Greenleaf Happenings – January 2015 ~ Rainbow Days & Joyous Ways


This year promises big leaps forward for those who chose to claim and walk in their truth.  New and exciting doorways are opening so we may experience more of the magical abundance many have been sensing during 2014.

We will feel greater unity with our multidimensional selves as we experience new thought forms, insights and answers that magically seem to appear. This is because heaven and earth are coming closer together. The separation we once knew will continue to vanish, just as our own sense of lack and loneliness diminishes. Our yesteryear’s of pain and suffering will become a faint memory until we release our remaining resistance and finally let them go.

We are experiencing a new day, a new year and a new vision. Those who believed this day would come carried the visions of our expanding lives within their hearts, even when others shunned them. These are the Lightworkers. This is a kind of warrior who has been forging new pathways and creating bridges into humanities future for many, many…many years.  These are the individuals who will experience the fruits of their loving labor …now.

2015 = an 8 Universal Year

The frequency of the number 8 is derived from its Balanced Roots. The 2 circles of the 8 are joined, connecting our heaven/spirit and earth/material existence, creating unity and equality in all forms. The force of the 8 will reveal and destroy falsehoods that create imbalance within our worlds. This is a realistic, genuine, intelligent and goal oriented expression of our true Human Spirit. In this sense, the 8 attracts abundance and uses it for the advancement of our global society. This is our Spirits sense of Oneness and connection to All that Is, uniting with our physical or material world.

The energy of the 8 will also bring unity to our dualistic nature. However, this is creating a sense of destruction for those who do not release their fear and resistance. Those who have been practicing surrender, forgiveness and compassion while accepting their authenticity will experience an expanded sense of self as well as growing abundance. This year, through our selfless acts we attract a level of abundance that matches our heartfelt and lifelong achievements. Material wealth will come to those who are in alignment with their Soul’s innermost truth and destiny.

1 + 2015 = 9

Interestingly, we begin our 8 year with unconditional love and compassion! The month of January sets us up nicely as we begin our new year in the vibration of 9; the compassion and unconditional Divine Love that resulted through the transformations we have made. This is the humanitarian vibration in union with our Spirits power into manifestation.


Ascension Classes Begin!

These ascension classes are designed to provide information, education and support for your journey through the changing reality of your life. Whether you are aware of it or not, your life is being transformed in an effort to bring you Home. Each class is $26.00 Information Link

Ascension Class 1 – What’s Going On???


Thursday, January 15, 2015 @ 7-9 pm in Cary, IL

This class will be an introduction and overview of the ascension process. We will also discuss why the ascension is happening, how it affects us all and how we can lessen the difficulties within our awakening process.  We will also discuss ascension symptoms, what influences our progression and how we are supported. Information Link

Ascension Class 2 – Clearing the Way


January 29, 2015 @ 7-9 pm in Cary IL

This class is about clearing the way so you may begin to experience your opening new reality on a deeper level. We will deal with your personal blocks and your family’s karmic residuals that need realignment.

Each of you has carried old karmic issues from your family’s lineage. Unconsciously, you have been walking in the shoes of the past in many ways. Now is the time to honor your ancestors and Soul families by healing the ailments that prevented their ability to see beyond their self-imposed limitations. Information Link

Email Carolyn Greenleaf at to sign up.

I’ve been receiving requests from individuals who cannot attend to bring these classes online. If I can find an easy way to do it, I will. If you are also interested, please let me know via email.


Meditation Introduction Class Video now available!

Meditaion Intro.

Meditation Introduction Class video explains what meditation is, how best to practice, what you may experience during your meditation, the benefits, how to maintain your focus, increase your awareness and how meditation can create balance in your life. This video also explains how you can recall the energy you have attached to others and dispersed in your life, thereby placing yourself in a position of balance and power. Information Link

Weekly Meditation Classes


January 7, 14, 21, 28 @ 7-8 pm

Evolve in Crystal Lake, IL

I am continuing weekly Wednesday Meditation Classes at Evolve in Crystal Lake. You must sign up via email to attend each class. Those who are new to these classes must arrive by 6:30 to receive instructions in which the rest of the class is following. Each class is now $12 with an additional $5 for beginners. Information Link

In Closing…

Humanity has the opportunity to see through the eyes of their Soul; if acted upon can experience infinity and the immortality that is their birthright.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf