Greenleaf Happenings August 2017 ~ Magical Opportunities!

Hello Everyone!

Sorry about my lack of “Inspirations” and the Newsletter I couldn’t get out last month! For the last 4 months, I’ve been working day and night to birth the All Things Wellness Expo! My partners and I were involved in every aspect of this project as it consumed us. However, I feel it was a great success! The magic was evident within the connections made between the guests and vendors! The goal for this Expo has been connection – uniting the community with the practitioners that are so close, yet unknown.  This created a doorway of curiosity and hope; that much more exists beyond the traditional ways of the past.

I am back on track and ready to move forward…are you? Tapping into the Creative Field helped me organized and discover new ideas to expand, solidify and ground some amazing things for the community and myself. My vision for Greenleaf Healing has grown as well as off shoots and community based projects are coming into view. I will share more as they unfold.

It’s going to be a very busy month for everyone! The Universal Energies are opening many opportunities for healing, connection and growth in every way possible!  Get ready to move! We have a lineup of celestial events throughout the month, which are opening many opportunities for everyone! Eclipses, Kites and the Lions Gate – oh my!

Cranking Up!

Can you feel it? The high frequencies of Love, Light, and Creation Energies have expanded in so many wonderful ways! If you are tuning “Inward,” you know what I am talking about. If you are tuning “outward” you might say…what?!? That’s because the old outer world of the ego is experiencing an increase of chaos, due to the high frequencies of Loving energies now present.

Our two realities are unmistakable and powerful in their unique ways. Our Inner Reality is in tune with our Soul or Authentic Self, as well as the United Body of Creation or the Universe. We are at a level that is demanding our response, inherent responsibility and creative genius to consciously create and evolve – in every way.

Those not wanting to deal with their awakening consciousness are increasingly bombarded with everything they are trying to deny or run from – which is; their intrinsic responsibility linked to their internal truth.

Everyone is affected by the Divine Streams of higher frequencies, flooding our planet. These Divine frequencies are in tune with our Soul’s Light/Love. This naturally draws up anything that vibrates lower than each individuals Highest and most Loving Truth. This is similar to a magnet that is attracting or directing our dense ego programming out of hiding. The egos outdated behaviors, feelings, beliefs and traumas are brought to the surface so they may be seen and finally dealt with. This is the way of healing. Energy cannot be destroyed, it must be transformed. This is the way we move forward, and the Way to our Destiny.

There will be another increase of endings and beginnings, as everything moves in waves, ebbs and flows. The need to finally speak up, step up and move is on the rise!  Be open to the changes around you!

Lions Gate and Eclipses!

Every year on August 8, Earth is lined up with our Galactic Center or the Heart of Creation and the star Sirius. This time is called the Lions Gate. This is an alignment of our higher, divine knowledge strength and creativity. Divinely inspired ideas and energies flood the planet as well as our hearts, if we let them in.

This year, the Lions Gate peak (8/8) will be on the heels of the August 7th Aquarius Lunar eclipse. This will spark a great deal of conflict or creativity, depending upon where your focus is. Then we have a total Solar Eclipse on August 21st. These are all gateways into new beginnings!

We also have a record breaking 4 Kites astrologically this month. Kites are blessings that help us rise above adversity; see a higher view, while also grounding and balancing.

For more information, please refer to the excellent articles from:

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I have also been writing for Conscious Community Magazine and loving it! The new publisher of the magazine is effectively lining up this community source toward the direction of enhanced and widespread awakening that is rising. I feel so blessed to have even a small part in this amazing process!

I was so busy, I did not share July’s article called “The Process of Consciousness.” The August issue is my personal favorite “The Evolving Nature of Consciousness.”

Here are the links to both:

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Practical Application

This month will be a whirl wind of activity. There will be many opportunities for each and every one of you!

  • If you have your goals set – go for it!
    • Be observant of the opportunities that are knocking – seen and unseen!
    • Be discerning; if it feels right, then tune into the excitement, joy and passion within your heart and take that leap of faith.
  • If you are looking for change and direction – be open and observant
    • Ask your Higher Self, Guides and Angels for assistance.
    • Open an internal dialog as you bring your focus into your Heart.
  • If looking for healing – embrace these energies!
    • Surrender to the healing energies that are also flooding the Earth.
    • Surrender to Creations Flow by opening your heart and mind to the possibilities you are not aware of.

Breath – Help is Here!

I’m giving you an exercise to embrace and/or cope with the disturbances that may rise due to the High Vibes surrounding us:

  1. Make some ME time for this exercise.
  2. Light a candle and see the Flame as a reflection of the Creative Light and Power within you, your True Self.
  3. See or imagine this Flame connecting to the beautiful energies of opportunity now flooding this earth.
  4. Energetically, bring this Flame of Connected Reflection into your Heart Space.
  5. Tune into this Flame that is now within your Heart. Embrace this Flame.
  6. See yourself become One with this Flame.
  7. Say, “I release to the Flame all that is preventing my joy and destiny from taking form; I do this in accordance with my Highest Good.”
  8. Surrender yourself to the Flame.
  9. Make a declaration or commitment toward your goals or your best self.
  10. Make a commitment to heal all within yourself that stands in the way of these goals.
  11. Ask the Flame to inform you about your Divine Soul’s Truth.
  12. Stay with this connection about your Truth for as long as you wish.
  13. Ground this Truth firmly into your heart, body and mind.
  14. Say “YES! This is my new Reality!”

Next, when you feel you are in a balanced and grounded state, you can practice Self Mastery. To Master the self/Self you become the Magician who is in control of themselves (impulses, emotions, etc) and can consciously bring new form into their reality.

  1. Ground and Balance yourself.
  2. Be fully Centered within your Heart.
  3. Call upon your Spirit Guides and Angels for assistance if needed.
  4. Say “I choose to embody the Wisdom, Power & Presence of my Soul.”
  5. Open yourself to the divine, high frequencies you sense around you.
  6. Reach out to accept the magical opportunities and energies swirling around you.
  7. Pull these opportunities and your focus into your body and heart to ground and balance them within yourself.

This is how you can bring both of your worlds together – by becoming the bridge for them, and then bringing them into peace and balance within you. Then, If you are connected to your heart and soul, rather than your ego, you will be able to produce the physical form these divine energies can take.

Inspiration & Ideas Unleashed!

Due to the flood of ideas and opportunities, do not focus on the finite details at this time. Instead, think big and draw your blueprints or list the ideas that are coming into view. Put all your ideas on something like a bulletin board. Then, when the energy lessens, move these ideas around and see how they all fit together. Allow for them to expand and communicate some of the details to you. Remember, everything is energy, and energy is intelligence that is in a constant state of evolving. This is why it is important to allow the energy/idea to inform you, rather than the limited knowledge of your mind. Your mind eventually catches up, if you stay focused in your heart and your hearts ability to decipher the intelligence within the divine energies.

Remain open for more ideas and expansion of the self. These ideas within this energy are seeds that will grow within you. Their full expression or possibility will depend upon your willingness to expand your heart and mind. Your expansion and ability to understand the intelligence within these energies will require healing on your part. Every box within your mind will be reevaluated. Every concealed wound will be ripped open. All within you that stands in the way of your greatness will be revealed, so it may be healed.

I am always available to assist. Please contact me at if you wish to set up a session via phone or in person.

In Closing. . . 

It is important to honor yourself in every way this month. Self care is very important right now. Take time for introspection and reflection. Exercise or take cleansing walks in nature to help you balance the energies. Eat well, drink plenty of water and take salt baths, as you will likely purge some misalignment’s affecting your physical body.

Embrace this wonderful opportunity that is here, now. This is the moment your heart has been waiting for! Step into the courage, strength and power of the Lion, then look into the mirror and witness the brave amazing Being you truly are!

I wish you abundance in everything that makes your heart sing!

My unending Love to All of You,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf