Doorways into the Future

By Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Do you feel them? They’re everywhere. They are in the spaces between and within….everything. Energy. This mutable substance of creation within our seen and unseen world surrounds us, and is obedience to us in every way. We are always in a state of creation – with our thoughts, emotions, actions, beliefs and desires that create our future and the doorways we move through.

Back to the Future

There have been many changes within our reality due to internal awakenings – remembrances of something beyond our known world.  Deep realizations have been surfacing, driving everyone to question….everything. This awakening has also caused many disturbances within the senses. More people have become increasingly sensitive to the stimulus surrounding them. This in turn enhances everyone’s ability to discern. This also means, we can tell if we are not on our best path.

There are times when all of a sudden, we feel a tremendous amount of inspiration arising from within. These moments, days, or weeks of high frequency or vibration, are very positive forms of energy that is intended to open our heart and mind. Simultaneously, this rising frequency also connects us to what our Heart and Soul is guiding us toward. This is when we feel the energetic doorways or connections to what is forming for us.

Many individuals have a desire to change careers, or enhance their current one. Some wish for a healthier relationship with their partners, family or friends. Others are looking for better alternatives to the health care available for themselves or others. All these desires and many more are a call to Creation, as we are connected to All that Is… possible.

Throughout our lives, we have wished or dreamed of many things. These heartfelt desires began to form their possibility of existence. As we evolve, through making conscious choices that resolve and heal our past, our empowering alternatives raise our vibration closer to the dreams and their doorways that began to formulate years ago.

The law of attraction kicks is attuned to our desire for change. Inspiring ideas and momentum begin to fill us during times of energetic openings into our dreams and evolved possibility of being. These openings happen during many of our Eclipses, Moon Phases, Equinox’s, Solstices, astrological alignments, birthdays and more. Some of these openings are universal, some are personal.

Utilize these Energies

Ok, you feel these intense sensations, uplifting energies and inspiring ideas, now what? Now we figure out how to work with the dynamics of these energies.

Everyone has heard the term “go with the Flow.” This means, Creation Energy, including the Real You or Soul does not follow a straight line. True Creation Energy ebbs and flows, moves and rests, destroys and builds in order to transform, expand and grow.

When we are experiencing an arcing or heightening energy, these sensations and feelings typically will wane. Then a time of clearing, rest and reevaluation follows. The waning period usually lasts longer, because of the work that must be done. Part of this work includes clearing or resolving the negative or negating energies; beliefs, thoughts or unresolved traumas that surface. Higher frequencies always draw up lower vibrating energies or formations that are part of your energetic bodies, which include your physical, etheric, mental or emotional states. It is likened to moths attracted to a light. As you assimilate the higher frequencies into your energetic bodies, the old, lower vibrating energies are ready to be transformed and cleared, making room for your new higher vibrating reality.

Much of what is drawn up can be quite painful as the past moves through each of your energetic bodies. Why does it hurt? Because you are finishing the healing and release process that was not completed in the past. To get to the other side of what haunts you, you must move through it. Furthermore, your attention is needed, to help you understand what has been blocking your way toward your intended goals. How can you heal what you don’t know exists?

Shift your perception regarding the difficult internal energies you must face by seeing them as your allies instead of your enemies. Be grateful that your unconscious blocks and wounds are in a state of resolution! Embrace it rather than run from it.

Always savior and remember the fact that the wonderful ideas, information, heightened sensations are actually possibilities that exist, and in the process of moving into your physical reality.

Remember, we are all the process of evolving and forming the beautiful doorways that will take us to what our heart dreams into existence. We must attune ourselves to the wisdom and ways of the Universe and surrender to Creations ebbs and flows.

Appreciate your courageous soul that has chosen this powerful experience! Within this time and space all are in the process of awakening, becoming the conscious creators of the doorways you feel. Your freedom from your old tethers is at hand. Will you walk through your own fires of transformation so you may taste the freedom that lies on the other side of your doorways?

A wondrous and exciting life awaits you! “The second star to the right shines in the night for you; to tell you that the dreams you plan really can come true.” ~J. M. Barrie aka Peter Pan


Abundant Blessings on your journey!

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Transformational Coach, Teacher, Speaker & Author