gifts include:

  • Material things that have already manifested
  • Relationships ready to begin or renew (on all levels
  • Forgotten dreams that are opening their doors now
  • New or revitalized careers






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