Greenleaf Happenings ~ July 2015 – Unify with Love

Uniting heaven & Earth

Wow! So much has been happening that I’m going to weave in a recap as I get some of you caught up with were we are…

As many know, numerically we are in an 8 year (2+0+1+5).  The 8 signifies the reunification with all aspects of self; primarily our spiritual and physical selves. This means we are in the process of uniting heaven and earth within ourselves. The 2 circles of the 8 have been coming together, aligning within each individual upon this earth. During this process, all that is not in alignment with our Soul’s truth has been triggered, so we may resolve these unconscious erroneous beliefs and wounds that block and prevent our own reunification.

This month of July becomes a 6 month, when you add the 7 + 2015 (15/6). This number 6 signifies family unity. The vibrational frequency is that of Oneness and the magnificent beauty expressed through the Divine and Unified Heart.

This is the destination of the Ascension process, to return to our Divine wholeness. The process of ascension is a back and forth of resolving and releasing the past, followed by a flood of higher vibration wherein the future exists.

This transformation includes cleansings that have been very painful for most and has promoted the chaos we have witnessed. All is brought to our attention so we may take responsibility for the choices made and change our course. This upheaval is not only within ourselves, but every nation and sector of authority and structure, as well as our planet.  In turn, as we heal our separated and wounded sense of self and reclaim our power, our world changes in kind.  This transformation process has produced tremendous highs and lows as we wade through the past while also creating and touching the future.

As we resolve and surrender the past, we are also building new foundations.  When we transform the past, our Soul extracts the joy, knowledge and wisdom cultivated through our tying times. We have grown in leaps and bounds and now it is time to graduate.

While new doorways, energies and heightened vibrations flood the earth, there is increased stirring, shaking and cleansing. The summer solstice triggered deeper layers of our old reality to emerge for release. Residuals of this past have been surfacing within the mind and body of each one of us as well as the earth. As always, it is important to surrender these old energies and allow them to wash through you. Those who remain within the sanctuary of the Heart will feel the newness and deepening connections of our dreams and new pathways that are ready and opening for us.

Those who have consciously committed to realigning with their Spirit and worked toward the path of liberation for humanity for many, many years are now  feeling the paradise promised. I myself remember the last 16 + years of my own awakening as what seemed a never ending revolving door of cleansings and deepening connections as the path of transformation tore me apart, over and over. Within the past year, I have experienced a deepened grounding of my true Souls power along with a rejuvenated sense of self and growing excitement. There has been an increased ability to feel my new reality come ever so close that I am literally touching it.  I’ve also (briefly) fallen back into the old drama as the solstice brought some potent solvent for what felt like another span of time for regurgitation – it was not fun.

However, each time we fall, we must find the strength to rise up. We are so close. For those who have cleared for years upon endless years, these releases can be unbearable because we now embody a higher and sensitive frequency. Without the old baggage to protect us, we now feel everything.

After this last barrage of cleansing, we are in a position of greater security. There is a new foundation that is moving into place and should diminish the severity and backward sliding of emotional and mental upheaval for the sensitive Souls leading the way.

Our new realities are becoming increasingly solidified and will continue to do so, as long as we are committed to embodying our Divine frequency as is our responsibility.

A wonderful way to stay on track with our goals is by meditating. Meditation is a fantastic way to increase consciousness and achieve mastery of self. Take a look at my new Meditation offering below.


I have suspended meditation classes at Evolve, due to busy schedules. I will resume a meditation class in September, however there will be some changes. I will keep you informed as the class nears.


To help my clients stay on track with their goals and intentions, I’ve decided to provide daily meditation opportunities. This is a free offering for clients of Greenleaf Healing. However, anyone is welcome to join for a nominal fee.

 Daily Meditations


Monday – Friday @ 9-9:30 am & Thursday @ 5:30-6 pm

These meditations are designed to help individuals begin the day with focus, balance and a deep sense of presence.

By cultivating the habit of meditation, one experiences a deepening sense of peace, awareness and enhanced ability to solve problems from a balanced prospective.

There will be 5 minutes of discussion prior and after 20 minutes of meditation, which includes:

  • Focus
  • Reclaiming personal, scattered energy
  • Centering self
  • Presence
  • Awareness
  • Deepening connection to self/Self

Carolyn Greenleaf will guide each meditation, while providing energetic support to enhance the groups’ process and focus. Visualizations are used to promote focus and reach the deep seat of the Heart, from which the doorway to unlimited possibilities may open. From within the Heart, participants will be in the position to experience the knowledge, wisdom and deep connection with their innermost self ~ the Soul.  Page link & cost.

Name Reads at Evolve


I will be at Evolve in downtown Crystal Lake IL offering Name Reads from 11-4 pm Saturdays on a monthly basis  (See Events Calendar for dates). This replaces the Wednesday evening offerings.  These are $45 for 30 minutes. Information Link

In closing

I wish you all a joyous summer and please remember how important your relationship is to not only yourself, but also to others. Take time to plan gatherings that warm your heart and brings joy, love and unity into your life.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Transformational Coach, Teacher, Speaker & Author