Enhancing your Connection


In This class, we will deepen your awakened state by expanding your connection with your Soul. We will work on the Bridge that leads you into your future…your Heart.

As we release the past, we are closing the door to a purely physical experience. The opening and activation of the Heart is your entry into the new reality that awaits your acceptance. This new reality is a union of physical and spirit through the embodiment of the Soul.

We will talk about how this re-connection is naturally happening, and how you can enhance this process. Even though this is a joyous event from your Soul’s perspective, in many ways it can be a painful and confusing experience because you also feel these changes through your misinformed ego.


  • Heart activation or deepening your level of connection
  • Exercise to unite physical & spiritual planes within you
  • Healing negative residuals of the past
  • Shamanic Journey to open the door to your future


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