Let It Go

As we move through these uncertain times, many also feel a battle within.  While we sense the excitement of our impending future, we are also feeling deep fears that are calling for resolution.  Old, unhealthy attachments are pulling our apron strings, demanding our attention and resolve.   Before we can fully step forward into a brighter future, we must cut our debilitating ties to our past. The unsettling feelings within the pit of our stomach signal an important time for decisions. It is time to step up to the plate and reevaluate the choices made, change what we must and release what is left.

When we hold onto the negative experiences of the past, we chain ourselves to the event, people and the time in which it occurred. This prevents us from forward growth in many ways as we continue to recycle the past we refuse to let go. These old issues continue to cause pain today because they have yet to be resolved and released. Many people hold their painful past very close, as if it is an old friend or an addictive habit.  The reasons vary for our tenacious hold, but one thing is certain, until we completely let go of these past issues, the richness of life will not be fully obtained; the barriers to a full realization of happiness cannot fall until we surrender them.

Every event has served to bring us to where we are today. We have grown our strength, courage, wisdom and tenacity. We have learned many things through both the good and bad experiences of our past. Whatever has happened, the past has been the impetus that presented the growth and opportunities we experience today.

I find it easiest to see all as a blessing, even though much of it has been in disguise. When we feel a sense of gratitude toward the inward growth experienced through each person and event in our past, we change positions. Empowering the self means reclaiming our power to choose; whether it is changing our mind and opting for a different path or response. Letting go of the victim costume and assuming full responsibility for life in the present moment means we are walking forward, not back.  It is time to stop looking in the rear view mirror and live with forward momentum, unimpeded.

How to let go:

  • Release your resistance
  • Surrender the past issues
  • Forgive all, including yourself
  • Allow yourself to move forward

I you feel stuck and unable to move forward, you may be resistant to what is really happening. Allow yourself to release your hold on whatever it is that keeps you imprisoned. Feel yourself come into a position of complete surrender as you release your grip on what you are unconsciously holding onto. Forgiveness further releases you from others and occurrences with grace. Next, see yourself walk through the open doors that are waiting for you.

When you let go, you are saying goodbye to the negativities of the past as you move forward with all the wonderful gifts you received along the way.  Your wondrous future is waiting…for you!

I do provide sessions for individuals in need of further assistance in order to reclaim personal wholeness. You will find more information about my services on my website listed below. I will also answer questions via e-mail.

Abundant blessings on your journey,


Carolyn M Greenleaf

Spiritual Life Coach & Author of “Re-Entering Eden”





2 thoughts on “Let It Go

  1. Karla Jones

    Is this what you meant when you referred to my pain I was having with my gallbladder,liver?(the pain has been there off and on for many years I did not know it was my gallbladder) If I am out in left field please help?! You said I was resisting something. I do not have any idea what I’m resisting? It could be many things and then again just one thing. I’m not usually so ignorant but right now I’m feeling very clueless.


    1. Carolyn Greenleaf ~ Greenleaf Healing

      Hey Karla,

      I believe our body is a product of our beliefs Karla. If we hold onto negative beliefs & issues, we create a toxic environment for our body. Through our beliefs, we create our reality, including our bodies and the emotions we attach to them. The emotional component is the fuel which brings our beliefs into our physical reality.

      Take a look at the function of the gallbladder and liver, and then relate it to your inward struggles. For instance, the liver prepares food for proper intake for the rest of the body – food is nourishment and is symbolic of the nourishment we need to live a happy & fulfilled life. Joy, peace, love, happiness, excitement are what nourishes our Heart & Soul which is what you are here to reclaim as your real truth. Negative feelings such as anger, fear, blame, etc prevent us from receiving the nourishment we get from positive feelings & situations in our lives. Negativities within our belief and emotional systems deteriorate our body and mind. However, when we choose to change this, our Soul comes to the forefront to release the negativities from our body & mind. As theses releases are made, we feel these negativities leave our body; you may feel aches and some of the old emotions as they head for the exit. We create problems when we stop this process and begin to reexamine these negativities that are actually saying good bye. When we reignite those old emotions, we can also recreate the same situations in our lives again. This is why you need to release you resistance of the healing & release that is taking place. Release your need to control it, because what you end up doing is getting in the way of what must happen in order to receive what you have been asking for.

      At this point, most people do not need to identify all the whys of the issues, unless it is something that you must address in order to completely resolve it or get the lesson your Soul is trying to achieve. What I recommend is that you first focus upon releasing your negative feelings & issues around your gallbladder/liver – completely surrender the unhealed, untruths that created this situation. If you feel you need to go through the forgiveness process, do so. If you tap into your heart & Soul for guidance, you will feel what you need to do to resolve this issue if you surrender, have faith and trust. Also, connect to your highest truth about yourself…you have abundant health and power to heal thy self. You have the ability to transform your cells into healthier ones, but you must release all beliefs that negate it in exchange for your real truth.

      I hope this helps!


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