July 2016 Greenleaf Happenings ~ Claim Your Power!


There is a powerful energy afoot and it is you…

This is a time to celebrate! Many individuals know it, can feel it – we have arrived in a very new space… of magic. Although, we are still witnessing resolution taking place within our world. The attacks, revelations of what was hidden from our sight, as well as the pain that was buried deep within so many – all is surfacing. All must be seen, so we can heal the past, resolve what was and make new choices. Yet, no matter what we are seeing in our physical world, much has changed internally and is ready to emerge.

As we have moved through many issues brought on by the past, we are on course to unite with our new reality in a fuller sense. We transformed so much of not only our own ego issues, we also became a vessel by which we transformed much for humanity and our Soul Families. Our way is much clearer, lighter, as it reflects the higher vibration that is our Divine Truth.  And it is within this forward movement that we feel, know and now unite in many physical ways to the New Reality we are ready to live.

Let’s Do This!

The key to living your New Reality is to believe in You. Believe in your ability to reclaim the true power of your Soul and CREATE! Call this awesome power forth and chose to do something wonderful with it. Your new formations will come through your committed intention and attention. See yourself grab hold of a piece of unused creation energy – the neutral essence. Then see what you wish to have within this play-dough of creation. Then BELIEVE with all that you are that it is so. What you are wishing and feeling is already in existence – it is part of your new reality, all you are doing is connecting to it and bringing it into your physicality. However, you must continue to believe and focus your energy of excitement and appreciation for what you are receiving.

Keep this in mind: the reality you reside within is the one you believe in. There are many possible realities; pain and suffering or love and peace, lack and hunger or abundance and fulfillment. All in actuality are illusions, formations based upon what you believe is true. However, the reality that rings true to your Souls loving and wise truth will last …forever.

Claim the Power & Wisdom of Your Soul

Call upon and connect to the abundant nature of your Soul. Then feel a surge of energy and power move into your body – now focus it. Chose what your heart is calling for, then feel your power within your sacral chakra – in your belly, and project it into your physical reality. Know it is so, and believe with all that you are. Stay connected to the joy of having this new formation in your life and be grateful…for all.  Be grateful for what you are about to receive and for everything in your entire life. Everything has brought you to this point – never forget that. Never feel sorry for yourself again. You are the victor. You are the Master. It is through the experiences of your life that you learned what it is to ….forgive, be compassionate, rise up, speak up and grow into who you have the capacity to be.

Every morning and evening, I speak these words aloud: “I claim the Power and Wisdom of my Soul.” Each time fear or self doubt creeps up within me, I repeat this affirmation. As I proclaim my chosen reality, I become it. I feel stronger and stronger and I realize – nothing and no one can take this from me. I am the only one who stands in my way and has given it away.

Every moment of every day is filled with choices. Do not run from the inherent responsibility within the power you have to change the world. Through your life experiences, you have learned to be responsible and to appreciate what you have. Now, reach within your heart so you may know the Wisdom of your Soul. Create with Wisdom.

Emotions are your Friend

As we have passed through the emotional wave of Cancer, it has been an opportunity to heal much. When your emotions, old memories even physical pains surface, honor them. Your transformation process is naturally triggering the release of the past that have been held in the cells of your body and mind. Be grateful for what you have learned and earned through your experiences, then let them go. Allow them to leave your body once and for all. Focus upon the joy that is really present – this will replace what was and ensure what will be.


The universal energy of this month is 7 (7+9= 16/7). In ancient Cabala, it is Netzach, which means victory over the ego. You have already won the battle, now let it go. Move forward into what beacons and trust your heart to take you there.

Embrace and enjoy this special moment in your journey – all of Creation applauds you!

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

~ Name Readings ~

To help you awaken to your internal truths, consider having a Name Reading. These readings have had profound effects on many individuals. This reading unlocks the energy within your name as it was chosen by your Soul to assist your reconnection process. Make your appointment now and have tissues ready, for many have cried tears of joy.

For more information, click on this link: NAME READINGS

~ Energetic Healing or Coaching Sessions ~

To assist you with the changes happening on every level of your being. These sessions help you resolve the past issues that prevent your forward movement.

For more information about these Sessions: Coaching & Energetic Healing