Greenleaf Happenings October 2017 ~ A New Horizon


This month kicks off another level of intensity as we experience great opportunities to heal and advance.  New openings or doorways are moving into our reality at an exceedingly faster pace. But remember, endings will always precede beginnings.  Much is taking place to facilitate what must and can be.


The theme of new beginnings continues to roll out! Not only are we in the first Chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster, a 10 Universal year, we’re still under the influence of the total Solar Eclipse in Leo – the courageous leader and way shower. In addition, our Universal North Node is in also in Leo and we are now under the influence of the Aries Full Harvest moon; in the first western zodiac sign. Jeepers! Now we are in the tenth day of the tenth month of the tenth year; beaming us up! Make time to tune into these wonderful, elated and evolved vibrations – they will bring us closer to our destinies, if we allow.


Jupiter is also moving into the zodiac sign Scorpio where we will be taken deep into the waters of our unconscious and conscious realms. Triggers for your unresolved issues will be relentless, as will your saving Grace – your Soul awakenings. This is taking place in the constellation of Centaurus within the Shapley Super Cluster 8. This Cluster actually unites galaxies; a connector of sorts. This assists us greatly as we move into our new united reality of Oneness. This also means, we have to make peace with all things we thought were against us. All are moving together.

Don’t forget our wounded warrior Chiron – the Centaur; half horse (nature), half human who wears his mortal wounds through the zodiac. Chiron is from the constellation Centaurus -he pokes our wounds so that we may see them and heal them. This healing unites our fragmented selves.

Walking with the Lion

What began with the Solar Eclipse in August has been moving us into a new playing field. What precedes this field is a great deal of chaos triggered by negative ego forms that have been released due to the higher frequencies of Consciousness that continue to rise. For those who have resisted their forward movement toward an evolved sense of self, belief or creating – they will be fearful and confused by the chaos that surrounds them. Others who trust the Flow and are doing their inner work will advance easily into the new and empowered reality that resides within their hearts and manifesting in their physical reality.

At times you may have a sensation of being “squeezed” as the blocks or wounds that prevent forward movement are expelled. What does not align with a positive, united and empowered life is transforming. However, it is important to not focus on what you believe you are losing, but rather the goals that are beaconing from within your heart. A great deal of surrendering what was is at hand.

When we allow our internal healing and reconnection to our authentic Self or Soul Embodiment to continue, we move closer to the beautiful manifestations we have asked for.  It is up to us to claim our desired manifestations by keeping our focus on them and upon the magic of the Now Moment.

I was recently remained of how much gratitude can play a big role in aligning with the true abundance that we have called for and is waiting to connect to us. Gratitude brings us into the Moment in recognition that we are and have always been abundant in many ways. Our abundant sense opens our hearts to a higher frequency that brings us toward an expanded version of the natural abundance that is our Souls inheritance.

We are not Dead!

There is a whole lot of transformation going on! When we experience a new cycle or beginning energies, we will also see more individuals leaving their physical body. Many have finished their time on the physical plane – they are ready to move on, but not into the new physical cycle which is part of our earthly manifestation.

Many have chosen to move forward without their physical body as they released them during our weather related events, shootings, etc. As a medium friend of mine Glenn Klausner says, “those who have passed over don’t like to be called dead.” He says dead indicates the end, but it is not. In fact, many Souls are busier than they were when they had a body on the physical plane. The shedding of one’s physical body is just a way of moving into another part of their existence, destiny or goals.

Keeping this in mind, may be easier to forgive those who seemed to have left us behind. It also allows us to forgive those we think caused their “death.” There is a reason for everything, and nothing is allowed that would change a Souls chosen destiny.


Weekly Thursdays in Cary, IL 7-9 pm

This group has been created to help individuals move through the massive changes experienced on both the collective and individual levels. This entire planet and all who inhabit earth are moving through a state of great transformation. An evolution has been taking place, through realizations and awakenings termed, the Ascension. Information link.

You must sign up at: to attend.

Creating your Reality – Class Series

This is a class series that includes the Universal Laws of Energy/Creation. Each class explains the various Laws that mold your life and create your reality. These classes also include exercises to enhance your understanding as well as application of class material in your life.

Understanding and awareness is the key to changing your reality. Each of us is being pushed to “evolve” into our greatness. No one can escape this fact; our world, our life, and our individual identity is changing. We can understand and grow, or remain blind and experience unnecessary pain. Information Link

Part I – Oneness

Monday October 23 at Cary, IL at 7-9:30 pm

This class about how we are transforming into our new reality, which is based upon Oneness.  We will discuss Creations Law of Divine Oneness as well as the structure of this Connected Reality.

This class will also help you understand the process humanity is moving through in order to accomplish this enhanced reality of Being. All polarities are also uniting, creating temporary “sparks” or discomfort within the self and the outer world. Information link

You must sign up at: to attend.

In Closing

Keep in mind, we are all moving through major changes that are bringing us closer to a reality of authenticity in all we are and do. This can be a joyous experience and it is, when we see and experience this through our Soul’s knowing.

I am available for anyone needing assistance. Energetic Healing & Transformational Coaching brings much clarity, relief and peace of mind to many.   For information on these services, please visit my website pages or contact me.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf