Greenleaf Happenings September 2016 – Internal Flames of Creation


Are you ready? It’s about to get hot, very hot in here!

Phew, there’s a lot happening, but I’m sure you’ve already felt it – question is, are you hiding under a rock or standing on the tallest peak?

There is a crescendo of many cycles moving into completion, while we also feel Creations Orchestra reverberate the melody of what is to come, within our heart – body, mind & Soul. Not only are we experiencing a powerful transformation taking place, the earth is too. Much is being cleansed and illuminated – inside and out.

Even though this newsletter is a bit long, stick with it, because I am offering a special deal on Energetic Sessions, below.

Clues & Triggers

How do we know what’s happening? How is the information for these monthly newsletters obtained and why is it important?

Well,  as you may have heard time and time again, we create our reality. Everything you have created with your thoughts, emotions and actions has a piece of you within….everything. This “piece” is the essence of your authentic truth – a Seed of Light that is imprinted with your Soul’s True North; the fail-safe that brings you Home when you are lost. There is Divine Intelligence within the things around you and the experiences you encounter which are symbolic and trigger great meaning and messages from your Soul.

For me, utilizing the knowledge of Numerology, ancient Cabala and Astrology begins an internal and Divine Connection into the coffers of knowledge within the Oneness.

As most of you also know, we are One – One body of Creation. Each one of us are the unique and intricate cells of Light or Life that experiences, informs and expands the Body of Creation. Everything is connected. From the cosmos to the depths of the oceans, everything affects all Cells of the One Body. This is why I inform you about the astrological events and information within the symbols or clues that are right under our nose, within our common everyday life.  As awareness is brought to these clues, we all experience internal triggers to help us understand, expand and evolve.

As we experience oddities that all of a sudden creep up to greet us, checking into the “energy” or intelligence within the occurrences can help us remain sane and calm as we know there is something bigger taking place and that ultimately, there will be positive outcome.

Lets begin….


This is the ninth month (9/September) in a 9 universal month (9+2016/9=18/9) in a 9 universal year (2016=9). Ascension anyone 🙂

This is telling us that we are experiencing many endings or releases of many cycles. There is a unique convergence and expansion like no other at this time. The energy of these 9’s is creating a perfect alignment with the additional astronomical events we will also experience this month.

Let’s begin with this month; 9+2016 = 18/9

We are preparing to move forward (1) into a new experience that offers us the capacity to encounter a life of abundance (8). Even though many are still experiencing constriction and sense of lack, it is the remnants of our old world that is ending and leaving our body, mind and emotional states.

The focus should be upon the abundance that is in our life now – in all its forms. Even if you have a bill that is due in which you have no idea how it will be paid, focus on the abundance you already have. This opens the door for a way to pay and receive more funds. In addition, the issues surrounding abundance are big on the scene. Anything that is preventing you from feeling abundant is in the process of resolution.

You are in the center of the end and beginning of a major cycle/s as you are seeing, feeling, remembering and possibly re-experiencing the past, it is important to honor what was and allow it to pass. The past has been (for sometime) releasing from the cellular memory of our physical, emotional and mental bodies and coming into a crescendo for the remainder of this year. Anyone who is not with the program will feel the burn – and it will not be fun. Furthermore, stay out of the way. Keep yourself safe from those who become reactive as they may singe you in the process of finding relief!

The 9 is the number of transformation. However, these special vibrations of the nine is orchestrating and managing two cycles that overlaps and eventually converge.  The vibration of the nine forms the alchemy that resolves one cycle and births another. The vibration of the 9 is the summit – the final point where there is only one place to go – up. Everything that holds you in the old reality of lack or victim hood is on the table.

When you are wise enough to see your own continual growth process as sacred, you will be rewarded. To honor ones entirety within the story their path has created, seats them in the wise view and understanding of their eternal Soul and that of Creation.


Dancing Flames

This entire year has been about reaching the pinnacle of an old cycle of reality– its transformation and ultimate release. From this peak, you can also glimpse the new cycle opening. In the transformative energy of the nine, we learn to dance in the flames – when internally understood, becomes a sacred experience.

One of the most powerful ways to move through this process is by understanding that the future would not exist without the growth achieved through the experiences we now must release. During this release, the wisdom and love earned moves forward with us and the pain of achievement is transformed into magical pixy dust.

Light it Up!

The transformation process isn’t always the internal heat, such as hot flashes we feel when dense energies are aflame. There has also been the experience of something likened to “filling with Light from within. “ When our DNA or cellular memories of our Divine Truth and destiny open, we experience periods of internal expansion as each cell within our body fills with our Soul’s Light or what some are calling Plasma. What happens next is a crumbling or dislodging of the dense, lower vibrating energies of our past that our ego holds within every level of ourselves (physical, etheric, emotional, mental & spiritual), which forms our physical creations.

Some call this a period of squeezing as an uncomfortable sense runs through us, looking for release. When we are conscious of these times and work with them, they are truly magical.

It is important to remember, that after a period of filling or expansion of internal Light, we must stand in the position of surrender. When we surrender, we enhance our ability to hold more Light as our walls come down and we move out of the way so the dense debris of our past may transform.

Earth Body

Earth is also going through the same transformation process that we are. The waves of heat above and below our earth’s surface are likened to the hot flashes we feel as we release large pieces of the past. The rumbling and shaking of the earth is her cells expand to allow her true Divine Light to fill her once again. And the waves of water assist in washing away the debris and cleansing her emotional scars. This water also becomes a conduit for clearer connectivity.

The oceans upon this earth are also in tune with the phases of our Moon and movement of the astrological events unfolding as are we…

Solar Eclipse & Virgo New Moon


We will experience a Solar Eclipse on September 1st at 5:04 AM EDT in Virgo’s New Moon. Eclipses will always illuminate an area of our life that needs attention. The energy of Virgo focuses around work, goals and health.

The symbol of Virgo is a Virgin who is separating the wheat from chaff. This is a grounded earth sign that pertains to what is happening in your physical life. This is an energy of authenticity at the deepest levels of self – both inside and out.  It is time to be completely honest with…yourself.

This eclipse will help you pay attention to the details or fine tune your goals for the new cycle opening and the opportunities you sense are near. Virgo asks us to get real with what’s really going on inside. Ask yourself – “am I doing everything I can to seize the opportunities that exist now and those that are forming? Am I aligning with my Soul’s excitement and expanded sense of love and knowing? Am I positioning myself energetically with my goals? Am I loving who I AM? Am I taking care of all my needs? Am I consciously aware of my thoughts and emotions? Am I being vigilant in maintaining the positive, loving and expansive self that is growing inside me?” If not, then ask “why not?”

These Virgo releases are best done by way of the Soul. Instead of engaging the ego’s nit picky and controlling ways, tap into the Flow of your Soul to clean and clear your way forward. Simply pay attention to when you are fretting about something that is getting your attention and work on releasing your physical, emotional and mental hold on what is ready to be released. Resist your ego’s need to examine everything and instead, let it go. You will find clarity breaking through much quicker by allowing the magical ways of your Soul to take charge.

Remember; keep your eye on the prize – your beckoning future and possibilities. Each New Moon is an opportunity to plant new Seeds or tend to those that still need nurturing or weeding.

This eclipse is also lining up nicely with Mercury’s retrograde (8/30-9/22) as this combination will help bring things that are not working for you, into conscious awareness. For more information go to: Mercury Retrograde 

Last Dance for Saturn & Neptune

 FYI; here’s another important aspect that has been effecting everyone. Two planets with completely different views about reality – Saturn & Neptune. Saturn is all about discipline and practicality – the realist. Neptune is the dreamer who lives in the moment but rarely feels the ground beneath. Both are aspects within the self that need to come into balance, for both are needed to live a fulfilling and harmonious life. These two partners also represent the two realities or parts of self that are uniting and learning to exist together.

This challenging aspect began to dance in 2015 with three very powerful “exacts” as Saturn stood toe to toe with Neptune – the Felix and Oscar of the cosmos.

“The final of the three exact Saturn-Neptune squares perfects on Sept. 10, but here at the Virgo Solar Eclipse, Saturn and Neptune are already at 10 degrees each sign. Reality as we’ve known it (Saturn) has been in a constant state of uncertainty and dissolution (Neptune) since the squares began in 2015. This surrealism is going to reach fever pitch at the Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse, just before the final Saturn-Neptune square.”~ Donna Woodwell For more information: Saturn & Neptune

Balance…oh Yes!

Jupiter leaves Virgo September 8 to enter Libra, which means the spotlight of expansion will be upon balance as Jupiter enters Libra for the next 12 months.  While Jupiter was visiting Virgo, there was an importance toward getting our act together as Jupiter magnified Virgos helpful traits of organizing, cutting the fat and grounding our ideas in more practical ways. Now, we are ready to relax a bit as we learn to balance our lives with the work ethics achieved in Virgo.

What a Deal!

Carolyn Greenleaf at Arts & Hearts for Haiti

To help you release the increase of energetic debris that is or will be surfacing, I’m offering a special deal. Instead of $125/hour, I will provide Energetic Healing Sessions for $99.99/hour. This offer is available for the entire month of September.

These sessions will be provided either in person or through distance healing. It is not necessary for an individual to be physically present to receive the same results as they would in person. Energy healing is provided through a connection to an individual’s energy bodies/fields. Phone connection during distance healings is preferable so questions can be asked during the session. For more information, contact me or click this link:  Energy Sessions

~ Classes & Events ~

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Information Link: Meditation Classes

Weekly Wednesday’s: September 7, 14, 21, 28, 2016 @ 6 – 7 pm at Greenleaf Healing in Cary IL $11 *Sign up at

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Ascension Hour

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Weekly Wednesday’s: September 7, 14, 21, 28, 2016 @ 7 – 8 pm at Greenleaf Healing in Cary IL $11 *Sign up at

~ Reclaiming You ~

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Meet Carolyn Greenleaf!  Carolyn will talk about her work and book at Options 4 Health this month. Come and listen to her inspiring words and experience a healing meditation.

Saturday, September 24 at 1:00 – 2:00 pm Location: Options 4 Health Call Sandy to sign up: (815) 363-7007

In Closing…

This will be a challenging time for many, but for those of us who have been consciously working through our own Ascension process for a while, it will be very exciting. Ultimately for everyone, the rewards will be great!

In the mean time… if you have days of confusion, clarity will come. If you feel lost – you are on your way Home. If you feel alone – I will be holding your hand. Call upon your Guides & Angels for assistance and guidance, they are you’re A Team and they love you more than you can imagine.

Never forget – You are precious beyond measure.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf