Greenleaf Happenings May 2018 – Stepping into Your New Truth

Wow! Is it safe to come out yet? Yes, as difficult as the last two months have been, we are going to be able to breathe a little easier. However, there is still much internal work to do as we learn how to align our minds with the new reality seeded within our hearts.

March into April, we moved into a very deep state of transformation. Downloads, uploads, cleansings, rewiring at a very rapid pace. We were changed – the cells of our body were transformed, and our minds were cleared of many old structures. We have been prepared to enter a new vibrational reality.

Even though much of the old energy is gone, remnants will still filter through our physical body through discomfort and colds. Memories can still do a bit of a “replay” as we see them continue to move their way to the transformation process. Our emotions will surface as we see your past in a brand new way.

Many feel like they’ve stepped into the twilight zone as nothing seems the same. That’s because everything is different and the world will begin to reflect this difference as we continue on our exciting journey.

New Paths

With all that has transpired energetically, you are being prompted to choose again. Clarity will help us see what works and what does not. Making choices that free you from decisions you made in the past, clears the way for new paths now available. Don’t worry about what’s next. Just decide what gives you a sense of fulfillment and happiness, and what burdens you. When you become clear, your new path will be seen.

This is a 7 (5 + 2018/11=16/7) universal month, so this tells us that the choices we make must come from within our heart. It’s time to believe in ourselves.

Coaching or Energetic Session Special!

This is a time when we are pushed to come back Home to our Selves. This can be a confusing and challenging time for many, so I’ve been guided to offer a special price for Spiritual Coaching and Energetic Sessions for the month of May. $77.00 for one hour,

$125 now $77 for 1 hour! Offer expires May 31, 2018

Classes & Offerings

Movie Night!

The Shift with Dr. Wayne Dyer

May 18, 2018 at 7 – 9:30 pm

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer explores the spiritual journey from ambition to meaning. Through the intertwined stories of an overachieving businessman, a mother of two seeking her own expression in the world, and a director trying to make a name for himself, this entertaining film not only inspires, but also teaches us how to create a life of meaning and purpose. Movie, popcorn & Discussion.

Cost is $5.00 for movie, popcorn and discussion. You must sign up to attend.

May Classes

This Tuesday’s SHIFT class – We are going to talk about how our current energy shifts are supporting us like never before to claim our dreams and destines. Come to class ready to let go of more layers of your unconscious choices and claim your new reality and destiny. We will have a special exercise to help release the limitations of your past, and solidify your chosen reality. As always, we will also have a group blessing for humanity and Mother Earth. If you wish to attend, please sign up!

These SHIFT classes are a space where you are supported in your growth and continue what you’ve learned in past classes. The main focus is always “what are you creating in your new reality?”

Journey Night is another special offering that involves 2 or more shamanic journeys. No experience is needed for these gatherings. Bring your open mind, heart and willingness to experience yourself and your world in a whole new perspective and light. Each month we have a theme we work with. The month of May will ride the waves of the current energies into our enhanced clarity and possible choices available.

The challenge each of our Souls is pushing us toward is to consciously embody our authentic or Souls truth, so that we may become the Masters we are here to be. The basic, heart centered Meditations I’ve been teaching for the past few years, is offered every 4th Tuesday from 7-8 pm, and is followed by a deepening of experience with Soul Fusion, from 8-9 pm.

To assist with finding the missing or forgotten pieces of self, I am teaching Facing Your Fears Thursday, May 24. This class addresses the reasons we lost touch with who we truly are, due to the fears we accepted as our truth.



Shaping High Internal Frequencies Together

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 @ 7-9 pm

Information, Support & Sharing Each gathering will have a topic, with opportunity’s to share experiences and issues involved with the changes occurring and how it is effecting members of the group.  There will also be an offering of solutions that will help alleviate the fears and symptoms of these changes. In addition, we will share, encourage and support the positive new ideas and pathways opening in each participant’s life…More Information

May Focus: Transforming old cycle and stepping into New Reality

$22.00 per gathering. You must sign up for each gathering at:


Journey Night

Tuesday, May 15, 2018 @ 7-9 pm

Shamanic Journeys take individuals  into the non ordinary reality, where solutions, information and healing exist.

Journey work is a powerful tool towards resolution with oneself and others. There are many realms, worlds and dimensions where we exist simultaneously. Journeys give us an objective view of what happened, what is happening today and what can happen tomorrow. This opens ones mind and heart to understand what could not be perceived before. More Information 

May Topic: Clarify and Choice.

$22.00 per class. You must sign up to attend:


Facing Your Fears – Empowerment Class

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Thursday, May 24, 2018 @ 7 – 9 pm

This class is about the fears that prevent your forward movement and the consequences of these fears. You will learn how you developed most of your fears, and how you can resolve them while you reclaim the lost pieces of yourself.

Carolyn will address the disown aspects of yourself from childhood into adulthood, help you recognize these aspects and teach you how to heal them. Until we are whole, we cannot experience the joy, peace and abundance we are seeking. Information Link

The cost of this class is $26.00

If you cannot attend, a web class is available!


Meditation Classes

Tuesday, May 29, 2018 @ 7 – 8:00 pm

Basics Meditation Classes

Carolyn teaches simple methods to train the mind or induce a mode of consciousness that promotes a state of peace, calm, relaxation, develop compassion, patience, concentration and insights. These classes are assists individuals toward: Inward Focus, Centering, Balance, Awareness, Uniting with self, Surrender & Flow. Information Link

$11.00 per class. You must sign up to attend at:


Tuesday, May 29, 2018 @ 8 – 9:00 pm

Soul Fusion Meditation Classes

Soul Fusion: The embodiment of the Essence, Knowledge, Wisdom, Reality and Power of one’s Soul. These Meditations are designed to help participants reconnect with their Souls Essence, Reality and Divine Truth. This natural alliance and source of knowledge and wisdom is integrated in a step by step process. Each month, you will move into a deeper relationship and connection with your deepest, forgotten and truest Self. It is time to go beyond what you thought you knew about yourselves, and into the Divine Truth of your true inheritance and identity. More Information

$11.00 per class. You must sign up to attend at:


In Closing….

We have been preparing to embrace our new reality for many years. Along the way, some lost hope, others expanded their paths, but all felt a longing in their hearts – that someday we would enter a state of transformation, unlike any other in our history. That time is now.

Have faith in your heart, and know that we are in this together. The Universe supports you in every way.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf