Daily Mediations


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday @ 9-9:30 am. (Thursday is Meditation Class @ 9-10 am. Information Link)

These meditations are designed to help individuals achieve a greater sense of focus, balance and a deep sense of presence.

By cultivating the habit of meditation, one experiences a deepening sense of peace, awareness and enhanced ability to solve problems from a balanced prospective.

There will be 5 minutes discussions prior and  after 20 minutes of meditation, which will include:

  • Focus
  • Reclaiming personal, scattered energy
  • Centering self
  • Presence
  • Awareness
  • Deepening connection to self/Self

Carolyn Greenleaf will guide each meditation, while providing energetic support to enhance the groups’ process and focus. Visualizations are used to promote focus and reach the deep seat of the Heart, from which the doorway to unlimited possibilities may open. From within the Heart, participants will be in the position to experience the knowledge, wisdom and deep connection with their innermost self ~ the Soul.


  • $5.00 per day ~ or ~
  • Package of 10 Meditations $30.00 ($3 each)
  • No cost for Clients of Greenleaf Healing

* Beginners must arrive 20 minutes prior to receive instruction. There is an additional cost of $4 for the extra time.

All members must inform Carolyn via phone or text prior to each attendance.

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