January 1, 2014 ~ Greenleaf Happenings ~ Victory is Ours!

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Hello Everyone,

What a year 2013 has been! How many are glad to put this year behind you?

My year certainly went out with a bang. I was recently ousted from my townhome when my attached neighbors’ furnace exploded. From a deep sleep I was awakened and forced to join the onlookers during a frigid cold night – fire & ice.

As I looked for the spiritual message within the situation, I understood this to be a reflection of a temperamental relationship (energy) in need of acceptance, resolution and inclusion through balance. Opposing aspects within the self in need harmony; this is what 2013 represented – Balance.

Thankfully, no one was injured in this fire. However, the shock, accountability and restoration continue.

What appears to be devastating losses actually clears the way for new doors to open. Depending upon which end of the spectrum you find yourself – from beginning to accept personal responsibility to the last steps of healing your past, shocking experiences create realizations & openings toward forward movement.

As our previous years brought several levels of “awakening,” we found ourselves face to face with elements of self we did not recognize as we spent many eras separating ourselves from our whole truth as we denied much about ourselves. The forward movement we wished for could not take place until we resolved our internal conflicts and unconscious issues with so many aspects of self. Before we walk into a better reality our past must be accepted, healed and released. Denial only repeats a past we are trying to leave.

There has been quite a bit of upheaval for many, as 2013 worked to bring balance back into our world. This is why it seemed like there was little forward movement with many stalls, as if we were held back in many cases. We had to slow down in order to find the rhythm within the balance we needed to achieve. Remember, within the stillness answers are found and peace is restored.

Some of you may have noticed the nature around you working to restore Its own balance. For my region, 2012’s drought was reversed by an over abundance of rain in 2013, restoring & balancing the damage of 2012. This winter, I am experiencing early and deep freezing temperatures, which are off setting last year’s unusually warm winter and problematic insect problems. As many of you know, our intimate relationship with nature always reveals what is happening within our unconscious selves, mirroring our own problems, progress and evolution.  

When we witness balancing effects within our physical world, better futures are about to spring forth. For instance, recognition and acceptance of equality toward different races, ethnicities, gender and varying unions indicate an earned maturity through the balance we have achieved within ourselves. This opens tremendous opportunities for advancement through the personal growth we accomplish. We increase our endless possibilities each time we face a fear, accept responsibility, and embrace our past with humility, understanding and compassion.


The year 2014 will build upon the balance we achieved in 2013. This new 7 year will urge us to unite with the spiritual essence, wisdom and knowledge of our Soul, and then unite this inner connection with our physical world. As we achieve this goal, the bridge for the future we have felt and envisioned will be complete.

Those who have not balanced their relationship with themselves will be forced to do so now. This year’s focus will center upon either the conflict yet to be resolved or the victory that was earned by the acceptance, and absolution of our past. Our past, present and future has always been our responsibility, as is the power we accept or resist  to resolve, absolve and create a new future.  

The key to a successful year will be within what you feel. This form of communication holds all of the answers you seek and leads you to the restoration you need.

When you tune into your feelings, you direct your focus inward. This begins a dialog into places you have ignored for far too long. Your individual truths and guidance toward healing, peace, harmony and joy can only be found within.

Reacquainting yourselves with this process can be daunting; however you now have many seasoned veterans who have accomplished this feat and are now experiencing victory through peaceful resolutions within themselves.

My articles and teachings will focus upon the strange world of Feelings, because they are such an important key for all the problems we face. This internal reconnection with our feelings opens the door toward communication with our expanded and unconscious selves; these parts of self hold the answers we seek.

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This New Year comes with exciting momentum and more possibilities than ever before. Embrace each opportunity with open eyes and a curious heart.

I Wish each one of you abundant blessings of all your heart desires!

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Transformational Coach, Teacher, Speaker & Author

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