Greenleaf Happenings September 2015 ~ Turmoil, Growth & Joy


Hello everyone!

We are in the mists of amazing shifts that will force new changes and form innovative possibilities for all. The time of awakening has never been more profound as we feel a sense of being squeezed or torn apart, then all of a sudden, joy peeks through. When we are stripped of all we are not, our Real Identify and Truth is exposed and shines through us. We also have Jupiter transit into Virgo that will have a tremendous impact on our lives for the next 12 months.  Plus, where we stand right now is within the magical energy of the 8. The month of September, added to the sum total of this year (9 + 8) gives us the frequency of an 8 (9+8=17/8) month. We are also within an 8 year, so this month we get an exponential boost of the power of the…8.

The frequency of 8 will always focus on uniting the truest aspects of self – spiritual and physical or heaven and earth.  This union brings the innovation, power and magic of our Soul into our lives. This is why the 8 opens the door to our abundance and transformation.   A transformation must take place for the realization of the abundance that is our birthright.  The long journey toward knowledge goes through a process of renewal as all the painful elements experienced to achieve this knowledge is turned into pure wisdom, through awakening.


As your awakening escalates, it may feel very scary as a sense of “shake downs” intensifies. It is important to remember that the fear surfacing is actually your ego. The ego’s only point of reference is the past, which is what it bases your future upon. But alas, the past is crumbling – it must. The past issues cultivated during your journey toward knowledge only hold you back.

However, your True Self or Soul is based within the Present, Now Moment – not the past. This is why it is so important to trust your instincts, your initial gut feeling – it is your Soul communicating to you. Your Soul or your Authentic Self is getting your attention in a myriad of ways in an effort to bring you Home. This Home is your truth, your future, your new reality that includes the knowledge earned along your long journey. This is a Heart based reality where you live in an awakened/conscious state.  Within this awakened state, you draw upon your Soul’s growing knowledge, wisdom and power.

Also, you will naturally feel the deep connection you have with everyone around you, both in heaven and earth. Love, respect, joy and excitement will be common place. Your new reality is where you will truly grow in leaps and bounds . . . so what are you waiting for?

Trigger Points

Everything that keeps you tied to your old reality is being triggered so you may release those chains. The Universe is always helping you by intensifying the frequency of Light or Spirit’s Energy. These high vibrating frequencies hold a great deal of information while they also shine this Light upon the Shadows formed by the ego self. This confuses and frightens the ego. This is also why you will feel lost or in limbo, if you are aligned with the ego self. When the past disintegrates while attached to the ego self, you cannot envision or feel the future.  It is important to recognize that when you are feeling any form of fear, you are aligned with your ego self. At that very moment, you have the power and choice to change your alliance by aligning with your Soul/Authentic Self. The moment you do this, the fear dissipates and you are able to feel relief and the sense of joy your future holds.

Order out of Chaos

August 11, 2015 Jupiter entered the sign of Virgo and will remain until September 9, 2016. Jupiter will always expand the energies it touches and Virgo is all about taking care of business.  Virgo will assist us in bringing order out of chaos. Virgo cuts away what no longer serves us, making room for what is productive and life affirming. This energy of meticulous awareness will instigate organization where necessary, while it also yearns for a healthier way of life. Care of body, mind and Soul will be front and center for the next 12 months. Perfect preparation for the expansive future that is unfolding all around us.

We will get a long boost of self disciplined Virgo that is needed to create solid foundations for the innovations coming through our heart and Soul.

Energetic Healing

Energetic Healing

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This form of healing is a wonderful way to help you release the emerging negativity that is in a state of transition. More informationI am offering these energetic healing sessions at a reduced rate of $100/hour through the month of September.

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1st Wednesday’s beginning 9/2 @ 7-8 pm & Thursday mornings beginning 9/3 @ 10-11 am

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Name Readings


September 5 @ 11-3 pm & September 19 @ 11-4 pm

Location: Evolve at 54 N. Williams St., Crystal Lake IL 60014

This reading can help trigger your inner knowing and open the doors to reconnect with your Soul’s deeper wisdom’s. More information

In Closing

This is going to be a wild ride at times, especially for our emotions. No matter what is happening to you or around you, stay centered and true to yourself.  To help you during these turbulent and jubilant times, I am available for Energetic Healing, Coaching, Counseling or Guidance.  Sessions are in person, phone or via Skype

To understand the relationship between the ego and Soul selves, plus how to reclaim your authenticity, my book “Re-Entering Eden: Reclaiming our Wholeness and Divine Truth” is available for purchase. Book link

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf