Demolitions & Pixy Dust

fireworks-102971_640 pixabayHow many of you are experiencing a “shake-down” in your lives? Take a look at the uncomfortable situations you are finding yourselves – they are your clues. As your Soul anchors firmly into your life there will be clashes & resistance from the familiar and rigid beliefs your mind and ego have thrived on for many, many years. You can relate this to the discomfort you feel when you change an ingrained habit or addiction. In fact any “change” is uncomfortable, because it’s unfamiliar and let’s admit . . . kinda scary too.

For example, areas of your life on “shake-down” are situations where you’ve played “small,” or allowed others to take advantage of you. Realizations for deserved & fair treatment, a need to stand up for yourself, such as pay rises or claiming your worth. Increasing discomfort in all that no longer “fits” your physical life’s potential and growing possibilities are increasing the pressure and regurgitating these old concepts that are foreign to your Soul. A demolition is taking place in messy yet wondrous ways! The wonderful part about this is that you are in a position of accumulated growth. Connecting to your inner child will help you understand that when you look beyond the debris and witness the transformation of your past into magical pixy dust, you will feel the exciting momentum of your expanded and prosperous futures arrival.

When you keep your eyes on your prize and allow the excitement in your heart to propel you forward, your transformation process becomes a joyous event. Choose to dance in the infinite possibilities that are birthing new ways and doorways to usher in the dreams you’ve been working toward.  The transformation process is a powerful, exciting & sacred transition when viewed through the eyes of your Soul. However, your ego selves fear this unknown progression into a future it can’t quite comprehend. It’s OK. Fear means you’re onto something. In regards to forward movement, uneasy feelings inform you that you’ve reached a wall that is ready to come down. Each brick that falls creates an opening for you to move forward. Every new step contains the wisdom cultivated by this transformation process – brick by brick. The future you’ve felt and envisioned is beckoning you to manifest what you’ve held in your heart. It is you who must create your physical reality. It is calling, will you answer?

You are meant for great things. You are the only one who can step forward and say “Yes!” It is time to say “this is who I really am and I have much to offer.” Don’t waste your precious moments dwelling in the past – it’s time to step forward, realize your worth & let your brilliance shine through.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M Greenleaf