Greenleaf Happenings August 2015 ~ The Lion’s Way

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Hello Everyone!

Wow! It’s big and it’s happening…NOW. The frequency of the mighty 8 is roaring down upon us, opening new doors and lifting us into new places and spaces.

There are many changes upon us as the Gates of change have swung open…wide. Although much is occurring astrologically and otherwise, many are feeling the sweeping changes taking place from deep within their heart and Soul. This is the month of Leo and is reflective of the power, courage, movement and fearlessness that is our Divine inheritance.

This month, we will experience both highs and lows…from within ourselves.  We will also experience many endings and new beginnings. The level of severity or serenity of these changes depends on how much each person has dealt with their negative ego issues and chosen the path of Authenticity.


This 8th month in our 8 year (2+0+1+5) gives us a 16/7 month (8+8), numerically speaking. These numbers provide many clues about what is unfolding…

By looking at these numbers through the energy of ancient Cabala, a message is revealed through the numbers 16/7, plus 8 year/month;

1) Kether (Divine Union) is aligned with 6) Tiferet (Heart/Divine Child – the unifier), and added together, they become 7) Netzach (victory over the ego), in the month and year of 8) Hod , which is (union of Soul in body, providing the ability to see through the eyes of your Soul).
August 2015 PEACE pic


In other words, when we align ourselves with our Divine Heart, Unity is achieved and victory over the ego world of separation and duality is found. The month of August is going to be about stepping through a new doorway, one of Peace & Divine Power. However, not everyone will be able to experience the heightened sense of bliss that is about to be ours.

Those who have been dragging their feet and trying to hold onto the old world will experience something quite different. Those who do not surrender their resistance to this change may feel as though their lives are falling apart. Even though this has been an ongoing experience, it is going to be extreme for some.

The old reality based on fear, greed, sorrow and separation are losing their power and form. This has been happening for a number of years. However, there have been enough individuals choosing an authentic path, which in turn has been raising the frequency of mass consciousness. This rise in vibrational frequency becomes a type of graduation, where many will be able to take a quantum leap forward into the New Realities that have been waiting.  This is the process of…Ascension.

For a very long time the Trumpet that heralds the Awakening of humanity has been serenading us Home. Sounds wonderful, but it has been a painful and confusing process. In order for a better Reality to form, the old reality must transform. A new foundation has been in the process of supporting our true hearts desires of equality, abundance, peace, love and unity. In order for this to take place, a complete breakdown of the old has been in process.  This is experienced as a chaotic sense as the Universes slag hammer brakes loose the mortar, bricks and confining containers that have held us in the past for far too long.

Feelings of uncertainty, fear and sensitive self-conscious issues continue to surface, as repressed matters show themselves for review and/or release. Our own sense of worthiness has been awakening as the old façade of who we thought we were crumbles and falls.

8:8:8 Lions Gate

The courageous Lion is leading the Way. As most of you know, there has been a great deal of outrage regarding the beloved lion named Cecil.  The deliberate baiting, torture and killing of this beloved lion has affected many individuals on a very deep level. This incident was not only a horrific display of the heartless, cruel and selfish ways of the egotistical past; it was an assault upon our innermost nature…our fearless and courageous Truth and Power. This Truth is what we are here to reclaim.

The Lion’s Gate on the 8th day of the 8th month in an 8 year will have a mighty roar. This portal is opening so we may reach higher than ever before to experience our Divine Truth and Inheritance.

Leo’s ruling planet is the Sun. This life giving Source and astrological placement reflects the creative, expansive expression of the God/Goddess within. The Regal, Divine and courageous power of who we really are, is standing squarely before us, will we be wise enough to say “YES!”?

~ Announcements ~


Name Readings

I will be at Evolve on August 15 @11-4 pm and August 29 @ 11-4 pm providing Name Readings. The cost is $45.00 for 30 minutes.

These readings are a tool to help you discover aspects of self you have yet to realize. Your name holds a great deal of information that is meant to help you understand your greater truth and the Soul you are in the process of embodying. More information



Classes will restart September at Evolve. I am working with Don and Melinda (Evolves new owners) with new ideas and offerings for the heart based meditation classes I offer.  The dates will appear under “Inspirations” mailings and next newsletter. More information

Daily meditations

These are 30 minute meditation sessions to provide support and assistance upon an individuals chosen path of positive change. More information 

In Closing…

My Guides tell me that a glorious future is assured. However, the importance of staying focused upon the joy that already exists will draw our dreams that much faster into place. Remember not to fall prey to the fear mongering and manipulation from those who do not wish to give up the dance of despair and drama. Do not invest in fear that rises within your body and mind as those who wish to continue the old games of power try to steal yours. Instead, believe in whom you really are and the dreams you have held so dearly in your heart, for this is where your true power and future resides.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf