Evolving Hearts & Minds


What does it mean to evolve? The spiritual concept goes beyond scientific descriptions or religious ideals into something that is so expansive that the mind cannot fully comprehend. This is because true understanding comes from the internal wisdom of the heart.

The mind understands that to evolve means to change, to grow. However, unresolved issues also tend to rise as change is contemplated. Then, we have the heart where healing through unification takes place. The heart is also able to grasp and emulate the multifaceted perception that comes straight from the Soul. And here we find ourselves in the crux of our predicaments and salvation – within our division or union of our heart and mind.

Ideally, we are driven by our very Soul to create positive changes within ourselves and the world in which we are part.  However, what limits us or what inspires us makes a great deal of difference toward what we are evolving into.  The limits of our individual and collective evolution are what we cling to.  The need to cling comes from deep seeded beliefs and fears within the mind that has been passed to us from many generations. Continuing to drag a repressive past into the present or the future only perpetuates the old limitations of strife, anger, fear and disempowerment that lead to unfulfilled dreams. Yet the Soul of each individual has a natural drive…to express itself and expand.

If we look at the word “Creation,” we would realize that it is action oriented – expanding in nature just as an artist looks for new expressions and forms to manifest. Every creative person knows that their most beautiful and powerful creations do not come from their mind, but through their heart.  Many of these creative individuals will also admit that their creations come from something beyond what they can fully comprehend, a force that is bigger than who they are. This is because, when they allow their heart to take the lead, their Soul can step in.

The heart and Soul of every individual are dance partners that move and flow with the rhythms of Creation. When an alignment with the Soul takes place, the elevated frequency of vibration is felt as the most exquisite musical masterpiece in existence. The heart then expands with a joyous expression that is beyond words, yet begins to infiltrate the mind with this heightened vibration of Divine Intelligence.

However, when this flow is stopped by the limited understanding of a mind still clinging to its repressive past, the music of Divinity and its Intelligence is silenced.

By aligning ourselves with our Soul, our heart opens and begins tuning the instrument of our mind to understand the Divine frequency of our Soul. The continuation of this focused intent opens the coffers of our Soul’s immense knowledge base that spans eons. This leads to the realization of what true power is and how it is meant to be used to further not only our own evolution, but that of the Oneness – the whole of Creation.

When we evolve our mind into the vibration of our Soul, we adopt the Divine Knowing that all is sacred and within all relationships there is an inherent responsibility to honor all, respect all and be in balance with all. However, we must regard these sacred values toward ourselves first.

Within the word “evolve” we will find the word “love.” When we love ourselves with our whole heart and accept ourselves fully by releasing the limits of our mind, we then know what love really is. We then become love expressed.  “Evolving” subsequently becomes love in action. Love then becomes an experience that expands beyond the self, as we find ourselves within the bosom of Creation – the Oneness. This is where we feel the love of all Souls within Creation and our connection with All.

When our heart and mind are continuously aligned with our Divine Truth, our lives begin to take on a whole new meaning. What we do is important and how we treat one another is vital to our own well being and our evolving future. The ecstasy we seek is within the expression of our greater truth and our unity with one another. The door is open for us to discover all of who we truly are and from this experience evolve ourselves, our lives and our world into the beauty and magnificence of which we are…Love Expressed.

Carolyn M. Greenleaf