Embracing You – Workshop

beautiful background of mystery chest with light miracle on wood

In this workshop, we will use the material of the Soul & Ego and Accessing our Innocence classes. We will work toward recognizing the ego issues that block the Inner Child’s expression, magic and wisdom.

This workshop will take you on a journey into the forgotten places within yourself, to rediscover the magical qualities that have laid in wait. You will receive guidance to enhance your forward movement in your life and enhance your awareness of what is preventing your progress.

There will be an air of playfulness in this workshop as we focus on your inner Brilliance and exciting adventure that waits.

This workshop includes:

  • Various Exercises, meditations, inward shamanic journeys
  • Discussion, sharing experiences and support
  • Creation of a personal magical wand

Lunch, snacks & beverages will be provided.

We will have an altar in honor of the Inner Child, so please bring an item that represents something your inner child or you values.



This workshop is open for those who have attended the classes “Soul & Ego; awareness of Self and Accessing our Innocence or has read Chapters 2 and 3 in my book “Re-Entering Eden’ Reclaiming our Wholeness & Divine Truth.”


This is a 6 hour workshop, cost is $85.00 (at Greenleaf Healing in Cary IL), which includes lunch, snacks, beverages and materials for projects.

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