Greenleaf Happenings – August 2014

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Opening the Door to Your Abundance

Each year, the month of August presents us with another opportunity to experience the abundance that is our inheritance. The number 8 symbolizes a balance of two aspects of our own energy – one is our Divine Truth within the creative & powerful possibilities of our Soul/Spirit; the other is our earthly reality where physical manifestations take place. The joining of these two elements of self brings the abundance we seek into our physical lives.

This year, the 8th month is joined by our 7 year. In numerology, when you have more than 1 number within a sequence, you add all the numbers together in order to have a single number – this year it is 7. When we add the 8th month to the 7 year, the result is (8 + 7 = 15/6). Normally you would be directed to focus only upon the end resulting number, 6. However, I believe the numbers within our calculations express how the resulting number is to be applied. My automatic response naturally leads to Cabala’s interpretation; from the Oneness and unity of Self (1), the divine feminine (5) must be honored so that the child/creation/desire (6) is brought into physical reality.

This month, tune into your receptive, intuitive and creative power of your feminine capabilities. Be like the lioness of Leo, who uses her innate instincts and is prepared to jump on the opportunities that present themselves. Also, respect and nurture the connection you have with your family and your environment. Recognize your relationship with all elements of life and be grateful for each of them. The more you recognize the gifts you already have; they will increase your happiness and shift your energy towards the abundance you seek.

Meditation Classes

My meditation program has been an exciting project; I am feeling it morph into a beneficial tool for whoever wishes to join. For more information, click this link: Meditation Program.

The next class meets at Evolve on Wednesday 8/20 @7-8pm. Evolve is located at 54 N. Williams St., Crystal Lake IL.

Online Classes

I’m working to bring my classes online. This is another project that’s been in the works for some time, but now coming closer to actualization. The first of these classes will be “Facing Your Fears.

As we evolve, the unhealed wounds of the past must be resolved.

I’ve recognized more individuals who are dealing with increased anxiety in their life. An important thing to remember is when you decide to make positive changes in your life, every unresolved issue and fear you have held within yourself will surface. This must happen because your fears block your path forward, so they must be resolved. You release your fears them by facing them and allowing the past to heal through you. Once you understand the process, your resistance and anxiety is replaced with joy. It is an amazing transformation when you stop running and look deeper within. Stay tuned!

“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”

The story behind the featured picture…

This past weekend, I took several close-up pictures of my parent’s flowers around their home. When I showed them to my father he asked me where these flowers were and where these pictures were taken. My dad couldn’t believe they came from his own garden. He planted these flowers, fed and tended them, yet he failed to recognize their full beauty until he saw the pictures. This is the story of our lives; we plan and toil, but get caught up in the labor process and forget to notice our works fruition.

Enjoy the last half of summer and take this opportunity to tune into the child within. Your life is enhanced when you remember to appreciate your precious moments with family, friends and the things you love to do. Your inner child can also help you reconnect to your powerful feminine aspects as well; this means opening yourself to feel the exciting and exquisite pulse of life that flows all around you. All that you want is within your grasp; you only need to recognize it.

*To learn more about the Inner Child and Feminine aspects, read my book “Re-Entering Eden; Reclaiming our Wholeness & Divine Truth.” For more information, click this link.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf
Transformational Coach, Teacher, Author & Speaker

July 2014 Greenleaf Happenings


Coming Home

Well, it’s finally happening, I’m moving back into my home. Six months after a fire in my neighbors attached town-home forced me out – I’m comin’ home…again. Yet this time, everything has changed. The energy in my home and my life has completely shifted. A needed release of the past and faith in the future brought me into an entirely new space.

What preceded this seemingly unfortunate event? I chose a better reality. By consciously choosing to experience something better, the Universe orchestrated a chain of events that would lead to the transformation needing to take place. An opportunity for a heightened energetic frequency had to come in and clear the way for great things to enter my life. The components included, an irresponsibly neighbor to set the events in motion; she also received the opportunity to learn from her mistakes, while I got the shakeup needed for my life’s transformation to take place.

Now I am filled with excitement as I unpack and reorganize each room of my home with a mix of new and old cherished items. A new doorway has opened for both my personal and professional goals – Greenleaf Healing is renewed and moving forward.

Due to the nature of my work, I understood what was taking place with this fire incident. I didn’t like it, but I understood it. And thus, I choose to reap all that I could from the experience. I did this to help others, and so that I could move through the stages of transformation as easily and quickly as possible. Plus, it was an opportunity to grow in new ways.

Each one of you has had the opportunity to experience a life altering event in your lives, several for most of you. Whether these events were through positive or negative means – they changed your life forever.

Transformations Process

When you consciously chose something better for yourself and really mean it – your Soul will take the driver’s seat. You will feel a loss of control as the reality you once knew begins to shake, crumble and fall. Cracks must form deep within the foundation of your old reality so that the incoming Rays of Light can make their way through to form the new pathways you need. When you embrace the opening doors, you are catapulted into the reality you have hoped for.

The key elements of every transformational process are:

• A traumatic or life alternating event happens – a breakdown of the old
• The abyss – what was is gone, what will be is unknown; you are in limbo
• Emotional release; what fueled the past negative cycle is expelled
• Exhaustion & feeling raw – a need for rest and tender loving care of self
• Melancholy – you miss elements of the past
• A point of complete surrender
• Patience…lots of patience…
• New awareness, realizations and wisdom surfaces
• Excitement builds
• A new door opens
• Forward movement commences

Every significant change in your life is accompanied by varying degrees of this transformational cycle. This begins with a traumatic event, followed by a state of confusion as you find yourself in an abyss, not knowing what to do or where to go. Reactive emotions surface such as anger and resistance toward your state of affairs. Then comes the moment of realizing…the situation is completely out of your hands. The moment of surrender arrives – a letting go of what was, not knowing what is to be or when it will arrive. Faith in a positive outcome and appreciation for what you do have are your saving grace.

When a transformative experience is upon you, you can either fight it, or embrace it. The later creates an informative and joyful experience, in addition to enhancing the incoming gifts. However resisting what must be creates more pain and lengthens the entire process.

Your focus is very important during each stage – acceptance with anticipation is extremely helpful, also recognition and gratitude for the abundance you already have moves you closer to the gifts ready to enter your life. Visualizing, feeling or imagining your new choices also enhances and quickens the arrival of your desires.

At this time, the opportunity for the realities you have hoped for are standing right in front of you, waiting for you to say yes. But, to step into your dreams your focus must change; your thoughts, actions and emotions must match what you wish to have in your life. You must also let go of what has kept you from your desires. Past negative events, emotions and beliefs you have yet to release stands in your way. It is time to replace your anger with gratitude – each negative experience has been an opportunity for you to recognize your strength while growing your wisdom and compassion. In addition, exchange your fears with faith; faith in your dreams, yourself and the Universe.

Meditation Classes

To help you hone your focus and reconnect to your innate abilities, I am teaching meditation classes at Evolve this month. I hope to see you there!

54 N. Williams St. Crystal Lake, IL 60014
Wednesdays, 7/16 & 7/30
7 – 8 pm

For more information click this link:  Meditation Program

You may sign up via emailing at, or drop in. The cost of these classes is $10.00 each.

In Closing,

Life can be an exciting adventure again. Your child within knows there is magic in the universe and within yourself. Everything is possible. It’s time for you to come home…to your strength, wisdom and the immense power you have within. It is time to bring your impending future Home.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

June 2014 Greenleaf Happenings

Have you enjoyed the first half of this year? Can you believe we’re here – in the middle of the year already! My previous 6 months have been nothing short of transformational. As repairs are moving forward after a fire last December, I hope to finally return to my home this month. It feels like a new start with a renewed energy in my home and my life. I am really excited to see what unfolds as the year progresses.

June is always the threshold into the 2nd half of the year and of our personal cycles. Each January we begin a new cycle in our lives – however, the new overlaps the ending period of the previous cycle. June propels us forward; unimpeded by the loose ends of the ending cycle….if we have done our work and released what was.

Letting go is so often… hard to do. To see the past as a valuable experience helps us to release and look ahead. Focus is all too important and plays a critical role for the unfolding buds our lives have produced. We honor the past when we nurture our future by focusing upon the excitement building in our hearts. Enthusiasm builds when we bring our full attention to what we feel in “the moment.” Each one of our precious moments are the pivotal points that either hold us in the past or thrust us forward when we either wallow in regret or rejoice what is.

June is also the 6th month of the year, the magical space where unity flows in the background of life. This unity represents family, relationship issues, even projects that are finding resolution and coming together. The 6 is also the child’s domain. This is a time to awaken our imagination and peer into the possibilities our physical eyes have yet to see. Creation begins with a though, a concept of something new. This is where the inner child can help, as our partner, our ally who helps us open the doors to what we hold so dear within our heart.

Our heart holds the answers our mind has yet to know. This is because our heart beats to the rhythm of our expansive & knowing Soul, and reminds us of the wonderment and beauty our life holds.

Meditation Program

We have all heard about the wonderful effects meditation can have within our lives. I have witnessed the healing effects first hand. I use a natural and simplistic practice that I incorporate into my daily life, which keeps me connected with my innermost self & enhances my ability to recognize the hidden beauty within my life. This practice has enhanced my joy, increased my focus and has had profound healing effects. Now I would like to share what I have learned with you.

I’ve created a Meditation Program for those who wish to learn and utilize this simple yet powerful practice. Each class would be 1 hour, which will include information, instruction and 1 or 2 meditations. This format would be ongoing and offered every-other week. If there is enough interest, this program would become weekly.

If you are interested, please let me know. This program is still in the exploratory phase, but could begin in July if enough people are interested. For more information, please click this link: Meditation Program

Enjoy this exciting month and dare to try something new. Challenge yourself to move forward and engage with the fearless child within.

For more information about healing your relationship with your Inner Child, my book “Re-Entering Eden” can help, as well as the Companion CD to assist you along your journey of healing and wholeness.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf



May 2014 Greenleaf Happenings

5-12-14 014
Generating Blossoms

The month of May always reflects new beginnings, changes, and revelations that have been working in the background for some time. This is my favorite time of year, because it reminds me of the transformation and renewal our lives represent.

Nature will always reflect the transformation you are experiencing. Whether you are feeling new buds in your life, the harvest, or the end of what was, each of these stages of transformation represent the power of Creation within you.

The magic of the seasons have unique messages that speak directly to our hearts. In my region, the springtime blossoms beckon the surrounding sweetness of our lives and await our notice. Take some time to be in the moment. Too often, the days of our lives pass without our full attention to the gifts we already have. The fullness we seek is already here. The joy we have asked for has always been within our grasp.

To realize the dreams within our heart, we must practice patience and surrender, while we let go of the past, prepare for new opportunities and cultivate the courage to step into what we have yet to know.

This has been the path I’ve been walking since December of last year. As many of you know, the town-home in which I share a wall, burned. This created a very long and frustrating process of letting go – much of the situation has been out of my control. This has been a time of patience and trust in the workings of something larger and greater than what I have been able to imagine. This time of surrender has been greatly assisted the CD I’ve been preparing. The peace, happiness and balance I needed were within the creation of “Re-Entering Eden Companion CD.” I encourage each of you to embrace the exercises, meditations and journeys that will assist you along the currents of your transforming lives.

Re-Entering Eden Companion CD is finally ready!

Eden CD Cover (4-24-14)

This special CD has been in the works for several months, and now I am happy to announce…it’s ready!!!

This companion CD is a blend of exercises, guided journeys and meditations to enhance the teachings of the book “Re-Entering Eden; Reclaiming our Wholeness & Divine Truth,” while providing assistance along your journey toward wholeness as you come home to your truth.

The guided meditations and exercises are designed to help you focus upon the intended area or aspect of self in need of healing. The journeys are based on shamanic practices, and are designed to bridge the gap between your ordinary and non-ordinary realities where expansive knowledge is found. Each Journey is an inward rather than outward experience, to ensure safety, connectivity, plus accurate direction and knowledge. Most journeys have an introduction track to briefly explain and prepare you. This also gives you the option of entering these journeys with or without each introduction.

This is double disk CD totals 132:68 minutes. For a list of the tracks or listen to the introductory tracks, please click this link.

The cost of each double disk CD is $19.99. However, if you purchase a Re-Entering Eden book along with the CD, you will receive $5.00 off the price of the CD.

For those of you who have already purchased the book “Re-Entering Eden,” through Greenleaf Healing, you may purchase this CD for $14.99 with free shipping. Please email Carolyn if you wish to take advantage of this offer.

In Closing…

When you embrace the magic within each moment, your life becomes a joyous adventure. There is so much potential waiting to be explored, all it takes is a bit of courage and faith in…yourself.

Abundant Blessings,
Carolyn M. Greenleaf

March 2014 – Greenleaf Happenings 


sunflower-2542_640Pixabay - Copy

Budding Changes

As we approach the beginning & end of seasons, we are reminded of the necessary changes we all face. Stagnation is foreign to our innermost being; we are designed to grow.

Isn’t it interesting that often times, fear rises after we choose something new? When we focus upon a new and exciting direction for our lives, we often contend with an uncomfortable sensation that seeps into our plans – fear. Even though we love the idea of something new, we also fear change. Change shifts our world, forcing us out of our familiar and seemingly “safe places.”

Identify with Natures Wisdom.

This is a wonderful time of year to identify with the changes of nature. Nature is not only part of who we are, but is a wondrous teacher of our own reality.

What we witness as endings, nature uses to nurture new growth. Nature wastes nothing. Likened to our own experiences, nothing is truly wasted; the past is meant to nurture our growth. Everything we have encountered provided knowledge, wisdom, compassion, understanding and more possibilities for our future.

Your life is as precious as you are. It is you who must recognize this fact.

A seed must die for new growth to ensue. The very beginnings of you were created from the sperm and egg of your parents – they began your physical existence, a part of them became you.

So, we must ask ourselves this question: do seeds truly die or do they continue as improved versions?

The focus within nature is not upon loss, nature proceeds into new forms. Loss and birth are united. The past brings the future into being.  In fact there is no loss, only change – growth.

We are meant to release the emotional hold we have toward our history. We must free ourselves so the wisdom of our past can enhance our future. We do not waste, we recycle by allowing the past to break down – separating what is no longer needed from the riches of our experience. Our emotional tension, grudges, judgments and pain prevent our forward movement and growth. Forgive, let go and be grateful.

As I have written about before, there was a fire in the town-home in which I share a wall. The owner of the burned unit could be labeled a hoarder. Among other things, this home was packed with garbage bags that flowed into the garage. This person did not take responsibility for themselves or property, inside and out. The fire represents the occupants’ stagnation in a situation that evenly exploded and spilled onto her neighbors. Top it off; there have been delays in the demo and reconstruction process because she failed to insure what she already had.

This is a symbolic example of what happens when you refuse to release the past. A build up of emotional toxins creates an explosion in our lives.  This explosion is called illness, loss, betrayal, sadness, etc.

Spring Forward

This powerful time of year is magnified by the changing of our clocks. Capture the momentum as we set our clocks ahead on March 9th.  When we add this date together (3/9/2014) the sum equals 19, which in numerology is reduced to 10. The number 10 symbolizes the beginning of a new cycle. We could see this as “our sense of time is evolving into something new.” This also reinforces the spring equinox. Nature is moving forward with new buds, babies and possibilities.

Think about what you would like to begin or move forward in your life. Utilize the accelerated energies we are entering by saying – YES! Drop the old chains to the past, spread your wings and take that leap of faith. You are capable of great things – it’s why you are here…isn’t it?

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf


February 2014 – Greenleaf Happenings


kermit-70118_640 Pixaby

Renewal & Expansion 


February is a wonderful time to exercise our heart muscle. Our heart is not only an expression love, but also the compass that leads us to our greatest potential. However, the path between our head and heart can be an elusive one. At times, barely recognizable if seen at all; and often times a scary proposition. However, this journey is the only one that will truly set you free.

Intrigued? Read my article, Feelings – The Story of Our Life.

Well, my uninhabitable home due to the fire in December is still in a state of limbo, as am I. However, this has provided me with an opportunity to dig deep for solutions – on the practical, personal and symbolic levels.

Life throws things at us for good reason; it’s up to us to figure them out. In doing so, we advance and grow in ways we later feel grateful.

When we lease our resistance, accept our circumstances, and take responsibility for what we do with what we’ve been dealt – we grow. The goals and dreams within our heart are clearing a path and creating the doorways for realization. What we beseech is also making its way toward us. When we get out of the way of the old bricks that must fall, new formations can take their place. Let go & Flow. This is the fastest way through – easier than our mind would have us think, yet standard within the wisdom of our heart.

As a new season is drawing near, this is the perfect opportunity to clean out the drawers of the past and make room for the new to enter. This is the between time where transformation is in full force. Focus upon what is possible, while accepting responsibility for the past. For something new to birth its way into your life, a release is required. Release what no longer serves your best interest, whatever is holding you to a past that no longer exists, and the rigid thought forms that hold you in a place of resistance and fear.

Wishing you joy and excitement within your unfolding journey,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Greenleaf Happenings ~ January 1, 2014

nature-79712_640 pixabay

Victory is Ours!

Hello Everyone,

What a year 2013 has been! How many are glad to put this year behind you?

My year certainly went out with a bang. I was recently ousted from my townhome when my attached neighbors’ furnace exploded. From a deep sleep I was awakened and forced to join the onlookers during a frigid cold night – fire & ice.

As I looked for the spiritual message within the situation, I understood this to be a reflection of a temperamental relationship (energy) in need of acceptance, resolution and inclusion through balance. Opposing aspects within the self in need harmony; this is what 2013 represented – Balance.

Thankfully, no one was injured in this fire. However, the shock, accountability and restoration continue.

What appears to be devastating losses actually clears the way for new doors to open. Depending upon which end of the spectrum you find yourself – from beginning to accept personal responsibility to the last steps of healing your past, shocking experiences create realizations & openings toward forward movement.

As our previous years brought several levels of “awakening,” we found ourselves face to face with elements of self we did not recognize as we spent many eras separating ourselves from our whole truth as we denied much about ourselves. The forward movement we wished for could not take place until we resolved our internal conflicts and unconscious issues with so many aspects of self. Before we walk into a better reality our past must be accepted, healed and released. Denial only repeats a past we are trying to leave.

There has been quite a bit of upheaval for many, as 2013 worked to bring balance back into our world. This is why it seemed like there was little forward movement with many stalls, as if we were held back in many cases. We had to slow down in order to find the rhythm within the balance we needed to achieve. Remember, within the stillness answers are found and peace is restored.

Some of you may have noticed the nature around you working to restore Its own balance. For my region, 2012’s drought was reversed by an over abundance of rain in 2013, restoring & balancing the damage of 2012. This winter, I am experiencing early and deep freezing temperatures, which are off setting last year’s unusually warm winter and problematic insect problems. As many of you know, our intimate relationship with nature always reveals what is happening within our unconscious selves, mirroring our own problems, progress and evolution.  

When we witness balancing effects within our physical world, better futures are about to spring forth. For instance, recognition and acceptance of equality toward different races, ethnicities, gender and varying unions indicate an earned maturity through the balance we have achieved within ourselves. This opens tremendous opportunities for advancement through the personal growth we accomplish. We increase our endless possibilities each time we face a fear, accept responsibility, and embrace our past with humility, understanding and compassion.


The year 2014 will build upon the balance we achieved in 2013. This new 7 year will urge us to unite with the spiritual essence, wisdom and knowledge of our Soul, and then unite this inner connection with our physical world. As we achieve this goal, the bridge for the future we have felt and envisioned will be complete.

Those who have not balanced their relationship with themselves will be forced to do so now. This year’s focus will center upon either the conflict yet to be resolved or the victory that was earned by the acceptance, and absolution of our past. Our past, present and future has always been our responsibility, as is the power we accept or resist  to resolve, absolve and create a new future.  

The key to a successful year will be within what you feel. This form of communication holds all of the answers you seek and leads you to the restoration you need.

When you tune into your feelings, you direct your focus inward. This begins a dialog into places you have ignored for far too long. Your individual truths and guidance toward healing, peace, harmony and joy can only be found within.

Reacquainting yourselves with this process can be daunting; however you now have many seasoned veterans who have accomplished this feat and are now experiencing victory through peaceful resolutions within themselves.

My articles and teachings will focus upon the strange world of Feelings, because they are such an important key for all the problems we face. This internal reconnection with our feelings opens the door toward communication with our expanded and unconscious selves; these parts of self hold the answers we seek.

Special Offers


In honor of this New Year, my book “Re-Entering Eden; Reclaiming our Wholeness & Divine Truth,” will be 20% off during the month of January.  This book will help you understand the process humanity is moving through and explain ways in which you can reclaim your own sense of wholeness, peace and balance.


I would like to see you have a great start this year, so I am gifting you with a special offer. My coaching sessions will also be 20% off regular prices during the month of January. Any coaching packages purchased in January will also be honored for the duration of chosen package.

I can help you transform your internal conflicts and blocks that prevent you from experiencing the life you wish. The only person that stands in your way is you – I am able to facilitate, guide and support your process.

This New Year comes with exciting momentum and more possibilities than ever before. Embrace each opportunity with open eyes and a curious heart.

I Wish each one of you abundant blessings of all your heart desires!

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Transformational Coach, Teacher, Speaker & Author

P.S. If for some reason you are not receiving “Inspirations” but you wish to do so, please let me know. Some computers have been recognizing these emails as “spam,” causing deletion from “Inspirations” mailing list.



Greenleaf Happenings ~ November 2013


Intense Labor & Joyous Delivery

Hello Everyone!

First off – this newsletter is longer than usual, because it includes an Ascension update. Well worth the read, but you may need to take it in small bits. . .

Here we go again – ending old cycles, prepping for new as we get ready for 2014 to begin.

The creation of our lives has many intricate layers and stages that play out within specific cycles. Every cycle is designed to cultivate the healing, knowledge and wisdom necessary to obtain our life long goals. Each year we begin one of these cycles that are in part, prepared by all of the previous ones.

Anything left undone within your 2013 cycle will vie for your attention as this year draws to a close, attempting to ensure your readiness for what 2014 has in store for you.

The October & November eclipses, retro planets & alignments are events that pull your head out of the sand so you can’t escape the unresolved issues that may thwart your incoming cycle. Everything undone, including personal blocks is brought to your attention. We always save the best for last!

The issues we have buried or denied are actually the crème de la crème of our needed growth, strength and confidence, to successfully take on our upcoming year as we move closer to the future we know exists within our hearts.

This is a time to pay special attention to our physical & emotionally learned responses and change them. How do you deal with fear? If you respond by either running or hiding – you are enslaved. These fears haunt you until you change your response. When you gather the confidence & courage to stand up for your right to move forward toward your waiting dreams, the fears you used to run from dissipate, and release another piece of you that was trapped in the past.

Hard times are actually good times – they say “I dare you to claim your truth, I dare you to accept your power, I dare you to say yes to your dreams.”  You are on this earth to create your own reality.  When you accept this truth, you will see the issues of the past become stepping stones, through each year’s cycles that always set up the needed scenarios that push you to resolve what you’ve failed to understand in the past.  The doorway to your desired future is within…you.

Ascension update:


Can you feel it? The changeswe’ve been seeking arebecoming part of our reality in a very big way…..

Bare with me as I give you a little background synopsis, which is connected to these changes.


As I have written before, even though we are all from the same body of Oneness, each of us are also connected to specific areas within Creation where we feel changes taking place. I myself have my origins within Nature, and as such, I feel and see the issues and resulting changes within my own physical life as well as the higher dimensions where my Soul & Spirit work on behalf of the Oneness.

Part of my Souls purpose is to create a bridge for new physical realities to occur. These realities always reflect the will of the Oneness – in particular the chosen Souls who will inhabit and be responsible for the chosen reality.  Each reality begins within our Souls reality of Divine Oneness, and then it is altered by will of the realities group consciousness. However, each reality is always destined to return “Home” as various “awakenings” ascend everyone into a truer state of Being, along with the vast amounts of wisdom earned through the experiences.  This is a growth process that propels all individuals forward into an evolved state of consciousness as they align with their Souls reality. All levels of self; physical, emotional, mental, astral and spiritual transform as the changes take place.

When I serve as a “Bridge” I must enter the chosen reality at the beginning & end of its cycles. The beginning of this dualistic reality that is now ending was created by fragmenting the One Energy involved with this earth reality & humanity’s inception.  From 1, there become 12 divisions, also known as the 12 core creators. Each has different degrees of dark & light – they have always expressed themselves within our current reality and reflect their nature within the hours upon which we track time.

Approximately 12,000 years ago, the last stage of humanity’s growth cycle was set.  Full duality would throw humanity into the greatest degrees of darkness & light, thereby catapulting them into the awakening they agreed upon before inception took place. This duality was created by dividing each of the original 12 Creators. One of each pair would be on the earth plane, while the other would reside in the spiritual realm. The roots of humanity separated themselves, so their children could find themselves. The years of feeling incomplete, yearning and searching for their wholeness drove humanity to discover their own truth, strength and real power. Century after century, humanity began to find pieces of their truth as they found the courage to follow their Souls urgings, claim their voice and act through the wisdom within their heart. Each time a piece of humanity’s divine truth was discovered, the division between the original creators lessened. The children would unite their parents. This arrangement placed the responsibility for humanity’s growth and fulfillment of their prophecy completely in humanity’s own hands.

The rate at which the ascension would take place has always been up to humanity, not God. As for the 144,000 “Lightworkers,” they are the first descendants of the original 12 who agreed to assist the ascension process during the most critical junctures.

As mentioned in a previous article, during 2008-2009, the original 12 began to reunite; their earthly and heavenly counterparts began their reconnection. As this happened, the direction of energy this current reality was based upon, reversed. As the 12th hour pair united, they joined with the twosome at the 11th hour, as they continued to unite with the rest in a counter-clockwise motion. Each month consisted of another joining of the Core; until we reached the 1. The last pair that represents the 1st hour refused to join. The pair that represents the 1st hour is also the same energy who started humanity’s original division – Adam & Lilith. Humanity was still holding onto their deep grudges and misunderstandings that began long, long ago.  A stubborn reality that each one of us who walk this earth have been facing, as the last tendrils of rage toward injustice paired with arrogant aggression worked its way-out, through us.

The prophesied 12-21-2012 was not intended as a “date,” but rather, a moment. The 12 represents the sacred path of learning as One divided itself to create the course of a dualistic reality. 21 represents the return to our internal Oneness, and 2012 represents the reunion of the two circles or pairs of the original 12 Core Creators.

Where we are now

We have been waiting a long time, but in October, I received a very clear indication that the 1st hour’s stubborn ego was finally able to release its dueling past, and join the rest of the Core’s Reunion. After receiving the message, I watched and waited to see how long it would take to become evident within our physical reality. Now, in November, I am noticing a growing difference within myself, and everyone around me. My empathy, connection and understanding have grown tremendously toward… everyone! I am seeing this growth reflected & matched in most of my encounters. I have also witnessed a long and continually growing sense of excitement, harmony and abundance entering our reality, as I feel our destined future stream into our lives.

Keep in mind, everyone has free will. It is each individual’s choice if they wish to experience our evolving reality or continue to grasp the old, yet dying one.  However, the door for our destined reality of unity is swinging wide open.

For the remainder of this year, you will feel the need to fully resolve things. You will also feel a growing need to reconnect with those you’ve lost touch. Use this holiday season to let your loved ones know how important they are to you.

This is a wonderful time to just ”Be” and feel Creations Flow wash away angers past and fears resistance. Enjoy your growing ability to understand the people closest to you. Embrace your capacity to finally release all that has plagued your past. Expand your ability to feel the luxurious comfort that surrounds you as you accept the dreams you’ve been waiting for.

It truly is graduation time – enjoy the party!

Project Updates:

Re-Entering Eden CD Cover - Copy

I’ve been working feverishly to get “Re-Entering Eden’s” companion CD finished. I’m not quite there, but I do hope they will be ready in early December. All of the exercises within the book, plus additional journey’s and meditations will be part of this CD – you’re gonna love it!

The online classes are also in process, with the unusual starts and stops as the universe uses my occasional frustrations to push me to examine my own blocks 🙂

I am looking forward to gathering with my family this Thanksgiving. The holiday season is always the perfect time to go beyond our daily struggles to remember the good times of our past and appreciate the here and now, with our loved ones.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M Greenleaf


Can You See Me Now?

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Greenleaf Happenings ~ October 2013

It’s been a busy time for me with multiple starts and stops, along with internal questions, such as where and who am I? This is common when taking into account where many of us are – between cycles. The beginning & end of each cycle happens at the same time, hence the confusion & questions. There are periods of time spent in an empty abyss as we feel disconnected from where we were, yet not connected to where we are going.  This process does test our faith and beliefs – a good time to question and resolve, as well as meditate and understanding the process we must move through in order to arrive at a new destination; Evolution in Action ~

This month offers great opportunities to get to the root of what ails and what prevails.  There is treasure to be gained as more layers reveal themselves while we shed our past and transform what falls.

There continues to be a strong transformational push beneath the surface of every aspect of our lives.  Resolutions are still high on the priority list as our Shadows vie for our needed attention by jumping out to say boo. Just when we think we’ve turned another corner, wham!

It’s important to remember this . . .  all things ultimately serve us, even the darkness and shadow aspects of ourselves and our lives.

Every experience has been an opportunity for us to grow, by expanding our capacity to understand ourselves and develop our compassion and wisdom. Everything in creation is designed to come full circle. We came here to understand both sides of ourselves – the Light & Dark; the victim & villain. We’ve needed to experience the products of our choices that were created through love and courage, along with those made through fear and vengeance.

There is no more hiding or room for denying.  We must accept ourselves “as is.” This is a time for complete honesty; it is the only way to reap the full benefits of what our lives have been about.  How far could we go, how big or small could we be?

Our goal, both collectively and personally is to discover what lies beyond our fears as we trend into the unknown. Halloween is the perfect time to ask ourselves, which mask scares us the most and why.  Ask yourselves these questions: What part of me tries to run and hide? What is really at the root of my fears? What is preventing me from obtaining my heart’s desire? The answers could surprise you, and free you.


I’ve published 3 mini eBooks! These books are PDF downloads. The cost of each is $2.99

Oneness & Unity Consciousness – From once we came to where we return…Oneness. Are you feeling it? Are you experiencing deep internal changes that feel like you’re on a roller coaster one moment, then unexplained peace the next? Many changes are happening on every level of our existence as balance is restored within the Creation of which we are. An internal reunion of our Soul aspects, triggering an even larger global awakening upon us.  An awakening, a realization that we are so much more than we once thought, and a growing sense of a shared connection that runs so very deep with all who share our lives.

Karmic Clearing & Family Healing – This eBook explains the process our karmic cycles have taken, opening the door for healing and transformation to take place. This mini eBook assists the cultivation of deep compassion to release the old cycles, and includes various suggestions to assist this healing process.

Divine Unions – This eBook includes information regarding your Divine Inheritance and the relationships born from this recognition and embrace of your eternal gift.  Also, Soul Mates, Twins and Flames are discussed as well as relationship dynamics and resolutions. This book entails all forms of relationships within your life’s connections with all who share your life’s path.

For more information or to purchase:

Coming soon…

I also wanted to offer the CD’s I’ve been working on for some time. One is a companion for my book “Re-Entering Eden” that includes all the exercises within the book, plus additional meditations and journeys to further assist your process. The other CD will be dedicated to a variety of Shamanic Journeys that will enhance your discovery & healing process. As soon as these CD’s are ready for purchase, I will let you know.

Online classes are also in the works!

Special Offer!

One of the ways we can trigger deep Soul memories and jolt our discover process is by unlocking the energetic codes within our names. For the remainder of this month, I am offering a sneak peek into what connects you to your Souls initial identity – your first name.  For more information about Name Readings, click this link:

This limited offer is for your First Name only. Include your first name as it appears on your birth certificate, plus any versions of your name you have used from childhood until now. You will receive an email with your name reading shortly after payment. The cost of this “sneak peek” is $36.00

In closing…

The freedom we chose is a gift that nourishes the hearts of many. Be kind to yourselves and honor your transformational process. This is truly a sacred time – a time to open your eyes to what your heart already knows.

Happy Halloweening~

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Shifting Forward


Greenleaf Happenings ~ September 2013

As you may have noticed, I’ve not been very visible this summer. This was due in large part to “letting the dust settle.” Many of you will relate to this; in some way, we are experiencing a very deep and physical transformation. As our worlds continue to unite, we have to reassess . . .  everything.

Personally, I’ve always been more connected to the spiritual world, as is the nature of my soul. Even though this is a treasured gift, I understand the need to surrender the turmoil I have felt within myself to allow my physical life to transform. I’ve taken a step back and enjoyed time with my family as the construction work within myself commenced. However, I’ve had moments of clarity through the dust & debris to witness the forming results of this massive internal renovation.

It feels as through all the programs of Greenleaf Healing I’ve been working on for the past 10 plus years have been tossed in the air, shuffled around like pieces of a puzzle and now finding their rightful place. The result is a forward moving, integrated program with a greater connectivity and expression of the wholeness we are evolving into. To put it mildly . . . I am really excited!!!!

Now I am in the process of physically reorganizing all the pieces of Greenleaf Healing into a comprehensive system that both your spiritual & physical selves can easily utilize and harmonize within your unfolding lives.

Besides the ongoing coaching, I will offer an educational system which includes:

  • Intensive weekend workshops (Friday through Sunday)
  • Downloadable classes – accessible in the convenience of your home, your time.
  • Mini Ebooks
  • Mentorship program

I will keep you up to date with these changes and new offerings as they happen through “Inspirations” and upcoming Newsletters/Happenings.

I would love to hear about your own transformative experiences during these past summer months.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M Greenleaf


Open to the Magic Within!


Greenleaf Happenings ~ July 2013

Can you feel it? Growing excitement coming from….within? Wonderful things are unfolding for all of us on many levels…

This month will begin to usher more manifestations that are related to the building excitement many of us experienced in June. Astrologically, we are moving into a grand trine which will help us overcome the adversities we may experience this month. The planet Jupiter known for abundant blessings is in a very special & exalted place in nurturing Cancer. This watery trine also connects with Neptune’s beautiful dreaming world along with the cosmic & physical manifester Saturn. This cultivates a harmonizing & powerful water grand trine made for materialization!

While Mercury is also retrograding until the 20th in Cancer we are given the opportunity to clear our internal barriers that stand in the way of actualizing our dreams. Mercury retrogrades will always triggers our unconscious blocks to surface for resolution and/or release. During Mercury’s visit in Cancer/Jupiter combo, issues regarding our relationship with the feminine energies within our lives will ask for freedom, recognition, equality, healing and acceptance. Also, recognizing & respecting our own as well as others sensitivities, nourishment & need for positive support are at the forefront during our time in emotional Cancer. Family connections will also need attention, sensitivity, understanding and appreciation.

This will be a time when we will experience the warm sensation of Oneness awaken inside our bodies as we innately sense our deeper connections with those who share our lives. Family, friends, acquaintances and strangers begin to deepen our recognition of something we may not have noticed before; something our minds have yet to grasp. Be prepared for surprising insights as the doorway to our expanding realities reveals more of who we are ~ to each other.

Just as the Universal Energy increases Its & our vibration, the speed of our joining fragmented aspects (denied parts of self) and the polarities of our descending past call for healing and acceptance. As the intensity of this reassembly increases, we will feel the fireworks created from both clashes & joyous reunions, both within ourselves and our world. This is an opportunity to heal the wounds held so deeply within ourselves and those that have survived eons by feeding on our fear, rejection and anger. Those who have come before us live within our DNA as they trigger the unconscious ills of our world and self. It is time for us to stop running, suppressing or ignoring what haunts us. It is time to reclaim our FREEDOM!

This is a time of recognition, gratitude, acceptance, respect and authenticity of our whole & divine truth. We must lie to rest the distortions created in our past. We have grown so much and now it is time to accept, let go and bless the education of our past. By embracing our wholeness and expanded growth we earned from our past, we will float along the magical currents that will align us with what our Souls have prepared for us.

Embrace this time as you liberate yourself from the limitations of your past and open to the possibilities that are waiting for you ~ now.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M Greenleaf


The Time is Now!


Greenleaf Happenings – June 2013

Looks like we made it! May’s lineup of eclipses really shook things up – from our inward security, faith and doubts to the turbulent cosmic rumblings which created the openings for what is to come. Unity, new life, revived faith and the arrival of long awaited manifestations is finally here!

The need for reconnection and reconciliation will surface within our hearts as family becomes a priority once more and the desire to unite with friends and community are felt.  This will add to the energizing of our Soul’s purpose as we connect to a deeper level of our growing hearts (see my new article “Purposeful You”).

Renewal of hope and excitement is seeping under the edges of our protected dreams through the openings created from our resent eclipses. The result was a tremendous release from the bottle neck of residuals that resulted from old transmutations as we took a gigantic leap forward. Our timelines have also been changing as the gaps cease to exist – uniting as we feel our sense of wholeness emerging. This is the reason for much of our memory loss and confusion – the container of time is transforming into a closer version of our Soul’s reality, which exists within a space of “no time.” It is best felt through connecting to the “Now Moment,” where you feel yourself in the center of all happenings and possibilities; not in a linear sense of progression, but in a sense of completion and mastery, plus mystery & excitement within the evolution we find ourselves in.

The second half of this year will bring more evidence of the future we have envisioned for so long. More of what we need is arriving due to the increase of vibrational frequency anchored into this earth plane through the acceptance and reconnection to our Divine nature.

This is an exciting time as our long awaited wishes and dreams are coming back to life through new connections and revitalization’s of what we thought was broke or lost. Let’s unite in gratitude for the growth we accomplished and the future we share.

Abundant blessings ~

Carolyn M. Greenleaf


Emerging Blossoms

blossoming tree

Greenleaf Happenings ~ May 2013

Greetings & Happy May!

As we move along my favorite time of year, much has been shaken, illuminated, released and gained by recent and unnerving events in both our inner and outer worlds. Terrorists, explosions, earthquakes and eclipses – need I say more? Trying times always bring us opportunities to question what we value and grow appreciation for what is important to each one of us.

Our lives are meant to be celebrated as is symbolized by May Day, otherwise known as Beltane. The celebrated fires kick off a time of new birth and growth as the elements of nature shower their blessings for abundance in every quadrant of our lives. The greatest among these gifts are knowledge, wisdom and compassion; they are what our Soul strives for.  However, in order to experience these priceless treasures of growth, we must move through several transformational stages. For something new to blossom, chaos must shake our foundations.

The terror our world has experienced of late has produced yet another opportunity to increase our resilience, strength, wisdom and compassion. As the old barriers of our past are broken, they are replaced with evolved possibilities. Resolve has a way of propelling us to reach deeper and grab hold of another level of our Soul’s power, love, wisdom and creative ideas. The silver lining of terrorist attacks – they backfire. Attacks make us stronger – they provide an opportunity to rise above, to evolve into the compassionate individuals we have the capacity to be, as we grow our strength, uniting ourselves as a nation and a people. 

Anger, tyranny, obsession, terror, war mongering and a need for absolute power all stem from fearful individuals – failing as they cling to a dying world they once knew. The old patterns of our fearful and angry past will continue to dissolve and transform as the natural process of our own evolution draws these old frequencies from their hiding places.

While we move through these transitional moments, it is to our benefit to look for Creations Seeds of change within them. Our precarious situations, literally and figuratively speak a deeper truth.

The previous eclipse (4/25) involved an opposition between Taurus (our security and material wealth) and Scorpio (Transformation). As these energies create clashes within each one of us, keep in mind the gifts that are also surfacing. Did you know that diamonds are formed approximately 90 miles beneath the earth’s surface? It’s only during volcanic eruptions that these diamonds make their way to the surface.

The volatile situations we encounter allow something new to finally break through, illuminating our vision and altering our reality’s future. This is a time when new and better ideas surface out of the chaos we experience.  Now is the time to let our genius break the barriers of old thought patterns that have kept us hostage far too long.

Those able to quickly release surfacing anxieties and remain in Creations Flow are feeling their impending dreams come ever so close to experience more glimpses of what lies beyond their worries.

Class ~ Symbols from the Soul

May 22, 2013 @6:30 – 8:30 pm CST

262803_10151046087386426_608891233_nIn this class you will learn how the Soul communicates through symbolism, and how to tap into this knowledge.

We will discuss what is within your everyday life that is trying to get your attention, and why your Soul placed them around you. I will then teach you how to look at these things from the view of your Soul, which then leads you to their intended insights.

Our world is filled with valuable information; it is up to us to decipher their hidden meanings.

New! Guided Charms

Guided Charm

I recently created a charm for a friend in which I assembled through their Soul’s guidance. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this, but my friend encouraged me to offer these unique charms to others.Well guess what? I said good idea!

These charms are priced at $30.00 each. A charm will be created for a specified individual through my connection with their Soul’s instruction.

For more information or to purchase one of these charms, click this link.


In closing ~ Coping with transitional energies and situations requires faith in a positive outcome, conscious awareness that this too shall pass and increasing your ability to surrender within the Flow and path your Soul has provided.

If you need assistance to move beyond old patterns, obtain clarity or heal past traumas my services are available. For more information, click this link.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

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Magic is in the Air…

By Fresh Minds Matter - fb

No one could ever tread on her dreams, because the magic lay within her heart and soul. ~Fresh Minds Matter

Greenleaf Happenings ~ March – April 2013

Happy Spring!!!!! This is an exciting and energizing time of year as we witness new life spring forth before our very eyes. Nature reminds us that many of our desired outcomes must go through several stages before these manifestations arrive in our lives. Our greatest outcomes are achieved when we honor the wisdom we gained from our past experiences, surrendering what no longer serves us, then embracing periods of introspection and revision, as we have faith throughout the gestation process and nourish our dreams with love. Experiencing our dreams manifest their blossoms in our lives will always be one of the most exhilarating and joyous moments that last forever within our hearts.  Like a child opening their eyes to a new world, we feel blessed and touched by the power and bounty we share with every aspect of Creation.

How many of you experienced some dark days during February and March? Whether on the emotional or physical level, we are still experiencing periods of intense transformation as we continue to release residuals of our old reality while also feeling the labor pains of new birth upon us. The intensity of the Universes energetic bombardments is felt by all, as we are continually pushed to release our hold on what no longer benefits us. But during these moments, days or weeks of erupting emotions we have the opportunity to shift our focus to the joyous birth on the other side of the wall that is crumbling down.  We are now in a space where we can witness some wonderful and magical experiences enter our lives, as this will be our new norm. Our magical powers have returned along with our wisdom and ability to use them. What was once banned is now upon us.  Our gifts and ability to conger wondrous and new creations is in our hands. Our powers will continue to increase in accordance with our alliance and alignment to the Oneness of our Divine Inheritance.

New Website!

How do you like it? I’ve decided to recreate my website by uniting Greenleaf Healing and blog site into one. Please explore all the goodies offered here! Don’t overlook the “Products” tab on the menu ~ new offerings are coming online. . .

Affirmational Charms are finally ready!!!

These charms have been absorbing the glorious sunshine of the spring vernal equinox and just received an energetic & divine blessing! These Charms will help you in regards to your commitment for: Wholeness, Transformation & Family Healing. Each have an affirmation printed on large postcard size cardstock. The Family Healing’s Charm will also include a special prayer. Creating these Charms as been an act of joy!  I will always hold each of these creations within my grateful heart.

These sparkling beauties become alive as you appreciate their unseen qualities and hold them with respect and love. Each crystal and gem contains their own individual healing properties; they will also impart Universal Secrets to all who connect with pure hearts and respectful minds.

If you would like to know more about each of these Charms, click this link.

Heart Wisdoms; Daily Inspirational Quotes eBook!

This eBook by Carolyn Greenleaf is now available through this site! This book is a PDF Download.

The intention of Heart Wisdoms is to instill a broader perspective toward our daily lives where resolution can take place in a respectful and practical way. These 365 quotes are meant to inspire others, to see the greater possibilities life can hold and to encourage each reader to discover their own hearts wisdoms. For more information, click this link.

Coming soon…

Mini eBooks will soon be available, as well as Journey & Meditational CD’s! So keep on the look out!


Listening to your Body Wisdom

April 24, 2013 ~ Wednesday 6:30-8:30 pm CST in Cary IL

Get in touch with who you are. Focused attention to what your body is conveying, brings conscious awareness to who you are and the knowledge you hold within.   You will be guided through a variety of exercises that will help you access the knowledge your body holds. For more information, click this link.

In closing,

Pay attention to the excitement emerging within yourselves and the magical moments trickling into your life. As your awareness and recognition grows, these astonishing happenings will increase. Trust in the Universe and belief in your power to manifest your desires opens the door for this to become your new norm.

Abundant Blessings!

Carolyn M Greenleaf



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