Feelings – The Story of Our Life

baby-84639_640PixabyAre you ready to move forward? Do you want to know what’s right or wrong in your life? Tap into your feelings and you will find what you’re looking for…

Most people do not think they have control of what’s happening in their life. Some believe that ignorance is bliss, or have no idea how to change; perhaps they are too afraid to try. Change requires courage, determination, and conscious awareness of not only what we are doing, but also what we are feeling. Feelings instigate the course of our lives.

Feelings are scary for most people. Why? For eons, humanity stuffed their feelings and carried on. Big boys don’t cry, good girls hold their tongue & don’t speak their truth; don’t rock the boat, deny what is wrong and things will work out for the best – NOT.

When we deny the existence of what we feel, we turn into prisoners of our own dilemmas. We become trapped inside our body and mind, resigned to what is. Yet deep within, we hold the key that will set us free, if only we dare to use it. 

Feelings are emotional intelligence. Information about our life is contained within the feelings we either accept or deny. This information can move us beyond our conditioned thoughts, reactions and resolve negative issues; allowing us to transform and move beyond our difficulties. As we begin to understand how valuable our feelings are and utilize them, we grow. Feelings provide – options.     

See your feelings and sensations not as your enemy, but as your ally.

Everything we have experienced in our lives becomes part of our physical being. Vast amounts of information reside within the cells of our body. This information is in the form of memories, inherited knowledge, instincts, and forgotten or unconscious issues and information that replicate each time our body forms a new sister cell.

Most often, when incidents occur, we focus upon our initial reactions to what we see on the surface. When this happens, we ignore or do not recognize the extenuating circumstances. In other words, there is valuable information that can deepen our understanding and help us resolve our wounds from our incidents. Our feelings inform us when it’s time to grow, resolve and release our wounds. Fear is the number one reason we resist.

When we stop running from what we fear, we halt the course of our lives. Time stands still, and teeters upon a point – an opportunity to shift direction by confronting and transforming our path, or continue the cycles of the past. The choice is ours.

Denial of what we feel creates the havoc we wish to change.

The only way out of the turmoil we experience is by embracing what we feel. This is the opposite of our ego’s automatic reactions. I am defining the ego as the aspect of self that absorbs nonconstructive circumstances and beliefs of the family and culture we live. The ego’s habitual and destructive responses toward our feelings are based upon our physical body’s fight or flight reactions. We go into survival mode by running away from discomfort and fear; it is virtually instinctive. However, we have the ability to override our body and minds conditioned reactions to change our outcome. Within the wisdom of our Soul, we understand how change and growth takes place – it is within the transformation of chaos.

Feelings should never be denied, because they have a real purpose in our life. When we suppress our feelings, we are refusing a very important indicator that can liberate us and give us the answers we seek. These sensations are also a great source of healing as they force unresolved or confused issues to the surface, letting us know what stands in the way of our destiny and happiness. Moreover, we must never apologize for what we feel; these sensations are assisting our growth process and guiding our life.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself” ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

Fear of confronting our feelings forms resistance. This resistance is what prevents individuals from moving forward. The freedom to live life uninhibited by the past is within the feelings that surface repeatedly. In other words, our emotional intelligence looks for ways to cease the perpetual angst we feel within our body and mind. This is because we are designed to evolve, not stagnate in a past that no longer exists.

To access the information within our feelings, we must release our resistance. This resistance forms the tension we feel within our body. This tension creates a barrier, preventing our body and mind from receiving the information and healing that is available. Tension keeps us captive, preventing our forward movement and our goals actualization.

When we release our resistance toward particular issues that make us feel uncomfortable, our fear subsides, as does the charged emotions our resistance created. Similar to letting the air out of a tire, we release the pent up energy of our own confinement. When we fear what we feel, our fear grows and becomes the undying zombies we learned to fear as a child. Fear is the tormenting monster – something we make up, or accept through family and societal norms. However, what we fear can also set us free.

Some feelings are residuals of the emotional traumas we’ve healed, yet are still in the process of emotional release – just relax and let them go. However, when specific feelings or emotions continually stir within you, a need for resolution is at hand.

Resisting what you feel or sense is a disservice to yourself, your growth and your happiness.

When we bring our focus into our heart, we stand at the gateway to our Souls joy and wisdom. This is where we gain clarity, understanding and the fearlessness to resolve the barriers to our freedom. We are here to triumph our fears and grow forward; this is our goal, this is our birthright.

Tapping into your Emotional Intelligence Exercise

The intelligence within your feelings will surface, when you release your resistance, relax, surrender and embrace the information within what you feel. . .

  • Take a few moments to sit with specific feelings that have surfaced.
  • Become still and bring your full focus to a feeling or set of related feelings.
  • Allow yourself to fully feel the emotions, but do not wallow in them.
  • Give your feelings a voice. Allow yourself to ramble until you feel your tension release.
  • Relax into these feelings and fully describe them, as if painting a picture.
  • Are there memories or people associated with what you are feeling?
  • What do you sense is necessary to resolve the issues attached to the above?

    o   Examples are forgiveness, compassion, understanding, release, etc.

  • Continue relaxing your body; feel the cells in your body open and allow the feelings to exit your body.
  • Let your body go limp as you continue to release all resistance.
  • Imagine your body floating on either water or air.
  • Accept the peace, triumph and joy of your growth and freedom.

When we relax all of the tension within our body, our pent up emotions can exit. Many times, if the feelings were associated with a major issue in our life, the wisdom within the lesson will join our knowledge base. We will feel – full, complete, harmonious, and at peace.

The ability to feel the magnificence life has to offer is within what we avail ourselves to fully feel. We have the option to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us in our everyday life. Furthermore, we have the ability feel the joy of pure love fill our body as we fully experience our lives and the people closest to us.  

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf