Growing Hearts


Music’s harmonious rhythms recall our Souls lyrical embrace, yet dissonant cords plea for unity is not to be ignored.  It is time to enhance our score. ~Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Our innermost truth is an awestruck grandeur that seeks to increase its pose, not for fame, but for a Unified Grace that is found within a contrasting embrace. Growth requires us to experience a vast amount and degree of occurrences with individuals who come and go, but always leaves a seed of greatness in their place.

When we feel something or someone in our lives slip away, we often feel remorse or sadness. However, if we remember this simple fact within our Soul’s deepest truth – love is never lost.

As we move through the challenges and changes within our lives, this simple fact will always remain – what was created with love not only stays with us, it grows forward with us.

In our Soul’s deepest truth, all that is Divine becomes part of our evolving future.  All of the knowledge we gained and the wisdom earned creates the foundation for what we are about to experience.

Even the negative experiences go through the fires of transformation, releasing a golden seed of knowledge and yes, love. Whoever creates a negative situation is at their core, a Son or Daughter of Creation. This truth will always reveal itself at the moment of final release.  Nothing has been in vain.

Everything matters, has reason and will reveal its gifts when we release our hold on what was. When we release a person, event or experience, we grow and elevate our position within our expanding existence.

The only real issue is Fear. The kind of fear that prevents an opportunity to overcome, grow and move forward is what we must conquer.

Duality into One

To truly overcome a fear is to change our relationship with it. Fear has always been a vehicle for us to experience our separation from our innermost truth about whatever it is we fear. Fear is not our enemy, it is our teacher. Fear is an ally, when we understand its true nature.

Fear lets us know where our areas of separation originate. These areas of separation from our Souls truth are the doorways of exploration, education and growth we are here to embrace. However, we cannot learn when we are running from the very thing that haunts us.

If we remember, we are still living within (or connected to) a dualistic world of opposites. It is up to us to bring order out of fears chaos. Numerically, the word fear is 6 + 5 + 1 + 9 = 21. In other words, fear begins from a unified state of our own Divinity, but through the changes and experience of separation, we are propelled to seek our unity once again, and in doing so, we grow and reach the end of the teaching cycle with increased wisdom, unconditional love and acceptance of our greater truth. The culmination of these numbers becomes the 21, our separation is healed as we release the trauma within our lessons by embracing the totality of the teachings and the gifts received along this path.

As my book “Re-Entering Eden” describes, it is the ego within us that creates the experience of separation. It is then through the remembrance and acceptance of our Soul’s greater truth that brings us Home. We are Divine. We are God/Goddess; Creation in motion.

It is through our deepening knowledge that new Universes are created, new pathways and teachings are formed. This expands our appreciation of our Loving Universe and enhances our awareness, creating the experience of bliss within our growing hearts and revealing lives.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf