Greenleaf Happenings January 2019 – Empowered Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I have to say….. 2019 is looking great! You’re probably wondering…who is this?

I apologize for my long absence! I’ve been building and creating another business that not only compliments Greenleaf Healing, but builds a new future for many. It’s called All Things Wellness Events & Expo. I’ve been working on the various pieces that create the new foundation of this new corporation. And this leads me to what we are all called to do….. Create New Foundations! These New Foundations are centered on coming together! We are not meant to go it alone any more. We must reconnect, and unite with those who share our dreams.


Many are disappointed that they haven’t been moving forward the way they feel they should. Even though the frequencies of our Soul and Universe pull us closer to the heightened frequency of our evolutionary cycle, we still have some mental and emotional work to do. Our early, unconscious negating beliefs wired our mind to behave and react in specific ways that limit us.

So, I am dedicated to weeding out disempowering beliefs and planting new empowered ones! This is a time where we must get Real with ourselves, and take full responsibility of what is going on… within. To accomplish this, I intend to get an empowering and helpful blog or article to you every 2 weeks. I am also resuming monthly classes that will assist you with achieving the life you deserve. Every 4th Wednesday, I will teach an Empowerment class.  January’s class “Awareness of Self” provides you with the important nuts and bolts you are working with in your life. Understanding the ego and soul, learning to communicate with these important aspects of self is your pathway to freedom and the return of your power.

February’s class is everyone’s favorite – Influences of the Year! This is a fun class that includes mini personal reports. Due to the time I spend one everyone’s reports, I need to increase this class to $35.


2019 = 12/3. The number 12 is a sacred and magical number! There is a great deal of history around the significance of 12, but what many don’t realize is it’s magical qualities. We are able to flip the 1 and 2 to bring unity to what we do, as we move into 21. The 21 brings separate elements into union with one another. When we add the 1 and 2 together, we have 3. Three is the most joyous number, because its energy is that of the Divine Child – pure and playful authenticity! We also have Jupiter in Sagittarius for the year! Jupiter is Sagittarius’s natural ruler; enhancing expansion, benevolence, ideas, optimism and luck!

Conscious Community Magazine asked me to write an article about the shifting cycles everyone experiences during the last and beginning months of each year. The Changing Cycles of our Lives can help you understand some of the changes you may be experiencing.

Then there’s the Chinese New Year……the year of the Earth Pig! This energy supports our efforts by rooting things out that we hadn’t noticed and grounding our dreams into manifestation! For more information about what to expect this year – sign up for Influences of the Year class.

Special Offer

To help you release the past energies and stumbling blocks you may be experiencing, I am offering Energetic and Coaching Sessions for $80 per hour for the remainder of this month.  Please email me to schedule sessions.


I have been creating new presentations for 30-60 minutes for groups who are looking for inspiration or enlightenment. These are focused upon Breaking Internal Barriers, Changing Focus and Reclaiming the Self. Please email me if you or someone you know may be interested.



Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 7 – 9 pm

Soul & Ego – Awareness of Self – We will discuss these aspects of the “false” ego self and the “true” Soul Self and how they affect our lives. It is important to understand the situations and confusion that the ego tends to create and why they are valuable. It is time to reveal the mystery of the misunderstood ego and provide a clearer and expanded picture of the Soul and Spirit. It is important to understand, the only enemies within the self are the distorted facts of what we are actually dealing with. When we understand the bigger picture of what is really happening, we can gain control of our lives, make better choices and regain our freedom. More Information   Class Coast $26

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 7 – 9 pm

Influences of the Year 2019 – Each year, we discuss the new energetic cycle opening for us. The Chinese New Year zodiac gives us clues into the underlying nature of each year and how it affects us. This year, we have the essence or energy of peaceful, grounded and hardworking  Earth Pig. Students will receive information about their Chinese and western zodiac sign, numeric life cycle and the lessons you’ll be sure to encounter this year. More Information Class Cost $35

In Closing

This year promises to be full of surprises and challenges that can be transformed into Gifts beyond your wildest imagining!

Abundant Blessings on your Exciting Journey!

Carolyn M. Greenleaf