Greenleaf Happenings March 2015 ~ Grand Openings


Hello to All,

As we wrap up the winter season, we have the opportunity to clear our internal house of outdated beliefs and residuals from our wounded past. An upcoming event provides a wonderful opportunity to let go and jumpstart the new possibilities opening for us…

On March 20th Spring opens the doors as the Vernal Equinox arrives and with it, a Solar eclipse. This eclipse occurs during the last moments of Pisces compassionate, intuitive and sensitive nature; while Spring heralds its arrival into the bold, forward moving energy of Aries.  This is a time where we can anchor Pisces spiritual roots into our opening reality, while embodying the forward and fearless energy of Aries as we herald a new day for humanity, the world and the Universe.

Also, on March 20th, we are graced with the close proximity of our beautiful Moon, as Her Illumination kisses the Earth in all Her grandeur as we see a Super Moon.

These culminating events usher a change unlike anything we have experienced before. The 3rd dimension will no longer exist; everyone is entering the 4th dimension. This message was given to me months ago and I have received confirmation of this in several ways.

In addition, those who have been consciously preparing themselves already exist within the 5th dimension. These individuals will be the first to experience another major change. Those who have been expanding the degree of their Souls Essence and Divine Truth within their body and mind will begin to experience physical changes taking place as their body composition begins to transform. This change supports the new reality that is upon us. Eventually, all will transition their dense carbon based body into their Souls light crystalline body. These Light bodies are somewhat similar to a silicone structure, with advanced capacity’s and fluidity to heal, transform and embody advanced degrees of Light.

Letting Go & Renew

It is of great importance that we fully commit to the release of our fears, anger, doubts and perceived limits as we enter this seemingly radical shift. We must release the ego’s old containers of limiting structures, habits and beliefs. Forgive and let go. Then, focus upon the love within our heart as the equinox opens a new doorway into our brilliant future.

It is also important to renew your connection to your true source of physical nourishment and support within Nature, your Earth. Expand your hearts memory and knowledge of the elements of which formed your body and gave you life. It has always been Spirit/God who perceived you and Earth/Goddess who bore you. You are a child of Spirit and Nature – it is time to claim it.

In perfect timing, I am offering a mini-workshop called Sacred Nature, Sacred You. This event will take place at Evolve in downtown Crystal Lake IL on March 21st.

I am also repeating a powerful class called “Clearing the Way.” Due to the importance of releasing the residuals of the past, I will teach this class monthly. Each month, I will incorporate new tools and exercises to facilitate the need of my students. This class is offered Thursday, March 5th.

These classes are open to all!

 Clearing Your Way 

March 5, 2015 @ 7-9 pm
Location: Greenleaf Healing in Cary, IL

*A monthly class, which will change to provide students expanded tools to heal and transform anything that blocks desired goals. 

This class is about clearing the way so you may begin to experience your opening new reality on a deeper level. We will discuss and work with your personal blocks and your family’s karmic residuals that need realignment. More Information

Changing Your Reality Class Series

This is a class series that includes the Universal Laws of Energy/Creation. Each class explains the various Laws that mold your life and create your reality. These classes also include exercises to enhance your understanding as well as application of class material in your life.

Understanding and awareness is the key to changing your reality. Each of us is being pushed to “evolve” into our greatness. No one can escape this fact; our world, our life, and our individual identity is changing. We can understand and grow, or remain blind and experience unnecessary pain.

Part I

March 12, 2015 @ 7-9 pm
Location: Greenleaf Healing in Cary, IL

The first step in changing your life is to understand the nature of energy. Everything is energy, manifested by you. Everything within your world is a reflection of the energetic vibrations you hold within yourself – your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, physical condition, memories, karmic lineage are producing your reality.

This class will focus upon:

  • The Nature of Energy
  • Law of Vibration
  • Law of Correspondence
  • Awareness of the energetic vibrations within the self
  • Changing the frequency of your body & minds vibrational blueprint

Student Support Group


March 19, 2015 @ 7 pm
Location: Greenleaf Healing in Cary, IL

All students may also participate in a monthly support group for additional assistance and sharing.

The activities of this group may include:

  • Q & A about your process
  • Group Sharing
  • Group Healing
  • Group Meditation
  • Group Blessings (for loved ones, earth, humanity, etc)

*You must be a student of Greenleaf Healing to attend this support group.

Changing Your Reality
Part II

March 26, 2015 @ 7-9 pm
Location: Greenleaf Healing in Cary, IL

As you enter a new reality, your concept of how to obtain your goals must change. Force will no longer produce the results you seek. The nature of your encompassing reality has changed the rules from which you once relied.
This class will focus upon:

  • The Law of Attraction
  • The Law of Action
  • Changing your responses
  • Changing your habits
  • Redefining or opening your perception

Class includes exercises to enhance your understanding as well as application of material in your life.

March Meditation Classes

Location: Evolve in downtown Crystal Lake, IL
7-8 pm Regular Meditation Class $12
6:30 – 7 pm Beginners $5

This month’s theme is:
Inspiring You!

In honor of spring and the new buds about to enter your life, the focus for this month’s meditations is “Inspiration.” These meditation classes will teach you how to embody an internal sense of enthusiasm while utilizing this profound energy in every aspect of your life.

March 4, 2015~ Tapping into the energy of your inner child to inspire and ignite your innermost ambitions. We will dance within your divine, internal connection to the joy, passion and power you seek.

March 11, 2015 ~ We will utilize the inspiration of the inner child self to help build a foundation for the dreams within your heart.

March 18, 2015 ~ Creating a partnership with your internal source of inspiration to heal and transform old wounds that prevent forward movement.

March 25, 2015 ~ Becoming a source of inspiration for all within your life; befitting a beacon of Light and Joy no matter the circumstances. This is where you claim your Divine power to change your inner and outer worlds.

Sacred Nature, Sacred You

Shamanic Journey Mini-Workshop by Carolyn Greenleaf
March 21, 2015 @ 1-5 pm
Location: Evolve at 54 N. Williams St., Crystal Lake IL 60014

This Mini-Workshop is designed to help individuals understand, reconnect and heal their sacred relationship with an essential aspect of themselves… nature. Students will discover that there is no real separation between themselves and their natural world, that in fact they are One. More information

 **If you are interested in attending these classes, please sign up at

In closing,

We are indeed boarding a brand new Ride. An experience of great joy, excitement and adventure as we move closer to our advanced ability to expand our life in ways we have yet to comprehend. However, Change can be scary when we perceive it through our ego. We must tune into our Soul’s Knowing and trust that the Universe is on our side.  Many individuals, who have prepared themselves to teach and lead the Way, stand by to assistance.

You are never alone and you are always loved…

Abundant Blessings of Peace, Prosperity & Love,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf