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Heart Wisdoms; Daily Inspirational QuotFP 8-22-12 021 (4)es

By Carolyn M Greenleaf

Within this book are wisdoms gleamed through conscious interaction with life while connecting to spirit.  To create heaven on earth we must bridge these worlds and reunite all aspects of self.

The intention of Heart Wisdoms is to instill a broader perspective toward our daily lives where resolution can take place in a respectful and practical way.  These 365 quotes are meant to inspire others, to see the greater possibilities life can hold and to encourage each reader to discover their own hearts wisdoms.

“Differences are opportunities for growth. Embracing these opportunities expands our hearts and evolves our minds. Our lives become multifaceted as we increase our dimensions of understanding, allowing us to see through the eyes of our objective and compassionate Soul.”

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Heart Wisdoms By Carolyn M Greenleaf

Heart Wisdoms By Carolyn M Greenleaf

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