Greenleaf Happenings ~ October 2013 ~ Can You See Me Now?

jack-2074_640 PixabayIt’s been a busy time for me with multiple starts and stops, along with internal questions, such as where and who am I? This is common when taking into account where many of us are – between cycles. The beginning & end of each cycle happens at the same time, hence the confusion & questions. There are periods of time spent in an empty abyss as we feel disconnected from where we were, yet not connected to where we are going.  This process does test our faith and beliefs – a good time to question and resolve, as well as meditate and understanding the process we must move through in order to arrive at a new destination; Evolution in Action ~

This month offers great opportunities to get to the root of what ails and what prevails.  There is treasure to be gained as more layers reveal themselves while we shed our past and transform what falls.

There continues to be a strong transformational push beneath the surface of every aspect of our lives.  Resolutions are still high on the priority list as our Shadows vie for our needed attention by jumping out to say boo. Just when we think we’ve turned another corner, wham!

It’s important to remember this . . .  all things ultimately serve us, even the darkness and shadow aspects of ourselves and our lives.

Every experience has been an opportunity for us to grow, by expanding our capacity to understand ourselves and develop our compassion and wisdom. Everything in creation is designed to come full circle. We came here to understand both sides of ourselves – the Light & Dark; the victim & villain. We’ve needed to experience the products of our choices that were created through love and courage, along with those made through fear and vengeance.

There is no more hiding or room for denying.  We must accept ourselves “as is.” This is a time for complete honesty; it is the only way to reap the full benefits of what our lives have been about.  How far could we go, how big or small could we be?

Our goal, both collectively and personally is to discover what lies beyond our fears as we trend into the unknown. Halloween is the perfect time to ask ourselves, which mask scares us the most and why.  Ask yourselves these questions: What part of me tries to run and hide? What is really at the root of my fears? What is preventing me from obtaining my heart’s desire? The answers could surprise you, and free you.


I’ve published 3 mini eBooks! These books are PDF downloads. The cost of each is $2.99

Oneness & Unity Consciousness – From once we came to where we return…Oneness. Are you feeling it? Are you experiencing deep internal changes that feel like you’re on a roller coaster one moment, then unexplained peace the next? Many changes are happening on every level of our existence as balance is restored within the Creation of which we are. An internal reunion of our Soul aspects, triggering an even larger global awakening upon us.  An awakening, a realization that we are so much more than we once thought, and a growing sense of a shared connection that runs so very deep with all who share our lives.

Karmic Clearing & Family Healing – This eBook explains the process our karmic cycles have taken, opening the door for healing and transformation to take place. This mini eBook assists the cultivation of deep compassion to release the old cycles, and includes various suggestions to assist this healing process.

Divine Unions – This eBook includes information regarding your Divine Inheritance and the relationships born from this recognition and embrace of your eternal gift.  Also, Soul Mates, Twins and Flames are discussed as well as relationship dynamics and resolutions. This book entails all forms of relationships within your life’s connections with all who share your life’s path.

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I also wanted to offer the CD’s I’ve been working on for some time. One is a companion for my book “Re-Entering Eden” that includes all the exercises within the book, plus additional meditations and journeys to further assist your process. The other CD will be dedicated to a variety of Shamanic Journeys that will enhance your discovery & healing process. As soon as these CD’s are ready for purchase, I will let you know.

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One of the ways we can trigger deep Soul memories and jolt our discover process is by unlocking the energetic codes within our names. For the remainder of this month, I am offering a sneak peek into what connects you to your Souls initial identity – your first name.  For more information about Name Readings, click this link:

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In closing…

The freedom we chose is a gift that nourishes the hearts of many. Be kind to yourselves and honor your transformational process. This is truly a sacred time – a time to open your eyes to what your heart already knows.

Happy Halloweening~

Carolyn M. Greenleaf