Greenleaf Happenings ~ July 2014 – Coming Home


Well, it’s finally happening, I’m moving back into my home. Six months after a fire in my neighbors attached town-home forced me out – I’m comin’ home…again. Yet this time, everything has changed. The energy in my home and my life has completely shifted. A needed release of the past and faith in the future brought me into an entirely new space.

What preceded this seemingly unfortunate event? I chose a better reality. By consciously choosing to experience something better, the Universe orchestrated a chain of events that would lead to the transformation needing to take place. An opportunity for a heightened energetic frequency had to come in and clear the way for great things to enter my life. The components included, an irresponsibly neighbor to set the events in motion; she also received the opportunity to learn from her mistakes, while I got the shakeup needed for my life’s transformation to take place.

Now I am filled with excitement as I unpack and reorganize each room of my home with a mix of new and old cherished items. A new doorway has opened for both my personal and professional goals – Greenleaf Healing is renewed and moving forward.

Due to the nature of my work, I understood what was taking place with this fire incident. I didn’t like it, but I understood it. And thus, I choose to reap all that I could from the experience. I did this to help others, and so that I could move through the stages of transformation as easily and quickly as possible. Plus, it was an opportunity to grow in new ways.

Each one of you has had the opportunity to experience a life altering event in your lives, several for most of you. Whether these events were through positive or negative means – they changed your life forever.

Transformations Process

When you consciously chose something better for yourself and really mean it – your Soul will take the driver’s seat. You will feel a loss of control as the reality you once knew begins to shake, crumble and fall. Cracks must form deep within the foundation of your old reality so that the incoming Rays of Light can make their way through to form the new pathways you need. When you embrace the opening doors, you are catapulted into the reality you have hoped for.

The key elements of every transformational process are:

• A traumatic or life alternating event happens – a breakdown of the old
• The abyss – what was is gone, what will be is unknown; you are in limbo
• Emotional release; what fueled the past negative cycle is expelled
• Exhaustion & feeling raw – a need for rest and tender loving care of self
• Melancholy – you miss elements of the past
• A point of complete surrender
• Patience…lots of patience…
• New awareness, realizations and wisdom surfaces
• Excitement builds
• A new door opens
• Forward movement commences

Every significant change in your life is accompanied by varying degrees of this transformational cycle. This begins with a traumatic event, followed by a state of confusion as you find yourself in an abyss, not knowing what to do or where to go. Reactive emotions surface such as anger and resistance toward your state of affairs. Then comes the moment of realizing…the situation is completely out of your hands. The moment of surrender arrives – a letting go of what was, not knowing what is to be or when it will arrive. Faith in a positive outcome and appreciation for what you do have are your saving grace.

When a transformative experience is upon you, you can either fight it, or embrace it. The later creates an informative and joyful experience, in addition to enhancing the incoming gifts. However resisting what must be creates more pain and lengthens the entire process.

Your focus is very important during each stage – acceptance with anticipation is extremely helpful, also recognition and gratitude for the abundance you already have moves you closer to the gifts ready to enter your life. Visualizing, feeling or imagining your new choices also enhances and quickens the arrival of your desires.

At this time, the opportunity for the realities you have hoped for are standing right in front of you, waiting for you to say yes. But, to step into your dreams your focus must change; your thoughts, actions and emotions must match what you wish to have in your life. You must also let go of what has kept you from your desires. Past negative events, emotions and beliefs you have yet to release stands in your way. It is time to replace your anger with gratitude – each negative experience has been an opportunity for you to recognize your strength while growing your wisdom and compassion. In addition, exchange your fears with faith; faith in your dreams, yourself and the Universe.

Meditation Classes

To help you hone your focus and reconnect to your innate abilities, I am teaching meditation classes at Evolve this month. I hope to see you there!

54 N. Williams St. Crystal Lake, IL 60014
Wednesdays, 7/16 & 7/30
7 – 8 pm

For more information click this link:  Meditation Program

You may sign up via emailing at, or drop in. The cost of these classes is $10.00 each.

In Closing,

Life can be an exciting adventure again. Your child within knows there is magic in the universe and within yourself. Everything is possible. It’s time for you to come home…to your strength, wisdom and the immense power you have within. It is time to bring your impending future Home.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf