Intense Labor & Joyous Delivery – November 2013


Hello Everyone!

First off – this newsletter is longer than usual, because it includes an Ascension update. Well worth the read, but you may need to take it in small bits. . .

Here we go again – ending old cycles, prepping for new as we get ready for 2014 to begin.

The creation of our lives has many intricate layers and stages that play out within specific cycles. Every cycle is designed to cultivate the healing, knowledge and wisdom necessary to obtain our life long goals. Each year we begin one of these cycles that are in part, prepared by all of the previous ones.

Anything left undone within your 2013 cycle will vie for your attention as this year draws to a close, attempting to ensure your readiness for what 2014 has in store for you.

The October & November eclipses, retro planets & alignments are events that pull your head out of the sand so you can’t escape the unresolved issues that may thwart your incoming cycle. Everything undone, including personal blocks is brought to your attention. We always save the best for last!

The issues we have buried or denied are actually the crème de la crème of our needed growth, strength and confidence, to successfully take on our upcoming year as we move closer to the future we know exists within our hearts.

This is a time to pay special attention to our physical & emotionally learned responses and change them. How do you deal with fear? If you respond by either running or hiding – you are enslaved. These fears haunt you until you change your response. When you gather the confidence & courage to stand up for your right to move forward toward your waiting dreams, the fears you used to run from dissipate, and release another piece of you that was trapped in the past.

Hard times are actually good times – they say “I dare you to claim your truth, I dare you to accept your power, I dare you to say yes to your dreams.”  You are on this earth to create your own reality.  When you accept this truth, you will see the issues of the past become stepping stones, through each year’s cycles that always set up the needed scenarios that push you to resolve what you’ve failed to understand in the past.  The doorway to your desired future is within…you.

Ascension update:


Can you feel it? The changes we’ve been seeking are becoming part of our reality in a very big way…..

Bare with me as I give you a little background synopsis, which is connected to these changes.


As I have written before, even though we are all from the same body of Oneness, each of us are also connected to specific areas within Creation where we feel changes taking place. I myself have my origins within Nature, and as such, I feel and see the issues and resulting changes within my own physical life as well as the higher dimensions where my Soul & Spirit work on behalf of the Oneness.

Part of my Souls purpose is to create a bridge for new physical realities to occur. These realities always reflect the will of the Oneness – in particular the chosen Souls who will inhabit and be responsible for the chosen reality.  Each reality begins within our Souls reality of Divine Oneness, and then it is altered by will of the realities group consciousness. However, each reality is always destined to return “Home” as various “awakenings” ascend everyone into a truer state of Being, along with the vast amounts of wisdom earned through the experiences.  This is a growth process that propels all individuals forward into an evolved state of consciousness as they align with their Souls reality. All levels of self; physical, emotional, mental, astral and spiritual transform as the changes take place.

When I serve as a “Bridge” I must enter the chosen reality at the beginning & end of its cycles. The beginning of this dualistic reality that is now ending was created by fragmenting the One Energy involved with this earth reality & humanity’s inception.  From 1, there become 12 divisions, also known as the 12 core creators. Each has different degrees of dark & light – they have always expressed themselves within our current reality and reflect their nature within the hours upon which we track time.

Approximately 12,000 years ago, the last stage of humanity’s growth cycle was set.  Full duality would throw humanity into the greatest degrees of darkness & light, thereby catapulting them into the awakening they agreed upon before inception took place. This duality was created by dividing each of the original 12 Creators. One of each pair would be on the earth plane, while the other would reside in the spiritual realm. The roots of humanity separated themselves, so their children could find themselves. The years of feeling incomplete, yearning and searching for their wholeness drove humanity to discover their own truth, strength and real power. Century after century, humanity began to find pieces of their truth as they found the courage to follow their Souls urgings, claim their voice and act through the wisdom within their heart. Each time a piece of humanity’s divine truth was discovered, the division between the original creators lessened. The children would unite their parents. This arrangement placed the responsibility for humanity’s growth and fulfillment of their prophecy completely in humanity’s own hands.

The rate at which the ascension would take place has always been up to humanity, not God. As for the 144,000 “Lightworkers,” they are the first descendants of the original 12 who agreed to assist the ascension process during the most critical junctures.

As mentioned in a previous article, during 2008-2009, the original 12 began to reunite; their earthly and heavenly counterparts began their reconnection. As this happened, the direction of energy this current reality was based upon, reversed. As the 12th hour pair united, they joined with the twosome at the 11th hour, as they continued to unite with the rest in a counter-clockwise motion. Each month consisted of another joining of the Core; until we reached the 1. The last pair that represents the 1st hour refused to join. The pair that represents the 1st hour is also the same energy who started humanity’s original division – Adam & Lilith. Humanity was still holding onto their deep grudges and misunderstandings that began long, long ago.  A stubborn reality that each one of us who walk this earth have been facing, as the last tendrils of rage toward injustice paired with arrogant aggression worked its way-out, through us.

The prophesied 12-21-2012 was not intended as a “date,” but rather, a moment. The 12 represents the sacred path of learning as One divided itself to create the course of a dualistic reality. 21 represents the return to our internal Oneness, and 2012 represents the reunion of the two circles or pairs of the original 12 Core Creators.

Where we are now

We have been waiting a long time, but in October, I received a very clear indication that the 1st hour’s stubborn ego was finally able to release its dueling past, and join the rest of the Core’s Reunion. After receiving the message, I watched and waited to see how long it would take to become evident within our physical reality. Now, in November, I am noticing a growing difference within myself, and everyone around me. My empathy, connection and understanding have grown tremendously toward… everyone! I am seeing this growth reflected & matched in most of my encounters. I have also witnessed a long and continually growing sense of excitement, harmony and abundance entering our reality, as I feel our destined future stream into our lives.

Keep in mind, everyone has free will. It is each individual’s choice if they wish to experience our evolving reality or continue to grasp the old, yet dying one.  However, the door for our destined reality of unity is swinging wide open.

For the remainder of this year, you will feel the need to fully resolve things. You will also feel a growing need to reconnect with those you’ve lost touch. Use this holiday season to let your loved ones know how important they are to you.

This is a wonderful time to just ”Be” and feel Creations Flow wash away angers past and fears resistance. Enjoy your growing ability to understand the people closest to you. Embrace your capacity to finally release all that has plagued your past. Expand your ability to feel the luxurious comfort that surrounds you as you accept the dreams you’ve been waiting for.

It truly is graduation time – enjoy the party!

Project Updates:

Re-Entering Eden CD Cover - Copy

I’ve been working feverishly to get “Re-Entering Eden’s” companion CD finished. I’m not quite there, but I do hope they will be ready in early December. All of the exercises within the book, plus additional journey’s and meditations will be part of this CD – you’re gonna love it!

The online classes are also in process, with the unusual starts and stops as the universe uses my occasional frustrations to push me to examine my own blocks 🙂

I am looking forward to gathering with my family this Thanksgiving. The holiday season is always the perfect time to go beyond our daily struggles to remember the good times of our past and appreciate the here and now, with our loved ones.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M Greenleaf