Shifting Forward ~ September 2013

sun_shining_through_trees_lighting_a_river-1024x768As you may have noticed, I’ve not been very visible this summer. This was due in large part to “letting the dust settle.” Many of you will relate to this; in some way, we are experiencing a very deep and physical transformation. As our worlds continue to unite, we have to reassess . . .  everything.

Personally, I’ve always been more connected to the spiritual world, as is the nature of my soul. Even though this is a treasured gift, I understand the need to surrender the turmoil I have felt within myself to allow my physical life to transform. I’ve taken a step back and enjoyed time with my family as the construction work within myself commenced. However, I’ve had moments of clarity through the dust & debris to witness the forming results of this massive internal renovation.

It feels as through all the programs of Greenleaf Healing I’ve been working on for the past 10 plus years have been tossed in the air, shuffled around like pieces of a puzzle and now finding their rightful place. The result is a forward moving, integrated program with a greater connectivity and expression of the wholeness we are evolving into. To put it mildly . . . I am really excited!!!!

Now I am in the process of physically reorganizing all the pieces of Greenleaf Healing into a comprehensive system that both your spiritual & physical selves can easily utilize and harmonize within your unfolding lives.

Besides the ongoing coaching, I will offer an educational system which includes:

  • Intensive weekend workshops (Friday through Sunday)
  • Downloadable classes – accessible in the convenience of your home, your time.
  • Mini Ebooks
  • Mentorship program

I will keep you up to date with these changes and new offerings as they happen through “Inspirations” and upcoming Newsletters/Happenings.

I would love to hear about your own transformative experiences during these past summer months.  The article below may spark some “aha” moments of what has been circling around you. . .

Demolitions & Pixy Dust

How many of you are experiencing a “shake-down” in your lives? Take a look at the uncomfortable situations you are finding yourselves – they are your clues. As your Soul anchors firmly into your life there will be clashes & resistance from the familiar and rigid beliefs your mind and ego have thrived on for many, many years. You can relate this to the discomfort you feel when you change an ingrained habit or addiction. In fact any “change” is uncomfortable, because it’s unfamiliar and let’s admit . . . kinda scary too.  Continue reading…

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M Greenleaf