December 2014 – Greenleaf Happenings ~ Changing Form

ascensionWe have come a very long way in this life experience. Long ago, each one of us agreed to heal every aspect of our existence while we would become the Guidance humanity seeks. Many who walk this earth are ancient Masters with multiple life experiences that have birthed new cultures and realities and with that, came tremendous responsibility.  It has always been the Master Teachers who shoulder the most difficult tasks. However, one of these tasks is to teach all who follow them…responsibility. The need for release is one of the most important challenges we all face. One of these releases is the reliance upon another for the answers that are within the self. The days of power plays and manipulation are over. There are no more victims where we reside.  Yet there is only one place where it is true…within the ego mind.


Within the previous months, many of you may have felt…different. Those that have allowed the multiple layers of release through conscious surrendering are feeling a subtle shifting take place within the mind, body and Soul. We are changing form.  We have been moving very deeply into the Fifth Dimension. This is felt as a soothing and welcoming essence that surrounds us as we feel…at Home. Many Lightworkers (teachers and guides that assist humanity’s awakening) know this place well, because it is where we began this current life experience – in the 5th. Especially those of the Angelic Realms, you have been feeling “grounded” because you are coming closer to where you can feel your roots again.

Within the 5th dimension, we are embodying a much higher frequency as we return to the fluidity of our origin. We are changing our form… into our Souls Flowing Nature.  This is the realm of the Soul. This is where everything feels “easier” because we are not alone anymore; we are feeling the support of Creation. This is where we feel our connection to all things – our Oneness.

Our Souls are helping us become open and empty so we may become a channel for our Spirit to work and live through. This is what the 5th dimension is about – the embodiment of the Soul. The ego’s fear, greed or manipulation cannot exist here.

This is why most of our latest releases have revolved around surrendering our rigid thought forms and thinking processes. It is our minds old containers that slow our forward movement, our deep realizations of where we really are.  Life altering events are happening to help us shake our minds rigid concepts and limiting unconscious beliefs so we may finally experience our available reality.

Even though we appear to have difficult events in our life, we “feel” it’s going to be ok. We are feeling our Spirits Embrace. This is a different kind of strength, and wholly different power that is beyond words. It is in the “letting go” that we can now feel in control, because we are allowing our Soul to take charge.

Many are being pushed hard and feel themselves being squeezed beyond what they feel they can endure or overcome. This is a time of complete surrender, through deepening levels of release as lives continue to transform.

Humanity can still experience the 3rd and 4th dimensional ways of being, but they will not feel the support of Creation. These individuals will continue to have rude awakenings, until they too…surrender.

New Beginnings

This year, December 2014 is a 10 month numerically (12 + 2014/7 = 10). This means we are walking into new cycles, as the end of this year also represents a new beginning.  Ironically, as we embrace the knowing of our Soul, we understand this is the way of Creation – beginnings and endings embrace one another, as they evolve into a new state of Being… together.

This is an exciting time. Even if you are experiencing great difficulties in your life, you have a choice. Choose to surrender what “was” and focus upon the excitement felt throughout every aspect of Creation. There is a big party going on, a celebration of the indomitable Human Spirit coming into their Own!



Ascension Classes

The start of these classes has been postponed until January 15, 2015.

Support and Education for your Awakening Process

These ascension classes are designed to provide information, education and support for your journey through the changing reality of your life. Whether you are aware of it or not, your life is being transformed in an effort to bring you Home. Information Link.


Mediation Class Video

I have had requests from individuals who are too far away to attend my weekly meditation classes, so I decided to create a class video so they too can begin to receive the benefits of the heart based method I use in my Meditation program. This is still in the works and I hope to have it ready this month. Informational Link.

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In Closing…

This is a special time of year, an opportunity to rekindle your inner child and embrace the innocence within yourselves and those who surround you. Allow the joy of this holiday season to wrap you within the bliss of Creations Loving and Passionate Heart.

The greatest gift you can give to yourself is… Surrender. Allow yourself to feel your joyous truth and the life that awaits your recognition.

Abundant Blessings of Peace, Joy & Love,


Carolyn M. Greenleaf