Healthy Boundaries

As you make positive changes, your relationship with the people in your life will also change. You will part ways with some who continue to relate to you in a negative way. Some people will chose to grow with you and accept the changes you are making. Either way is fine – you need to accept others choices just as you are asking them to accept yours.

Part of every positive change involves creating healthy boundaries as you interact with people in your life.

Healthy boundaries include people who are also healthy for you:

  • They want the best for you
  • They will be supportive of your choices
  • They will be there in your time of need but not enable you
  • Honor your boundaries
  • Listen to you
  • Accept who you are
  • Encourage your growth

Some of the people that must leave your life may return someday if they too rise into the better part of themselves.

When you stand firm within the positive changes you are making, you will also earn the respect of others, as you claim your power and become a path blazer for those seeking similar change.

Carolyn Greenleaf