Facing Your Fears – Class

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This class is about the fears that prevent your forward movement and the consequences of these fears. You will learn how you developed most of your fears, where they come from, what happens when you give into these fears and how you can resolve them while you reclaim the lost pieces of yourself. These lost pieces are the denied facets of you that became shrouded within your confusion, anger and fear.

Carolyn will address the disown aspects of yourself from childhood into adulthood, help you recognize these aspects and teach you how to heal them. As you choose to move forward in your life, these aspects of self must be healed in order for you to achieve your ultimate goals. These aspects get your attention with negative feelings such as fear, lack of confidence, shame, etc. – they are issues from the past that must be resolved and healed.

Until we are whole, we cannot experience the joy, peace and abundance we are seeking.

The cost of this class is $26.00

  • If you are attending this class in person, you may pay when you arrive.
  • If you are choosing to take this class via website, you will need to purchase this class prior to receiving your video link and notes.

This class download includes:

  • Video (43:20 min)
  • Guided Healing Exercise
  • Class Notes (9 pages)
  • Email support – Carolyn Greenleaf will answer any questions you have about this class or a fear you are dealing with.

Class - Facing Your Fears $26.00

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