Greenleaf Happenings December 2016 – Rise Up & Believe!


Hello everyone!

How fast this year has gone! As we walk through the remaining days of 2016, it is important that we honor our path, growth and the transformation that has brought us to this moment. The entire year has brought us everything we had refused or didn’t know needed healing, resolution, forgiveness, compassion and release. In addition, many also felt themselves experience and understand the new realities opening. The ending of cycles always forms a bridge onto the new cycle that welcomes our arrival.

As we continue to move into our new cycle of reality, the process of transforming what no longer serves us will continue, as is the nature of Creation. The continual growth through experience, the ending and releasing of each cycle, into a new birth, a new reality, unites us with the wisdom we have earned throughout the ages.

The New Year opening is about our birth into a grand reality, (several actually) that reflects our growth, courage, fortitude and faith in the dreams that never left our hearts. These new realities are already here, however to sense them you must tune in through your heart. The more we practice and consciously choose our inward path, the more we know that our new reality is already here. However, in 2017 we will see it increasingly take form in our outer world.


Some of you are having a hard time as your inner world/self grapples with the decisions made in your outer world, both by you and the collective within the morphic fields you exist within. These fields represent humanities mass consciousness, each nation, state, city, family, etc. Often times we feel we don’t affect outcomes, but in actuality we do. These are internal battles within every person, between their conscious higher soul self and their unconscious ego selves.

This “battle” is the seemingly opposing aspects of our Spiritual and Physical realms of existence. In truth, there is no battle; which is an ego term used in an ego based reality. We are really talking about the experience of opposites. In addition, we are approaching the gateway that began the experience of separation of the spheres and the selves.

The 1212, 12/12 or 12:12 represents the making of a separated sense of being in order to experience a dualistic reality.  This originated from the 12 core Creators – 12 whole Flames or Creator Beings. These 12 Flames split over 12,000 years ago to help humanity advance through duality. One half of each Flame remained in the Spiritual Realms of their Divine Truth and their other half moved into the unconscious states within the dualistic experience. These 12 Creator pairs represent or reflect the various degrees of Light and Dark matter these realities hold.

Each year, these 12-12 pairs move closer together to reunite and form One. This union also brings spirit and physical closer together to reunite in consciousness. On 12/12/2016 very little separation, if at all remains between these pairs, however, they will touch. On 12/12/2016 a powerful opportunity presents everyone to consciously connect to this unity talking place within the self on this very special day/evening. Each one of you came through these gateways that these original 12 Creators provided. This means you can receive their nourishment through the unconditional love within their union. You are part of it and you are part of them. Feel this union take place within you and say YES!

Birth Canal

This 12/12 Gateway into 12/21 is the most prolific yet. It will make or break everyone’s dreams from coming into fruition or not.

Those who refuse to resolve their ego issues will remain where they are so they can focus on resolutions and realign with their Soul’s truth. Those who have resolved ego issues and chose to embody their truth will feel and know from within, a reality of which their dreams are finally born.

There will be 9 days of transformation until we reach the heart of this gateway on 12/21/2016. 12/21 represents the pairs that from 1 became 2, now returning to unity consciousness 2 into 1. There will be a 10 day cycle which then marks the threshold of the new grand cycle of existence opening on 12/31.

1/1/2017 will be the entry into a new experience in whichever reality you have grounded yourselves into. Open your hearts and mind to accept the gifts offered to you, by your Higher Selves and those of your Parent 12 Flames.

There will be a sense of separation between the old and new realities; however interfacing for the highest good will continue as it has. Those who have consciously embodied the higher frequencies and continue to believe in the unseen reality within their hearts will experience much more support than before. On either side of these realities – the experience will be enhanced on all levels.

Separate Realities

Many are still refusing to move into alignment with their Soul’s calling. As we continue to ascend into our 5D reality, some are still holding onto the old ways of the 3 & 4 D. As we continue to move into the 5D, the outer world attached to 3 & 4D will experience more chaos and separation as these realities continually destabilize. The only way to come through these changes unscathed is by going within. Faith and perseverance toward our internal knowing and experience within the 5D creates a completely different experience for those choosing to move forward.

More and more, things in your life that do not represent your internal truth will irritate and frustrate you. The types of shows & movies you watch, music, associations and the institutions you’ve been a patron of will increasingly come into question. You will find yourself needing to increasingly break away from the old orders; beliefs held by so many and forge a new path that is based upon your true individual quest.

Inward Reflection

It is important to honor what was. Mercury will begin to retrograde on the 19th, providing us with a great opportunity to go within and review our past and our future. Consciously looking at every area of our lives and choosing to change what does not speak our internal truths is advised. Alas, we have assistance….

We are currently in the wonderful energy of Sagittarius.  This is the seeker of deep truths and the courage to shoot for what our hearts know is possible. This is an energetic and fiery zodiac that urges us to get moving, think big and be open for anything on the spiritual and physical planes. The energy of Sagittarius was magnified by the new moon in the same sign 11/29. Sagittarius rules higher truth, education, religion, spirituality, philosophy; this house helps us find the deeper meaning in life.

Visiting Sagittarius is our balancer Saturn, which will trine Uranus in Aries during 2017. This trine gives us the fire power of enthusiasm, and courage with Uranus kicking the doors of possibilities open, guided by mature Saturn to ground our experiences in a responsible manner.  Also, Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius moved into Libra – the house of balance this last September for its yearly sojourn. We are in a great position to move forward (inward and outward) while being supported in every way by all aspects of Creation.

Resolve, Rise Up & Believe!

No matter what is happening in your world, you have the choice to say no to what no longer speaks your truth. You are here to reclaim your power, your voice and your choice to live the life that dwells in your heart. However, it is important to make this change not by fighting the old ways, which only fuels them – you instead commit to your forward movement out of the beliefs and experiences that hold you to a reality that does not honor who you truly are.

You must believe that your heart is wiser than the fear programmed in your head.

This month, you will feel a mix of joyful moments and surfacing anger and fears as the untruths (ego beliefs and programs) are triggered by the rising Light vibration coming into the earth and from within ourselves. It is becoming more and more evident that Creations Light is overcoming the resistance of so many, to let go and allow their Soul’s Light to infiltrate their human consciousness from the inside out. Open yourselves to the union of the 12 Flames, as the Light halves inform the Dark counterparts to bring them into full consciousness.

We will still experience a back and forth as the past continues to release through us each time we choose a reality that honors our Soul’s destiny. Chaos will continue to reveal what needs to be looked at, exposing the past ways of control and greed; urging us to choose a better way.

Some will experience a tremendous demolition happening as it feels like everything in the outer world is in question and unstable. The US election is evidence of the toxic, divisive, fear mongering past that no longer serves us – in fact it dishonors us in every way. However, this is what is meant to surface; the corrupt ways of those in power, so we can see what is wrong, what has been buried… we must see it for what it is through the objective stance of our Soul so we can understand and change it.

Change must be the focus if you are to join the wonderful movement forward. It’s time to envison a government that is unified and in service to all. It is time to create the new foundations that will take us into a direction that honors our highest and most Divine truths of self and ALL.

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In Closing…

As we move into our inner truth, our hearts wisdom we will witness a new future unfold for us. The gateway of 1212 – 1221 is giving us a tremendous opportunity to take a very big step forward, into the paradise we Know exists. Believe like never before, then hold and expand that internal Joy into every cell of your body and mind for as long as you can, as often as you can. In doing so, you will make a tremendous leaps forward into the embodiment of your Soul, where paradise in all its forms await your presence.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf