Embrace your Turmoil

1295719681_160114387_1-Pictures-of--SMARANSHAKTI-KI-PATHSHALADo you ever feel . . . stuck? Do you experience negative situations that never seem to end?

Each of us has dealt with challenging experiences in our lives that reoccur with varying levels of intensity. Specific issues seem to follow us throughout our lives, continuing to haunt us until we resolve and transform each one of them.

Most of the Souls that incarnated into this physical reality have chosen to experience various cycles of turmoil in order to increase levels of mastery and expand future possibilities.  Cycles of lack are very popular. This is because lack produces deepening levels of strength, compassion, creativity and appreciation. Diverse forms of lack include financial poverty, loveless relationships, unfriendly surroundings or people, even an impoverish society or land, just to name a few.

We are meant for great things. But to reach this pinnacle we must move forward by converting the blockades set upon our path into the stepping stones of our future. These difficult situations are part of our evolutionary and transformational process, designed to push us – to heal, grow and prepare us to expand into our latent capabilities. When we step into our ability to move mountains, we begin to experience the new world we’ve been waiting for. The arrival of our desired goals and dazzling futures is dependent upon our courage to be who we came here to be. We must own our power.

“What you fight strengthens.” Eckhart Tolle

When we dwell within the fears that rise as a result of our negative situations, we solidify our position. If we hold onto anger toward what we believe is an injustice against us, our pain will increase and lengthen its duration.

As we buy into the fear at the root of our major issues, we tend to fight the resolution waiting on the other side. These negative issues continue because we refuse to see past our fear, creating a resistance that prevents our freedom. An example of this would be, focusing on physical pain we may be experiencing – when we tense up, our entire body is focused upon this terrible feeling – essentially we cling to the pain, increasing its intensity, thereby preventing its release.

Have you ever gone to bed with a painful injury and experienced a deep restful sleep; then while waking, you notice the pain is gone . . . until you are fully wake? When your mind and body fully relaxes into a peaceful sleep, you allow a natural healing process to take place. However, if you remember you have a painful injury upon waking fully, the pain returns; because you recreate the pain when you believe you are suppose to feel it and focus on it. In other words, you pick up your old script again.

All forms of negativity will continue to follow us like a hunter stalking their prey, until we chose a peaceful resolution or simply let it go. We cannot get away from the reflection in the mirror.  In actuality, the negativities or injustices we experience are an external manifestation created from an internal negativity and injustice toward ourselves.

 “What you resist persists” Carl Jung

The difficult cycles within our lives are connected to our Shadow Selves. These are aspects of self we’ve denied or tried to separate from ourselves. I interpret these Shadows as distorted beliefs of self who have taken on a life of their own, experiencing an illusion based upon separation from our Divine & Whole Truth. In order for our Shadow to have a role to play, a reality is created through the expression of this Shadow. Hence, we create a reality that exists within a painful cycle while this aspect of ourselves feels unworthy in some way. The solution is simple, yet difficult for most – love this part of self we have yet to fully understand by embracing this hidden and valuable aspect of who we are.

When we give ourselves the compassion we seek from others, our heart begins to open. When we give ourselves the unconditional love and acceptance we seek, we discover another piece of our hidden value, allowing our life to transform and change our Shadows reality.

The moment we release our anger, fear and frustration, we release the resistance that holds us in place. That sense of being “stuck” is our resistance that is preventing us from moving forward. Our resistance stops time. However, our acceptance releases time’s hold on us and our impending dreams.

Evolving our Reality

Ultimately, we are responsible for our own realities. In one way or another, we have orchestrated the events in our lives through our unconscious process to evolve and heal some very old wounds. These seemingly negative cycles, ignited by our Shadow’s limitations will usually last several years. However, if we learn to embrace and see these cycles as temporary situations designed to benefit us – we would reap more of the rewards within our situation. As we claim our ability to perceive our situations with an open mind, we open the door to our solutions. Some helpful suggestions:

  • Choose to identify the nuggets of golden wisdom formed through the cycle of negativity you are experiencing.
  • Step into the persona of your Soul to elicit an objective observation and witness brilliant resolutions toward positive evolution.

As you take command of a negative situation and embrace its wisdom, a transformation begins as the hidden treasure emerges; allowing peace & joy to take its place.

Shadows Resolve

Remember the shooting physical pain I mentioned above? When you fully relax and allow your body to go limp – the pain releases and moves out of your body. The same thing happens when you are ready to move through your emotions.

  • Release your resistance and allow your negative emotions and feelings to surface and inform you. This would be a time of resolution and compassion toward the parts of self that lost their voice.
  • Allow the transformational process of your Soul to naturally lift & release the painful residuals of the old negative cycles.
  • Unite yourself with the excitement and unlimited possibilities within Creations Flow now available to you.

If you look at your life as an adventure with boundless potential, you lift yourself out of the hole of despair long enough to taste the sweetness that’s available to you.

Everything in your life has been designed to prepare you for the evolving journey seeded within your heart. Your future is intended to bring you to a place of joy and abundance far beyond your greatest vision – a vision beyond your comprehension, yet so near to realization.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M Greenleaf