Greenleaf Happenings October 2015 – Our Transforming Journey


Where has time gone? It’s hard to believe we are in the month of October.  For those in the northern hemisphere, the harvest is well underway, as our neighbors in the southern half of our world are seeing spring blossoms.  This happens to be a great entry for this month’s newsletter…

A Sacred Time

When we add together the month (10) with the year (2015), we would have a sum of 9. In numerology, 9 represents the ending of a cycle, however, the end of one will always birth the beginning of another. We are in-between two powerful cycles and within the sacred space of transformation. This month represents an energy that is filled with change, letting go and receptiveness.

This month the sacredness of our transformation process is emphasized and beacons a new level of understanding.  To fully comprehend the importance and appreciation of this process, we must align with our Souls Knowing and Wisdom of what is at stake.

The Soul’s knowledge is found when we reach deep within the pathway of our heart, where we can fully embrace and know the transformation process. This is where we begin to experience and realize the beauty that is revealed when we finally release the past. When we surrender to the insight of our heart and awareness of our Soul, we will experience the hidden gifts we could not see while in the mists of struggles. These lovely gifts of the past spring forth and help to catapult us into our awaiting new adventures.

Yes, there is sadness when letting go, but the blessings of new understandings through experiences were always meant to help us grow and move forward. We honor the gifts of the past by surrendering them so they may expand our new experiences.


The eclipses we experienced last month were monumental as they opened new doorways, and allowed our futures higher frequency to join us. All the things we’ve been dreaming of and feeling are here for the taking. We will continue to be bathed in the new energetic impulses that awaken, align and break all that prevents our evolving future from reaching us. The taste of what’s to come stirs an internal excitement that also helps us let go of the past

The new vibrations felt within these welcomed energies are ushering in more of our Divine Truth. An increasing urge will be felt to align with the truth of our Soul as we seek who we really are and what we are designed to do.

However, as this happens, all that no longer matches the high vibrating energy of our Soul will surface, because it must be seen. In order to move forward we must let go of who we are not. In one way or another, we will be forced to see what we have hidden so we may heal our division and claim every aspect of our Soul’s truth. This is a challenging and often a difficult process, but it is necessary, it is powerful and it needs to be embraced. This is how we are transforming. When we move into our heart and understand what is happening from the perspective and wisdom of our Soul, we grow in unfathomable ways.

For those around us who are resisting these changes, they will have a difficult time. Those who run from themselves will find fewer places to hide. Those who wish to continue their greedy and abusive games will not like their outcomes. However, we must honor the path of every individual. Some Souls want deeper levels of understanding, which they receive through negative ways. But, even the feistiest among us will change…eventually.

Even though we honor the choices of others it doesn’t mean we have to agree with what they do, or be part of their show. It is important for us to honor our responsibility to protect ourselves and nourish our own growth. Leading by example helps others find their way too. There will be some people whom we will need to part ways so that all parties can complete their healing and grow forward.


Ladies LadiesNiteNight at Evolve

Thursday – October 8, 2015 @ 5-9 pm

I will be offering mini name readings ($25 for 15 min) and signing copies of my book “Re-Entering Eden.” For more information about this wonderful event:


Meditation Clheart-chakra-colors (1)asses at Evolve

Every 1st Wednesday of each month at 7-8 pm & Every Thursday at 10-11 am

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hands-around-the-world1New!  Ascension Class & Support Hour at Evolve

Beginning October 15, 2015

Every Thursday at 11:15 am – 12:15 pm

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synesthesiaName Readings

Every Thursday 10/1, 8 @ 11-1 pm, 10/15, 22, 29 @12:30-3 pm. Also available Saturdays 10/3, 10, 24 @  11-4 pm and 10/17 @ 11-3 pm

These readings are also available at Greenleaf Healing, where a printed report accompanies the actual reading.

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Coming Soon…

Classes at Greenleaf Healing will resume on a monthly basis. These classes will be on each second Tuesday of the month at 7-9 pm, beginning November 11.  These classes will provide in-depth information, healing and assistance for your journey. Class announcements coming soon…

In closing

If we take advantage of the opportunities given to us this month to transform what is needed, we will be in position to move forward with next month’s abundant flow into the prospects that await us.  By releasing the ego formations within ourselves and our lives, then claiming the innocence within, a whole new world opens.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf