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Birth Your Dreams

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Your future is born through your ability to accept the dreams and yearnings within your heart.  There is a vast world of amazing discoveries within your deepest Self that is communicated through your heart. It is time to be courageous and have faith in what you feel and perceive – not from the physical world, but through the unification of your most powerful self, which awaits your recognition. ~Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Opening to Joy


Joy is your Spirits way of saying, “you are awesome.” This is because Joy is an expression of your greater truth. When you embrace the joy that emerges within your body, you open the doorway to which you are continually becoming. ~Carolyn M. Greenleaf


Expanding Soul


Change is the way of your Creative Soul. Your constant growth through new adventures not only feed your mind and heart, they expand your Soul. This is how your future possibilities continually expand – by saying YES to the new doors opening. ~Carolyn M. Greenleaf


Past Issues





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